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Lawrence, R. F. (1952b). A collection of cavernicolous and termitophilous Arachnida from the Belgian Congo. Revue de Zoologie et de Botanique Africaines 46: 1-17. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cyrtarachne termitophila Araneidae 10, f. 6a-d (Dm) Cyrtarachne termitophila
Mystaria flavoguttata Thomisidae 14, f. 8a-b (Dj) Paramystaria flavoguttata
Pachygnatha leleupi Tetragnathidae 8, f. 4a-c (Df) Pachygnatha leleupi
Selenops intricatus Selenopidae 15, f. 9a-c (Df) Selenops cavernicolus
Tetragnatha cylindriformis Tetragnathidae 9, f. 5a-c (Df) Tetragnatha cylindriformis
Thomisops lesserti Thomisidae 12, f. 7a-c (Dm) Thomisops eremita
Triaeris stenaspis Oonopidae 5, f. 3a-f (Df) [] Triaeris berlandi
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