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Bristowe, W. S. (1948). Notes on the structure and systematic position of oonopid spiders based on an examination of the British species. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 118: 878-891. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Diblemma donisthorpei Oonopidae 890, f. 21-26 (m) Diblemma donisthorpei
Ischnothyreus peltifer Oonopidae 890, f. 1 only (m, misidentified) Ischnothyreus velox
Ischnothyreus velox Oonopidae 890, f. 15-20 (mf; not f. 1, =I. peltifer) Ischnothyreus velox
Oonops domesticus Oonopidae 890, f. 5, 8 (m) Oonops domesticus
Oonops pulcher Oonopidae 890, f. 6-7 (m) Oonops pulcher
Triaeris stenaspis Oonopidae 890, f. 10-14 (f) Triaeris stenaspis
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