Included taxa

Edwards, G. B. (1980). Jumping spiders of the United States and Canada: changes in the key and list (4). Peckhamia 2: 11-14. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Attidops cinctipes Salticidae 12 (Tf from Icius) Ballus cinctipes
Beata wickhami Salticidae 12 (Tmf from Icius, S of Icius pleuralis) Beata wickhami
Chalcoscirtus diminutus Salticidae 11 (S of Corythalia delicatula) Euophrys diminuta
Euophrys monadnock Salticidae 12 (S of Euophrys nearctica) Euophrys monadnock
Evarcha falcata Salticidae 11, f. 3-4 (mf) Evarcha falcata
Evarcha hoyi Salticidae 11, f. 1-2 (removed mf from S of E. leucophaea) Evarcha hoyi
Marpissa lineata Salticidae 12 (S) Marpissa lineata
Messua limbata Salticidae 12 (S of Icius exornatus) Eris limbata
Metaphidippus annectans Salticidae 12 (Tmf from Icius) Metaphidippus annectans
Metaphidippus texanus Salticidae 12 (Tmf from Icius) Metaphidippus texanus
Mexigonus morosus Salticidae 12 (S) Tylogonus morosus
Pelegrina proterva Salticidae 12 (S of Sitticus/Euophrys concolor, rejected by Maddison, 1996: 270) Metaphidippus protervus
Tutelina formicaria Salticidae 12 (Tmf from Dendryphantes) Tutelina formicaria
Tutelina harti Salticidae 12 (Tmf from Dendryphantes) Tutelina harti
Zygoballus rufipes Salticidae 12 (S) Zygoballus rufipes
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