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Locket, G. H., Millidge, A. F. & Merrett, P. (1974). British Spiders, Volume III. Ray Society, London, 315 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agroeca brunnea Liocranidae 15, f. 8B (m) Agroeca brunnea
Agroeca cuprea Liocranidae 15, f. 9A (f) Agroeca cuprea
Agroeca lusatica Liocranidae 15, f. 8A (m) Agroeca lusatica
Agyneta mollis Linyphiidae 106, f. 66D (m) Meioneta mollis
Agyneta saxatilis Linyphiidae 106, f. 66G (f) Meioneta saxatilis
Agyneta simplicitarsis Linyphiidae 105, f. 66A-C, E-F (mf) Meioneta simplicitarsis
Alopecosa cuneata Lycosidae 36, f. 19B (f) Alopecosa cuneata
Alopecosa pulverulenta Lycosidae 36, f. 19A (f) Alopecosa pulverulenta
Altella lucida Dictynidae 3, f. 1A-D (mf) Altella lucida
Aphileta misera Linyphiidae 104 Aphileta misera
Araniella alpica Araneidae 68, f. 40C-D (f) Araneus alpicus
Araniella cucurbitina Araneidae 65, f. 38A-D (f) Araneus cucurbitinus
Araniella inconspicua Araneidae 68, f. 40A-B (f) Araneus inconspicuus
Araniella opisthographa Araneidae 65, f. 39A-D (f, elevated from subspecies of A. cucurbitina) Araneus opistographus
Arctosa alpigena Lycosidae 39, f. 22A (m) Tricca alpigena
Baryphyma gowerense Linyphiidae 79, f. 47A-D, 48A-C (Tmf from Lasiargus) Acanthophyma gowerensis
Baryphyma maritimum Linyphiidae 82, f. 50A, C-D, G-H (mf) Minyrioloides maritimus
Baryphyma trifrons Linyphiidae 82, f. 50B, E-F (m) Minyrioloides trifrons
Bolyphantes luteolus Linyphiidae 117 (S) Bolyphantes luteolus
Callilepis nocturna Gnaphosidae 10, f. 5A-C (mf) Callilepis nocturna
Carorita limnaea Linyphiidae 93, f. 56A-C (mf) Carorita limnaea
Caviphantes saxetorum Linyphiidae 94, f. 57A-E (mf) Lessertiella saxetorum
Centromerita bicolor Linyphiidae 114, f. 73A (f) Centromerita bicolor
Centromerita concinna Linyphiidae 115, f. 73B (f) Centromerita concinna
Centromerus albidus Linyphiidae 112, f. 71A, C (mf) Centromerus albidus
Centromerus brevipalpus Linyphiidae 110, f. 70A-B (mf) Centromerus aequalis
Centromerus capucinus Linyphiidae 108, f. 68B-C (mf) Centromerus capucinus
Centromerus dilutus Linyphiidae 107, f. 68A (Df) Centromerus tantulus
Centromerus incilium Linyphiidae 109, f. 69A-B (mf) Centromerus incilium
Centromerus pallens Linyphiidae 112 (type lost, not identifiable, probable junior S of Centromerus cavernarum, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Centromerus pallens
Centromerus persimilis Linyphiidae 112, f. 72A-B (m) Centromerus persimilis
Centromerus prudens Linyphiidae 107 (S) Centromerus prudens
Centromerus prudens Linyphiidae 111, f. 70C (m) Centromerus parkeri
Centromerus semiater Linyphiidae 109, f. 69C-D (mf) Centromerus incultus
Centromerus serratus Linyphiidae 112, f. 71B (m) Centromerus serratus
Cheiracanthium erraticum Cheiracanthiidae 15, f. 7G (f) Cheiracanthium erraticum
Cheiracanthium pennyi Cheiracanthiidae 13, f. 7E-F (f) Cheiracanthium pennyi
Clubiona frisia Clubionidae 12, f. 7A-B, D (mf, misidentified) Clubiona similis
Clubiona neglecta Clubionidae 13, f. 7C (f) Clubiona neglecta
Coelotes atropos Agelenidae 43, f. 23C (f) Coelotes atropos
Coelotes terrestris Agelenidae 43, f. 23D (f) Coelotes terrestris
Cryptachaea riparia Theridiidae 51 Achaearanea riparia
Cryptachaea veruculata Theridiidae 53, f. 30, 31A-D (mf) Achaearanea veruculata
Dicymbium brevisetosum Linyphiidae 74, f. 43A, C (m, elevated to species) Dicymbium brevisetosum
Dicymbium nigrum Linyphiidae 74, f. 43B, D (m) Dicymbium nigrum
Dolomedes plantarius Pisauridae 39, f. 22B-D (mf) Dolomedes plantarius
Drassodes cupreus Gnaphosidae 5, f. 2B (f, elevated from subspecies, S) Drassodes cupreus
Drassodes lapidosus Gnaphosidae 5, f. 2A (f) Drassodes lapidosus
Eidmannella pallida Nesticidae 60, f. 35A-C (mf) Eidmannella pallida
Entelecara acuminata Linyphiidae 75, f. 44D (m) Entelecara acuminata
Entelecara congenera Linyphiidae 75, f. 44A-C (mf) Entelecara congenera
Entelecara errata Linyphiidae 76, f. 44E-F (m, removed from S) Entelecara errata
Entelecara media Linyphiidae 76, f. 44G (m) Entelecara media
Episinus angulatus Theridiidae 47, f. 26A (f) Episinus angulatus
Episinus maculipes Theridiidae 48, f. 26C (f) Episinus maculipes
Episinus truncatus Theridiidae 47, f. 26B (f) Episinus truncatus
Eratigena atrica Agelenidae 42, f. 23B, F (mf) Tegenaria atrica
Eratigena duellica Agelenidae 42, f. 23A, E (mf, misidentified) Tegenaria saeva
Erigone atra Linyphiidae 101, f. 63A (f) Erigone atra
Erigone capra Linyphiidae 101, f. 62B, 64C (mf) Erigone capra
Erigone dentipalpis Linyphiidae 101, f. 63B (f) Erigone dentipalpis
Erigone longipalpis Linyphiidae 100, f. 62A, 64A (mf) Erigone longipalpis
Erigone maritima Linyphiidae 100, f. 62C, 64B (mf; subsequently here per Holm, 1956: 464 and Tanasevitch, 2013c: 279) Erigone arctica
Erigone promiscua Linyphiidae 101, f. 63C-D (f) Erigone promiscua
Erigone psychrophila Linyphiidae 99, f. 61A-C (mf) Erigone psychrophila
Erigone tirolensis Linyphiidae 101, f. 64D (f) Erigone tirolensis
Ero cambridgei Mimetidae 46, f. 25B (m) Ero cambridgei
Ero furcata Mimetidae 46, f. 25A (m) Ero furcata
Euophrys herbigrada Salticidae 29 (S of Euophrys molesta, removed from S of E. aequipes) Euophrys herbigrada
Glyphesis servulus Linyphiidae 97, f. 59A-F (mf) Glyphesis servulus
Gnaphosa lugubris Gnaphosidae 10, f. 4C (m) Gnaphosa lugubris
Gnaphosa occidentalis Gnaphosidae 10, f. 4D-E (m) Gnaphosa occidentalis
Gonatium paradoxum Linyphiidae 81, f. 49A-D (mf) Gonatium corallipes
Haplodrassus dalmatensis Gnaphosidae 6, f. 3D (m) Haplodrassus dalmatensis
Haplodrassus minor Gnaphosidae 7, f. 2C-D (m) Haplodrassus minor
Haplodrassus soerenseni Gnaphosidae 6, f. 3E (m) Haplodrassus soerenseni
Haplodrassus umbratilis Gnaphosidae 7, f. 3A-C (mf) Haplodrassus umbratilis
Heliophanus auratus Salticidae 27, f. 15A-C (mf) Heliophanus auratus
Heliophanus melinus Salticidae 27 (S) Heliophanus melinus
Karita paludosa Linyphiidae 94, f. 56D-G (mf) Carorita paludosa
Liocranoeca striata Liocranidae 15, f. 8C (f) Agraecina striata
Macrargus carpenteri Linyphiidae 115, f. 73C (m) Macrargus carpenteri
Maro lepidus Linyphiidae 106, f. 67A, C (mf) Maro lepidus
Maro sublestus Linyphiidae 107, f. 67B, D (mf) Maro sublestus
Mecynargus paetulus Linyphiidae 103, f. 65A-E (mf) Rhaebothorax paetulus
Meta menardi Tetragnathidae 61, f. 36B (m) Meta menardi
Metellina mengei Tetragnathidae 64, f. 37A, C (mf) Meta mengei
Metellina merianae Tetragnathidae 61, f. 36C (m) Meta merianae
Metellina segmentata Tetragnathidae 64, f. 36A, 37B, D (mf) Meta segmentata
Micaria alpina Gnaphosidae 12, f. 5D-E (f) Micaria alpina
Micaria silesiaca Gnaphosidae 12, f. 6A-B (m) Micaria silesiaca
Nigma walckenaeri Dictynidae 2 Heterodictyna walckenaeri
Ostearius melanopygius Linyphiidae 103, f. 65F (m) Ostearius melanopygius
Parapelecopsis nemoralioides Linyphiidae 85, f. 52D-E, G (mf, misidentified) Pelecopsis mediocris
Parapelecopsis nemoralis Linyphiidae 85, f. 52A, C, F (mf) Pelecopsis nemoralis
Parasteatoda simulans Theridiidae 52, f. 29B (f) Achaearanea simulans
Parasteatoda tepidariorum Theridiidae 52, f. 29A (f) Achaearanea tepidariorum
Pardosa agrestis Lycosidae 33, f. 18C (f, S P. purbeckensis, rejected) Pardosa agrestis
Pardosa agricola Lycosidae 31, f. 17 (m, S) Pardosa agricola
Pardosa monticola Lycosidae 34, f. 18A-B (f) Pardosa monticola
Pelecopsis elongata Linyphiidae 87, f. 53A-D (m) Pelecopsis elongata
Philodromus buxi Philodromidae 25, f. 13A-C (mf) Philodromus buxi
Philodromus collinus Philodromidae 24, f. 12B-C (mf) Philodromus collinus
Philodromus praedatus Philodromidae 23, f. 12A (m) Philodromus praedatus
Pocadicnemis juncea Linyphiidae 82 (S, rejected) Pocadicnemis pumila
Praestigia duffeyi Linyphiidae 79, f. 46A-F (mf) Praestigia duffeyi
Pseudeuophrys obsoleta Salticidae 29, f. 16A-D (mf) Euophrys browningi
Psilochorus simoni Pholcidae 3 (Tmf from Physocyclus) Psilochorus simoni
Robertus scoticus Theridiidae 59, f. 34A-B (m) Robertus scoticus
Salticus mutabilis Salticidae 26, f. 14A-B (m) Salticus mutabilis
Scotina celans Liocranidae 16, f. 8D (f) Scotina celans
Silometopus ambiguus Linyphiidae 88, f. 54C (f) Silometopus ambiguus
Silometopus elegans Linyphiidae 89, f. 54A (f) Silometopus elegans
Silometopus incurvatus Linyphiidae 89, f. 54B (f) Silometopus incurvatus
Tenuiphantes flavipes Linyphiidae 117, f. 74A-B (m) Lepthyphantes flavipes
Tenuiphantes mengei Linyphiidae 117, f. 74C-D (m) Lepthyphantes mengei
Tetragnatha extensa Tetragnathidae 61, f. 36D (m) Tetragnatha extensa
Tetragnatha striata Tetragnathidae 61 Tetragnatha striata
Theridion melanurum Theridiidae 55, f. 32A, 33A, C (mf) Theridion melanurum
Theridion mystaceum Theridiidae 56, f. 32B, 33B, D (mf) Theridion mystaceum
Trematocephalus cristatus Linyphiidae 76, f. 45A-E (mf) Trematocephalus cristatus
Trichoncus affinis Linyphiidae 91, f. 55D, F (f) Trichoncus affinis
Trichoncus hackmani Linyphiidae 90, f. 55A-C, E (mf) Trichoncus hackmani
Trichopterna cito Linyphiidae 84, f. 51A-D (mf) Trichopterna cito
Trochosa spinipalpis Lycosidae 37, f. 21B (m) Trochosa spinipalpis
Trochosa terricola Lycosidae 37, f. 21A (m) Trochosa terricola
Tuberta maerens Cybaeidae 45, f. 24A-B (m) Tuberta maerens
Typhochrestus simoni Linyphiidae 98, f. 60A-C (m) Typhochrestus simoni
Walckenaeria clavicornis Linyphiidae 72, f. 42F (m) Walckenaeria clavicornis
Walckenaeria mitrata Linyphiidae 70, f. 41A-E (mf) Walckenaeria mitrata
Walckenaeria stylifrons Linyphiidae 72, f. 42A-E (mf) Walckenaeria stylifrons
Wiehlea calcarifera Linyphiidae 96, f. 58A-E (mf) Wiehlea calcarifera
Xysticus acerbus Thomisidae 22, f. 11B (f) Xysticus acerbus
Xysticus luctator Thomisidae 21, f. 11A (f) Xysticus luctator
Zelotes apricorum Gnaphosidae 7, f. 4A (m) Zelotes apricorum
Zelotes subterraneus Gnaphosidae 9, f. 4B (m) Zelotes subterraneus
Zora armillata Miturgidae 20, f. 9D, 10D (mf) Zora armillata
Zora nemoralis Miturgidae 20, f. 9F-G, 10E (mf) Zora nemoralis
Zora silvestris Miturgidae 17, f. 9B-C, 10A-B (mf) Zora silvestris
Zora spinimana Miturgidae 20, f. 9E, 10C (mf) Zora spinimana
Genus Family Page
Acanthophyma Locket, Millidge & Merrett, 1974 Linyphiidae 79