Included taxa

Main, B. Y. (1985b). Mygalomorphae. Zoological Catalogue of Australia 3: 1-48. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aname fuscocincta Anamidae 27 (rejected T) Aname fuscocincta
Aname maculata Anamidae 28 (Tf from Ixamatus) Aname maculata
Hadronyche valida Atracidae 41 (S, possibly incorrect, per Gray, 2010: 377) Atrax valida
Migas nitens Migidae 46 (lectotype designation) Migas nitens
Missulena insignis Actinopodidae 10 (S) Missulena insignis
Missulena occatoria Actinopodidae 10 (S) Missulena occatoria
Proshermacha tepperi Anamidae 31 (S of Aname intricata and of Chenistonia auropilosa, both rejected by Harvey et al., 2018: 434) Chenistonia tepperi
Selenocosmia crassipes Theraphosidae 47 (S) Selenocosmia crassipes
Selenocosmia stirlingi Theraphosidae 48 (S) Selenocosmia stirlingi
Synothele parifusca Barychelidae 14 (Tf from Encyocrypta) Synothele parifusca
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