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Caleb, J. T. D., Bera, C. & Acharya, S. (2020). New species and synonymies in the genus Carrhotus Thorell, 1891 from India (Aranei: Salticidae: Salticini). Arthropoda Selecta 29(1): 51-66. doi:10.15298/arthsel.29.1.04 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Carrhotus andhra Salticidae 54, f. 1-10 (Dm) Carrhotus andhra
Carrhotus assam Salticidae 54, f. 11-17, 20-21 (Dm) Carrhotus assam
Carrhotus sannio Salticidae 58, f. 22-34 (mf, S of Bianor piratus) Carrhotus sannio
Carrhotus silanthi Salticidae 58, f. 33-56 (Dmf) Carrhotus silanthi
Carrhotus tristis Salticidae 65 (species inquirenda, probably not a Carrhotus) Carrhotus tristis
Carrhotus viduus Salticidae 61, f. 57-73, 76-78, 80-82 (mf, S of Marpissa decorata, M. lakshmikantapurensis and M. tikaderi) Carrhotus viduus
Carrhotus yunnanensis Salticidae 65, f. 18-19 (m, T from Ptocasius, S of Carrhotus kevinlii) Carrhotus yunnanensis
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