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Wang, H. Q. (1981). [Protection and utilization of spiders in paddy fields]. Hunan Press of Science and Technology, 188 pp. (reprinted, 1985) download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agelena labyrinthica Agelenidae 116, f. 57A-B (m) Agelena labyrinthiea
Araneus ejusmodi Araneidae 102, f. 44A-D (mf) Araneus ejusmodi
Argiope amoena Araneidae 99, f. 40A-C (f) Argiope amoena
Argiope bruennichi Araneidae 98, f. 39A-C (f) Argiope bruennichi
Argiope minuta Araneidae 100, f. 41A-C (f) Argiope minuta
Bianor angulosus Salticidae 138, f. 79A-C (mf) Bianor hotingchiehi
Bucliona jucunda Clubionidae 132, f. 72A-C (m, misidentified) Clubiona hedina
Clubiona corrugata Clubionidae 131, f. 71A-C (f) Clubiona coerulescens sinensis
Clubiona japonicola Clubionidae 129, f. 69A-C (mf) Clubiona japonicola
Clubiona kurilensis Clubionidae 130, f. 70A-B (mf) Clubione kurilensis
Clubiona neglecta Clubionidae 133, f. 73A-C (f) Clubiona neglecta
Cyclosa argenteoalba Araneidae 101, f. 42A-C (f, lapsus) Cyclosa kingsica
Cyclosa sedeculata Araneidae 101, f. 43A-C (f) Cyclasa sedeculata
Dictyna felis Dictynidae 106, f. 47A-C (m) Dictyna felis
Dolomedes chinesus Pisauridae 125, f. 65A-B (f) Dolomedes chinsus
Ebrechtella tricuspidata Thomisidae 134, f. 74A-D (mf) Misumena tricuspidata
Evarcha albaria Salticidae 137, f. 77A-C (mf) Erarcha albaria
Gnathonarium gibberum Linyphiidae 109, f. 50A-C (f) Gnathonarium gibberum
Hylyphantes graminicola Linyphiidae 107, f. 48A-C (f) Erigonidium graminicolum
Hypsosinga pygmaea Araneidae 104, f. 46A-C (mf) Singa pygmaea
Lariniaria argiopiformis Araneidae 103, f. 45A-C (f) Larinia argiopiformis
Leucauge celebesiana Tetragnathidae 85, f. 26A-E (f) Leucauge magnifica
Mendoza canestrinii Salticidae 138, f. 78A-C (mf) Marpissa magister
Neoscona holmi Araneidae 96, f. 37A-B (m, misidentified) Neoscona doenitzi
Neoscona theisi Araneidae 95, f. 35A-C (mf) Neoscona theisi
Neriene radiata Linyphiidae 117, f. 58A-B (m) Neriene radiata
Nurscia albofasciata Titanoecidae 114, f. 56A-E (m) Titanoeca nipponica
Octonoba sinensis Uloboridae 93, f. 34A-B (f) Uloborus sinemsis
Oxyopes lineatipes Oxyopidae 126, f. 67A-B (f) Oxyopes lineatipes
Oxyopes sertatus Oxyopidae 126, f. 66A-B (f) Oxyopes sertatus
Pardosa astrigera Lycosidae 123, f. 63A-C (f, lapsus) Pardosa Fiusignita
Pardosa laura Lycosidae 124, f. 64A-C (mf) Pardosa laura
Pardosa pseudoannulata Lycosidae 119, f. 59A-C (mf) Lycosa pseudoannulata
Pirata subpiraticus Lycosidae 120, f. 60A-C (mf) Pirata subpiraticus
Piratula piratoides Lycosidae 121, f. 61A-B (f) Pirata japonicus
Plexippus paykulli Salticidae 135, f. 75A-D (mf) Plexippus paykulli
Plexippus setipes Salticidae 136, f. 76A-C (mf) Plexippus setipes
Runcinia insecta Thomisidae 127, f. 68A-C (mf) Runcinia albostriata
Trochosa ruricola Lycosidae 122, f. 62A-C (f) Trochosa ruricola
Ummeliata insecticeps Linyphiidae 108, f. 49A-B (f) Oedothorax insecticeps
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