Included taxa

Blackwall, J. (1859a). Descriptions of six recently discovered species, and characters of a new genus of Araneida. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (3) 3: 91-98. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Amaurobius ferox Amaurobiidae 93 Ciniflo ferox
Amaurobius ferox Amaurobiidae 93 (Df) Ciniflo mordax
Nigma flavescens Dictynidae 94 (Df) Ergatis pallens
Rhysodromus histrio Philodromidae 92 (Df) Philodromus elegans
Scotina gracilipes Liocranidae 97 (Dm) Agelena gracilipes
Uloborus walckenaerius Uloboridae 96 (Df) Veleda lineata
No genus found for this reference