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Levi, H. W. (1980a). The orb-weaver genus Mecynogea, the subfamily Metinae and the genera Pachygnatha, Glenognatha and Azilia of the subfamily Tetragnathinae north of Mexico (Araneae: Araneidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 149: 1-74. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Azilia affinis Tetragnathidae 72, f. 290-308 (mf, S of Azilia mexicana and A. vagepicta) Azilia affinis
Glenognatha emertoni Tetragnathidae 66, f. 255-271 (m, Df) Glenognatha emertoni
Glenognatha foxi Tetragnathidae 68, f. 272-284 (mf) Glenognatha foxi
Glenognatha iviei Tetragnathidae 69, f. 285-289 (Dm) Glenognatha iviei
Leucauge argyra Tetragnathidae 28, f. 60-71 (mf, S of Leucauge aurulenta) Leucauge argyra
Leucauge venusta Tetragnathidae 25, f. 44-59 (mf; S of L. mabelae, rejected by Ballesteros & Hormiga, 2018: 192) [partly L. argyrobapta per Ballesteros & Hormiga, 2018: 192] Leucauge venusta
Manogea porracea Araneidae 13 (T from Zygiella, S of Manogea grammica) Mecynogea guyanensis
Mecynogea lemniscata Araneidae 13, f. 1-15 (mf, S of Allepeira affinitata) Mecynogea lemniscata
Meta bourneti Tetragnathidae 43, f. 128-131 (mf) Meta bourneti
Meta dolloff Tetragnathidae 43, f. 132-135 (Dmf) Meta dolloff
Meta ovalis Tetragnathidae 42, f. 112-127 (mf, misidentified) Meta menardi
Metellina curtisi Tetragnathidae 35, f. 72-86, 95-98 (mf, S of Araneus peckhami, removed from S of Metellina mengei, rejecting Levi & Field, 1954: 466) Metellina curtisi
Metellina mengei Tetragnathidae 34, f. 105-107 (mf, T from Meta) Metellina mengei
Metellina merianae Tetragnathidae 34, f. 108-111 (mf, T from Meta) Metellina merianae
Metellina mimetoides Tetragnathidae 36, f. 87-94 (f, Dm) Metellina mimetoides
Metellina segmentata Tetragnathidae 36, f. 99-104 (Tmf from Meta) Metellina segmentata
Metleucauge eldorado Tetragnathidae 46, f. 136-150 (Dmf) Metleucauge eldorado
Metleucauge kompirensis Tetragnathidae 46, f. 151 (Tf from Meta) Metleucauge kompirensis
Metleucauge yunohamensis Tetragnathidae 46 (Tmf from Meta) Metleucauge yunohamensis
Nephila pilipes Araneidae 17, f. 16-22 (mf) Nephila maculata
Pachygnatha autumnalis Tetragnathidae 58, f. 152-153, 155, 158-159, 202-213 (mf) Pachygnatha autumnalis
Pachygnatha brevis Tetragnathidae 54, f. 178-189 (mf) Pachygnatha brevis
Pachygnatha calusa Tetragnathidae 62, f. 251-254 (Dm) Pachygnatha calusa
Pachygnatha clercki Tetragnathidae 59, f. 226-237 (mf, S) Pachygnatha clercki
Pachygnatha dorothea Tetragnathidae 56, f. 190-201 (mf, S) Pachygnatha dorothea
Pachygnatha furcillata Tetragnathidae 53, f. 154, 156-157, 162-177 (mf) Pachygnatha furcillata
Pachygnatha tristriata Tetragnathidae 60, f. 238-250 (mf) Pachygnatha tristriata
Pachygnatha xanthostoma Tetragnathidae 58, f. 160-161, 214-225 (mf) Pachygnatha xanthostoma
Trichonephila clavipes Araneidae 17, f. 23-43 (mf, S of Nephila thomensis; Levi, 1980a: 22, apparently considered all described subspecies of this species, and the other described Neotropical taxa, as identical, but did not formally synonymize them) Nephila clavipes
Zygiella x-notata Araneidae 16 (S of Pseudometa biologica) Zygiella x-notata
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Metleucauge Levi, 1980 Tetragnathidae 44