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Nishikawa, Y. (1974). Japanese spiders of the genus Coelotes (Araneae: Agelenidae). Faculty of Letters Revue, Otemon Gakuin University 8: 173-182. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aeolocoelotes personatus Agelenidae 177, f. 25-26 (mf) Coelotes personatus
Alloclubionoides grandivulvus Agelenidae 177, f. 31 (f) Coelotes grandivulva
Coelotes antri Agelenidae 176, f. 3-4 (mf) Coelotes antri
Coelotes exitialis Agelenidae 175, f. 1-2 (mf) Coelotes exitialis
Coelotes kitazawai Agelenidae 176, f. 8-9 (mf) Coelotes kitazawai
Coelotes micado Agelenidae 176, f. 5-7 (mf) Coelotes micado
Coelotes yaginumai Agelenidae 176, f. 10-11 (mf) Coelotes yaginumai
Curticoelotes hamamurai Agelenidae 177, f. 23-24 (mf) Coelotes hamamurai
Dichodactylus inabaensis Agelenidae 176, f. 12-14 (mf) Coelotes inabaensis
Griseidraconarius decolor Agelenidae 178, f. 27-28 (mf) Coelotes decolor
Iwogumoa insidiosa Agelenidae 177, f. 20-22 (mf) Coelotes insidiosus
Iwogumoa insidiosa Agelenidae 178, f. 32 (f) Coelotes curtus
Pireneitega luctuosa Agelenidae 176, f. 15-16 (mf) Coelotes luctuosus
Platocoelotes uenoi Agelenidae 177, f. 29-30 (f) Coelotes uenoi
Tegecoelotes corasides Agelenidae 177, f. 17-19 (mf) Coelotes modestus
Tegecoelotes ignotus Agelenidae 178, f. 33 (f) Coelotes ignotus
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