Included taxa

Kaston, B. J. (1963a). Deformities of external genitalia in spiders. Journal of The New York Entomological Society 71(1): 30-39. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agelenopsis pennsylvanica Agelenidae 32, f. 6 (m) Agelenopsis pennsylvanica
Cheiracanthium inclusum Cheiracanthiidae 36, f. 23 (m) Cheiracanthium inclusum
Geolycosa patellonigra Lycosidae 31, f. 3 (f) Geolycosa patellonigra
Xysticus ferox Thomisidae 33, f. 10 (m) Xysticus transversatus
No genus found for this reference