Included taxa

Blackwall, J. (1862b). Descriptions of newly discovered spiders captured in Rio de Janeiro, by John Gray and the Rev. Hamlet Clark [part]. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (3) 10: 348-360. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Araneus elegantulus Araneidae 431 (Df) Epeira elegans
Aysha affinis Anyphaenidae 428 (Df) Clubiona affinis
Cheiracanthium inclusum Cheiracanthiidae 426 (Df) Clubiona subflava
Drassodes insignis Gnaphosidae 425 (Dm) Drassus insignis
Epicadinus spinipes Thomisidae 422 (Dmf) Eripus spinipes
Eustala tristis Araneidae 436 (Df) Epeira tristis
Lycosa inornata Lycosidae 349 (Df) Lycosa inornata
Misumenops gibbosus Thomisidae 421 (Df) Thomisus gibbosus
Olios maculatus Sparassidae 424 (Dj) Sparassus maculatus
Olios sylvaticus Sparassidae 423 (Dm) Sparassus sylvaticus
Oxyopes salticus Oxyopidae 350 (Df) Sphasus luteus
Phiale radians Salticidae 352 (Dj) Salticus radians
Salticus scitulus Salticidae 356 (D) Salticus scitulus
Umuara fasciata Anyphaenidae 427 (Dm) Clubiona fasciata
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