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Platnick, N. I. & Shadab, M. U. (1974a). A revision of the tranquillus and speciosus groups of the spider genus Trachelas (Araneae, Clubionidae) in North and Central America. American Museum Novitates 2553: 1-34. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Trachelas bulbosus Trachelidae 29, f. 68-71 (mf) Trachelas bulbosus
Trachelas cambridgei Trachelidae 17, f. 30-33 (m, Df) Trachelas cambridgei
Trachelas depressus Trachelidae 9, f. 10-13 (Dmf) Trachelas depressus
Trachelas fuscus Trachelidae 28, f. 40-41 (Df) Trachelas fuscus
Trachelas hamatus Trachelidae 33, f. 84-87 (Dmf) Trachelas hamatus
Trachelas huachucanus Trachelidae 27, f. 64-67 (f, Dm) Trachelas huachucanus
Trachelas lanceolatus Trachelidae 30, f. 72-75 (mf) Trachelas lanceolatus
Trachelas latus Trachelidae 32, f. 80-83 (Dmf) Trachelas latus
Trachelas mexicanus Trachelidae 12, f. 18-21, 46 (f, Sm) Trachelas mexicanus
Trachelas organatus Trachelidae 18, f. 34-37 (Dmf) Trachelas organatus
Trachelas pacificus Trachelidae 14, f. 22-25, 47 (mf) Trachelas pacificus
Trachelas similis Trachelidae 23, f. 52-55 (mf, S of Trachelas laticeps) Trachelas similis
Trachelas sinuosus Trachelidae 26, f. 60-63 (Dmf) Trachelas sinuosus
Trachelas speciosus Trachelidae 22, f. 48-51 (mf) Trachelas speciosus
Trachelas spicus Trachelidae 19, f. 38-39 (Dm) Trachelas spicus
Trachelas spinulatus Trachelidae 31, f. 76-79 (m, Df) Trachelas spinulatus
Trachelas spirifer Trachelidae 16, f. 26-29 (m, Df) Trachelas spirifer
Trachelas tranquillus Trachelidae 8, f. 1-9, 42-44 (mf) Trachelas tranquillus
Trachelas transversus Trachelidae 25, f. 56-59 (mf, S of Trachelas morosus) Trachelas transversus
Trachelas volutus Trachelidae 10, f. 14-17, 45 (mf) Trachelas volutus
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