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Leech, R. E. (1971). The introduced Amaurobiidae of North America, and Callobius hokkaido n. sp. from Japan (Arachnida: Araneida). The Canadian Entomologist 103: 23-32. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Amaurobius ferox Amaurobiidae 27, f. 11-13 (mf) Amaurobius ferox
Amaurobius similis Amaurobiidae 27, f. 7-10 (mf, S) Amaurobius similis
Badumna longinqua Desidae 23, f. 1-3 (mf) Ixeuticus martius
Callobius hokkaido Amaurobiidae 30, f. 14-17 (Dmf) Callobius hokkaido
Callobius koreanus Amaurobiidae 30 (Tmf from Amaurobius) Callobius koreanus
Metaltella rorulenta Desidae 26 Metaltella rorulenta
Metaltella simoni Desidae 24, f. 4-6 (mf) Metaltella simoni
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