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Agelenopsis pennsylvanica (C. L. Koch, 1843)

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  • Status: accepted
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  • Last updated: 2015-04-14
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  • Distribution: USA
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Taxonomic references
Agelena pensylvanica C. L. Koch, 1843: 111, f. 828 (Df).
Agelena americana Keyserling, 1878a: 599, pl. 14, f. 20-21 (Dmf).
Agelena naevia (var.) Comstock, 1912: 586, f. 666.
Agelena pennsylvanica Exline, 1938: 28 (m).
Agelena pennsylvanica Comstock, 1940: 602, f. 666 (m).
Agelenopsis americana Seyler, 1941: 65, f. 304, pl. III (mf).
Agelenopsis pennsylvanica Chamberlin & Ivie, 1941a: 588, f. 1, 16, 40.
Agelenopsis pennsylvanica Muma, 1943: 39, pl. XI, f. 18-19 (mf).
Agelenopsis pennsylvanica Kaston, 1948: 288, f. 949-950, 2058 (mf).
Agelenopsis pennsylvanica Gering, 1953: 21, f. 16-17, 25, 27-35, 39-40, 66-67 (mf).
Agelenopsis pennsylvanica Kaston, 1963a: 32, f. 6 (m).
Agelenopsis pennsylvanica Whitman-Zai et al., 2015: 19, f. 3-4, 30, 45 (mf).

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