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Levi, H. W. (1967c). Cosmopolitan and pantropical species of theridiid spiders (Araneae: Theridiidae). Pacific Insects 9: 175-186. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Coleosoma floridanum Theridiidae 181, f. 32-36 (mf) Coleosoma floridanum
Cryptachaea blattea Theridiidae 179, f. 12-14 (mf) Achaearanea acoreensis
Emertonella taczanowskii Theridiidae 178, f. 37-41 (mf) Euryopis taczanowskii
Enoplognatha ovata Theridiidae 182, f. 42-45 (mf) Enoplognatha ovata
Latrodectus geometricus Theridiidae 185, f. 57-59 (mf) Latrodectus geometricus
Latrodectus mactans Theridiidae 185, f. 60-62 (mf) Latrodectus mactans
Meotipa pulcherrima Theridiidae 182, f. 28-31 (mf) Chrysso pulcherrima
Nesticodes rufipes Theridiidae 179, f. 24-27 (mf) Theridion rufipes
Nihonhimea tesselata Theridiidae 179, f. 15-19 (mf) Achaearanea tesselata
Parasteatoda tepidariorum Theridiidae 178, f. 9-11 (mf) Achaearanea tepidariorum
Paratheridula perniciosa Theridiidae 176, f. 1-4 (mf) Paratheridula perniciosa
Platnickina mneon Theridiidae 181, f. 20-23 (mf) Theridion adamsoni
Steatoda erigoniformis Theridiidae 184, f. 46-49 (mf) Steatoda erigoniformis
Steatoda grossa Theridiidae 184, f. 50-52 (mf) Steatoda grossa
Steatoda triangulosa Theridiidae 185, f. 53-56 (mf) Steatoda triangulosa
Theridula gonygaster Theridiidae 176, f. 5-8 (mf) Theridula gonygaster
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