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Smithers, R. H. N. (1945). The Hersiliidae (Araneae) of South Africa. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 31: 1-18. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hersilia arborea Hersiliidae 6, f. 5f, 6a (mf) Hersilia arborea
Hersilia pungwensis Hersiliidae 6, f. 5e, 6c (m; not f, =H. sericea) Hersilia pungwensis
Hersilia sericea Hersiliidae 5, f. 5c (f) Hersilia sericea
Hersilia sericea Hersiliidae 5, f. 5b, 6d (mf) Hersilia bicornis
Hersilia sericea Hersiliidae 6, f. 5e, 6c (f only, misidentified) Hersilia pungwensis
Hersilia setifrons Hersiliidae 7, f. 5a, 6b (mf) Hersilia setifrons
Neotama corticola Hersiliidae 5, f. 5d (f) Hersilia corticola
Tyrotama arida Hersiliidae 10, f. 1-2, 7b, 8 (Df) Tama arida
Tyrotama arida Hersiliidae 12, f. 7c, 9a (Dj) Tama obscura
Tyrotama australis Hersiliidae 15, f. 10a, 11a-c, 12a-b (mf) Hersiliola australis
Tyrotama bicava Hersiliidae 14, f. 7d, 9b (Df) Tama bicava
Tyrotama fragilis Hersiliidae 18, f. 10b (f) Hersiliola fragilis
Tyrotama incerta Hersiliidae 9, F. 7A (f) Tama incerta
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