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Levi, H. W. (1982). The spider genera Psechrus and Fecenia (Araneae: Psechridae). Pacific Insects 24: 114-138. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Fecenia cylindrata Psechridae 136, f. 80-82 (m, Df) Fecenia cylindrata
Fecenia macilenta Psechridae 136, f. 84-85 (m; S, rejected; not f) Fecenia macilenta
Fecenia ochracea Psechridae 133, f. 68-79, 90 (mf) Fecenia ochracea
Fecenia protensa Psechridae 136, f. 83, 86-87 (f, misidentified) Fecenia macilenta
Fecenia protensa Psechridae 138 (Tmf from Psechrus) Fecenia nicobarensis
Psechrus annulatus Psechridae 125, f. 52-53 (f, misidentified) Psechrus singaporensis
Psechrus argentatus Psechridae 128, f. 1-6, 62-67, 89 (mf, S) Psechrus argentatus
Psechrus borneo Psechridae 126, f. 56-57 (Df) Psechrus borneo
Psechrus crepido Psechridae 123, f. 32-33 (f, misidentified) Psechrus ghecuanus
Psechrus ghecuanus Psechridae 123, f. 29-31 (f, removed from S; not f. 32-33, =P. crepido) Psechrus ghecuanus
Psechrus hartmanni Psechridae 120, f. 23-24 (f, misidentified) Psechrus torvus
Psechrus himalayanus Psechridae 119, f. 7-12 (mf) Psechrus himalayanus
Psechrus kinabalu Psechridae 126, f. 54-55 (Dm) Psechrus kinabalu
Psechrus libelti Psechridae 125, f. 48-51 (mf, misidentified) Psechrus singaporensis
Psechrus marsyandi Psechridae 120, f. 13-15 (Dmf) Psechrus marsyandi
Psechrus mulu Psechridae 128, f. 58-61 (Dmf) Psechrus mulu
Psechrus sinensis Psechridae 123, f. 34-35 (mf, S; N.B.: not j, f. 36-37, not f from Taiwan, f. 38-39, =P. taiwanensis) Psechrus sinensis
Psechrus singaporensis Psechridae 125, f. 40-41, 44-47 (f, Sm, rejected; not f. 42-43, =possibly undescribed species, not f. 48-51, =P. libelti, not f. 52-53, =P. annulatus) Psechrus singaporensis
Psechrus taiwanensis Psechridae 123, f. 38-39 (f, misidentified) Psechrus sinensis
Psechrus tauricornis Psechridae 120, f. 25-26 (f, misidentified) Psechrus torvus
Psechrus torvus Psechridae 120, f. 16-22 (mf; not f. 23-24, =P. hartmanni, not f. 25-26, =P. tauricornis; not f. 27-28, =P. zygon) Psechrus torvus
Psechrus zygon Psechridae 120, f. 27-28 (f, misidentified) Psechrus torvus
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