Included taxa

Shear, W. A. (1978). Taxonomic notes on the armored spiders of the families Tetrablemmidae and Pacullidae. American Museum Novitates 2650: 1-46. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ablemma aiyura Tetrablemmidae 34, f. 96-102 (Dmf) Ablemma aiyura
Ablemma berryi Tetrablemmidae 34, f. 89-95 (Dmf) Ablemma berryi
Ablemma pugnax Tetrablemmidae 12, f. 21 (f) Tetrablemma pugnax
Ablemma sedgwicki Tetrablemmidae 36, f. 103-107 (Dm) Ablemma sedgwicki
Ablemma shimojanai Tetrablemmidae 32, f. 81-88 (mf, T from Tetrablemma) Ablemma shimojanai
Afroblemma thorelli Tetrablemmidae 23 (Tmf from Paculla) Monoblemma thorelli
Brignoliella acuminata Tetrablemmidae 26, f. 62-63 (Tf from Paculla) Brignoliella acuminata
Brignoliella beattyi Tetrablemmidae 27, f. 68-71 (Dmf) Brignoliella beattyi
Brignoliella bicornis Tetrablemmidae 26 (Tmf from Paculla) Brignoliella bicornis
Brignoliella martensi Tetrablemmidae 29, f. 76 (Tf from Paculla) Brignoliella martensi
Brignoliella quadricornis Tetrablemmidae 27, f. 64-67 (Tmf from Paculla) Brignoliella quadricornis
Brignoliella sarawak Tetrablemmidae 29, f. 72-75 (Df) Brignoliella sarawak
Brignoliella scrobiculata Tetrablemmidae 26 (Tf from Paculla) Brignoliella scrobiculata
Caraimatta cambridgei Tetrablemmidae 16, f. 24-32 (Tmf from Tetrablemma) Matta cambridgei
Caraimatta sbordonii Tetrablemmidae 16, f. 33-36 (Tm from Tetrablemma, Df) Matta sbordonii
Fallablemma castaneum Tetrablemmidae 31, f. 3, 77-80 (Tmf from Hexablemma) Fallablemma castaneum
Hexablemma cataphractum Tetrablemmidae 12, f. 18, 20 (Tf from Hexablemma) Tetrablemma cataphractum
Lamania kraui Pacullidae 41, f. 112-120 (Dmf) Paculla kraui
Matta hambletoni Tetrablemmidae 14, f. 22-23 (m) Matta hambletoni
Matta mckenziei Tetrablemmidae 18, f. 37-39 (Dmf) Matta mckenziei
Micromatta atoma Tetrablemmidae 18, f. 40-46 (Dmf) Matta atoma
Monoblemma browni Tetrablemmidae 23, f. 57-61 (Dm) Monoblemma browni
Monoblemma muchmorei Tetrablemmidae 23, f. 51-56 (Dmf) Monoblemma muchmorei
Monoblemma unicum Tetrablemmidae 21, f. 47-50 (m) Monoblemma unicum
Paculla cameronensis Pacullidae 43, f. 121-122 (Dm) Paculla cameronensis
Paculla negara Pacullidae 44, f. 123 (Dm) Paculla negara
Pseudanapis aloha Anapidae 8 (S) Pseudanapis aloha
Rhinoblemma unicorne Tetrablemmidae 10, f. 4-7 (mf) Tetrablemma unicornis
Singaporemma singulare Tetrablemmidae 36, f. 108-111 (Dmf) Singaporemma singularis
Tetrablemma alterum Tetrablemmidae 10, f. 8-13 (mf) Tetrablemma alterum
Tetrablemma extorre Tetrablemmidae 12, f. 14-17, 19 (Dm) Tetrablemma extorris
Tetrablemma rhinoceros Tetrablemmidae 9 (Tmf from Hexablemma) Tetrablemma rhinoceros
Tetrablemma viduum Tetrablemmidae 9 (Tf from Hexablemma) Tetrablemma viduum
Genus Family Page
Brignoliella Shear, 1978 Tetrablemmidae 24
Fallablemma Shear, 1978 Tetrablemmidae 29
Singaporemma Shear, 1978 Tetrablemmidae 36