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Yin, C. M. (1978). [A study on the general orb-weaver spiders and wolf-spiders (Araneae: Araneidae, Lycosidae) from rice fields]. Journal of Hunan Teachers College (nat. Sci. Ed.) 1978(10): 1-21. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Araneus ejusmodi Araneidae 1, f. 1A-D (mf) Araneus ejusmodi
Araneus variegatus Araneidae 3, f. 5A-D (f) Araneus variegatus
Argiope aemula Araneidae 4, f. 9A-C (f) Argiope aemula
Argiope amoena Araneidae 3, f. 7A-C (f) Argiope amoena
Argiope bruennichi Araneidae 3, f. 6A-C (f) Argiope bruennichi
Argiope catenulata Araneidae 4, f. 10A-C (f) Argiope catenulata
Argiope minuta Araneidae 4, f. 8A-C (f) Argiope minuta
Cyclosa argenteoalba Araneidae 7, f. 18A-D (f) Cyclosa kiangsica
Cyclosa sedeculata Araneidae 7, f. 19A-C (f) Cyclosa sedeculata
Cyrtarachne inaequalis Araneidae 8, f. 20A-C (f) Cyrtarachne inaquolis
Hypsosinga pygmaea Araneidae 6, f. 16A-E (mf) Singa pygmaea
Lariniaria argiopiformis Araneidae 6, f. 15A-C (f) Larinia argiopiformis
Larinioides cornutus Araneidae 2, f. 2A-d (mf) Araneus cornutus
Neoscona adianta Araneidae 4, f. 11A-D (mf) Neoscona doenitzi
Neoscona adianta Araneidae 6, f. 14A-E (mf) Neoscona adiantum
Neoscona nautica Araneidae 5, f. 12A-D (mf) Neoscona nautica
Neoscona theisi Araneidae 5, f. 13A-D (mf) Neoscona theisi
Neoscona vigilans Araneidae 2, f. 4A-D (f) Araneus alternidens
Pardosa astrigera Lycosidae 10, f. 2A-D (mf) Pardosa T-insignita
Pardosa laura Lycosidae 10, f. 3A-D (mf) Pardosa laura
Pardosa nebulosa Lycosidae 10, f. 4A-D (mf) Pardosa buttneri
Pardosa pseudoannulata Lycosidae 9, f. 1A-D (mf) Lycosa pseudoannulata
Pirata subpiraticus Lycosidae 11, f. 5A-D (mf) Pirata subpiraticus
Piratula piratoides Lycosidae 11, f. 6A-D (mf) Pirata japonicus
Singa hamata Araneidae 7, f. 17A-C (f) Singa hamata
Trochosa ruricola Lycosidae 12, f. 7A-E (mf) Trochosa ruricola
Yaginumia sia Araneidae 2, f. 3A-D (mf) Araneus sia
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