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Brescovit, A. D., Bonaldo, A. B., Ott, R. & Chavari, J. L. (2019b). To boldly go: on invasive goblin spiders in Brazil (Araneae, Oonopidae). Iheringia, Série Zoologia 109(e2019033): 1-20. doi:10.1590/1678-4766e2019033 download pdf


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Brignolia dasysterna Oonopidae 2, f. 1-6 (m) Brignolia dasysterna
Brignolia parumpunctata Oonopidae 2, f. 7-12 (m) Brignolia parumpunctata
Heteroonops spinimanus Oonopidae 13, f. 46-48 (f) Heteroonops spinimanus
Ischnothyreus peltifer Oonopidae 8, f. 20-25 (mf) Ischnothyreus peltifer
Ischnothyreus velox Oonopidae 8, f. 26-30 (mf) Ischnothyreus velox
Opopaea concolor Oonopidae 10, f. 31-35 (mf, S of Gammasomorpha humilis) Opopaea concolor
Opopaea deserticola Oonopidae 10, f. 36-40 (mf, S of Gamasomorpha rufa) Opopaea deserticola
Orchestina dentifera Oonopidae 13, f. 53-57 (mf) Orchestina dentifera
Orchestina pavesiiformis Oonopidae 13, f. 49-52 (mf) Orchestina pavesiiformis
Pelicinus marmoratus Oonopidae 12, f. 41-45 (mf) Pelicinus marmoratus
Triaeris stenaspis Oonopidae 4, f. 13-14 (f) Triaeris stenaspis
Xestaspis parmata Oonopidae 6, f. 15-19 (mf, T from Gamasomorpha, S of Gamasomorpha bipeltis, G. insularis, G. lutzi and Hytanis oblonga) Xestaspis parmata
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