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Song, D. X. & Hubert, M. (1983). A redescription of the spiders of Beijing described by E. Simon in 1880. Journal of the Huizhou Teachers College 1983(2): 1-23. download pdf


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Alopecosa albostriata Lycosidae 7, f. 17-19 (mf, S, but see Marusik & Buchar, 2004: 153, sub Mustelicosa dimidiata; misidenfied per Marusik, 2018: 284, belongs to a species related to Mustelicosa dimidiata) Alopecosa albostriata
Attulus fasciger Salticidae 14, f. 33-35 (mf) Sitticus fasciger
Attulus niveosignatus Salticidae 14, f. 36 (mf) Sitticus niveosignatus
Callilepis schuszteri Gnaphosidae 16, f. 41-45 (mf) Callilepis schuszteri
Ceratinella plancyi Linyphiidae 3, f. 1-5 (mf) Ceratinella plancyi
Coelotes modestus Agelenidae 6, f. 13-16 (f) Coelotes modestus
Dictis striatipes Scytodidae 2 (S of Scytodes depressa and S. nigrolineata) Scytodes striatipes
Drassodes fugax Gnaphosidae 19, f. 55-57 (mf, S) Drassodes fugax
Gnaphosa sinensis Gnaphosidae 17, f. 46-49 (f) Gnaphosa sinensis
Haplodrassus pugnans Gnaphosidae 17, f. 50-54 (mf, S of Drassodes pseudopugnans) Drassodes pugnans
Iwogumoa plancyi Agelenidae 4, f. 6-9 (Tm from Coras) Coelotes plancyi
Mesiotelus lubricus Liocranidae 14, f. 37-40 (mf) Mesiotelus lubricus
Pardosa multivaga Lycosidae 8, f. 20-23 (mf) Pardosa multivaga
Pireneitega spinivulva Agelenidae 5, f. 10-12 (mf, S) Coelotes spinivulva
Thanatus formicinus Philodromidae 13, f. 32 (m) Thanatus formicinus
Thanatus miniaceus Philodromidae 12, f. 28-31 (mf) Thanatus miniaceus
Xysticus pseudobliteus Thomisidae 10, f. 24-27 (mf, S of Xysticus acerboides, X. bonneti and X. chaffanjoni,  which indirectly includes the later replacement name X. schenkeli for X. bonneti) Ozyptila pseudoblitea
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