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Brignoli, P. M. (1974f). Notes on spiders, mainly cave-dwelling, of southern Mexico and Guatemala (Araneae). Quaderno, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei 171(2): 195-238. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anopsicus hanakash Pholcidae 221, f. 7A-B (Df) Pholcophora hanakash
Anopsicus speophilus Pholcidae 223, f. 7C, D, F (f) Pholcophora speophila
Darkoneta arganoi Leptonetidae 210, f. 5A-G (Df) Neoleptoneta arganoi
Eratigena florea Agelenidae 228, f. 10A-C (Df) Tegenaria florea
Eratigena gertschi Agelenidae 230 (elevated to species) Tegenaria gertschi
Eratigena tlaxcala Agelenidae 230 (elevated to species) Tegenaria tlaxcala
Euagrus lynceus Euagridae 196, f. 1A-E (Dmf) Euagrus lynceus
Maymena sbordonii Mysmenidae 224, f. 8A-D, 9A-F (Dmf) Maymena sbordonii
Modisimus dilutus Pholcidae 220 Modisimus dilutus
Modisimus tzotzile Pholcidae 218, f. 7E (Df) Modisimus tzotzile
Ochyrocera fagei Ochyroceratidae 212, f. 6A-I (Dmf) Ochyrocera fagei
Oonopoides zullinii Oonopidae 205, f. 3A-E (Df) Oonopoides zullinii
Rualena pasquinii Agelenidae 231, f. 11A-B (Df; N.B.: may be misplaced, per Maya-Morales & Jiménez, 2016: 28) Rualena pasquinii
Toloonops chickeringi Oonopidae 2OO, f. 2A-I (Dmf) Oonops chickeringi
Triaeris stenaspis Oonopidae 208, f. 4A-F (Df) [] Triaeris lacandona
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