Included taxa

Dalmas, R. de (1922). Catalogue des araignées récoltées par le Marquis G. Doria dans l'ile Giglio (Archipel toscan). Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova 50: 79-96. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anatolidion gentile Theridiidae 86 (Dm) Theridion crinigerum
Bassaniodes bufo Thomisidae 91 Proxysticus bufo
Bassaniodes caperatus Thomisidae 91 Proxysticus caperatus
Bassaniodes lalandei Thomisidae 91 Proxysticus lalandei
Berlandina plumalis Gnaphosidae 85 Berlandina plumalis
Camillina europaea Gnaphosidae 83 (Df) Camillina europaea
Cozyptila nigristernum Thomisidae 92 (Dmf) Ozyptila nigristernum
Nemesia maculatipes Nemesiidae 80 (S N. maculatipes, S apparently not accepted by Roewer, subsequently rejected by Isaia & Decae, 2012: 283) Nemesia meridionalis
Oonops placidus corsicus Oonopidae 82 Oonops placidus corsicus
Orchestina longipes Oonopidae 81 (Dmf) Orchestina longipes
Setaphis algerica Gnaphosidae 83 (Dmf) Camillina algerica
Tegenaria tyrrhenica Agelenidae 94 (Dmf) Tegenaria tyrrhenica
Xysticus doriai Thomisidae 90 (Df; used as a 'modern personal name', so doriai is correct after ICZN 31.1.1) Psammitis doriai
Zelotes insulanus Gnaphosidae 84 (Df; N.B.: if valid and actually congeneric with above listing, a replacement name will be required, but this species may well belong to Trachyzelotes) Zelotes insulanus
Genus Family Page
Berlandina Dalmas, 1922 Gnaphosidae 85
Proxysticus Dalmas, 1922 Thomisidae 91