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Prószyński, J. (1987). Atlas rysunków diagnostycznych mniej znanych Salticidae 2. Zeszyty Naukowe Wyższej Szkoly Rolniczo-Pedagogicznej, Siedlcach, 172 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Afraflacilla bipunctata Salticidae 54 (f) Pseudicius bipunctatus
Afraflacilla braunsi Salticidae 52 (m) Icius braunsi
Afraflacilla histrionica Salticidae 81 (f) Pseudicius histrionicus
Afraflacilla risbeci Salticidae 55 (f) Pseudicius risbeci
Afraflacilla spinigera Salticidae 51 (m) Pseudicius spiniger
Afraflacilla tamaricis Salticidae 52-54 (mf) Pseudicius tamaricis
Afraflacilla tamaricis Salticidae 53-54 (f) Pseudicius punctatus
Afrobeata latithorax Salticidae 1 (f) Afrobeata latithorax
Aphirape ancilla Salticidae 23 (f) Euophrys ancilla
Artabrus erythrocephalus Salticidae 2-3 (mf) Artabrus erythrocephalus
Attulus albolineatus Salticidae 85-86 (mf) Sitticus albolineatus
Attulus ammophilus Salticidae 86-87 (mf) Sitticus ammophilus
Attulus ammophilus Salticidae 98 (mf) Sitticus vilis
Attulus ansobicus Salticidae 88-89 (mf) Sitticus ansobicus
Attulus avocator Salticidae 90-92, 97 (mf, S rejected) Sitticus avocator
Attulus damini Salticidae 93 (mf) Sitticus damini
Attulus distinguendus Salticidae 94-95 (mf, S of Sitticus psammodes and S. ruficarpus) Sitticus distinguendus
Attulus dzieduszyckii Salticidae 96 (mf, S of Sitticus rapax) Sitticus dzieduszyckii
Attulus floricola Salticidae 167 (S) Sitticus floricola
Attulus goricus Salticidae 99 (mf) Sitticus goricus
Attulus niveosignatus Salticidae 97 (mf) Sitticus niveosignatus
Attulus pubescens Salticidae 96 (f, S) Sitticus pubescens
Attulus saltator Salticidae 89 (mf) Sitticus saltator
Bacelarella fradei Salticidae 4 (mf) Bacelarella fradei
Baryphas ahenus Salticidae 5 (mf) Baryphas ahenus
Baryphas jullieni Salticidae 6 (m) Baryphas jullieni
Baryphas jullieni Salticidae 80 (f) Polemus chrysochirus
Baviola braueri Salticidae 6-7 (mf) Baviola braueri
Bindax oscitans Salticidae 25 (Tm from Carrhotus) Bindax oscitans
Canama forceps Salticidae 9 (m, S of Bathippus cervus) Canama forceps
Chalcolecta bitaeniata Salticidae 10 (f) Chalcolecta bitaeniata
Chalcolecta dimidiata Salticidae 10 (m) Chalcolecta dimidiata
Chalcoscirtus alpicola Salticidae 13 (Tmf from Euophrys, S) Chalcoscirtus alpicola
Chalcoscirtus carbonarius Salticidae 14 (f) Chalcoscirtus carbonarius
Chalcotropis acutefrenata Salticidae 11 (m, lapsus) Chalcotropis acuteculinatus
Chalcotropis decemstriata Salticidae 12 (m) Chalcotropis decemstriatus
Chalcotropis praeclara Salticidae 11 (m) Chalcotropis praeclarus
Chalcotropis radiata Salticidae 12 (m) Chalcotropis radiatus
Chira guianensis Salticidae 15 (mf) Chira guianensis
Colaxes nitidiventris Salticidae 16 (m) Colaxes nitidiventris
Colyttus bilineatus Salticidae 17 (mf) Colyttus bilineatus
Curubis erratica Salticidae 18 (m) Curubis erratica
Dasycyptus dimus Salticidae 19 (m) Dasycyptus dimus
Dasycyptus dubius Salticidae 19 (f, apparently removed from S of D. dimus, contra Clark, 1974: 15) Dasycyptus dubius
Echinussa imerinensis Salticidae 20 (m) Echinusa imerinensis
Echinussa vibrabunda Salticidae 20 (m) Echinusa vibrabunda
Epidelaxia albostellata Salticidae 22 (m, Df) Epidelaxia albostellata
Euophrys menemerella Salticidae 24 (f) Euophrys menemerellus
Euophrys rufibarbis Salticidae 23, 143 (f, S of Euophrys rufibarbis comptula) Euophrys rufibarbis
Euophrys uphami Salticidae 101 (m, misplaced) Sitticus uphami
Euryattus bleekeri Salticidae 78, 107 (m) Plotius curtus
Evarcha annae Salticidae 39 (f) Habrocestum annae
Evarcha flavocincta Salticidae 26 (T from Plexippus) Evarcha optabilis
Evarcha nigricans Salticidae 38 (m, apparently misclassified) Habrocestum nigricans
Festucula vermiformis Salticidae 27 (f) Festucula vermiformis
Gedea flavogularis Salticidae 27 (m) Gedea flavogularis
Gelotia argenteolimbata Salticidae 28 (m) Gelotia argenteolimbata
Habrocestum algericum Salticidae 29 (m) Habrocestum algericum
Habrocestum bovaei Salticidae 29-30 (m) Habrocestum bovaei
Habrocestum graecum Salticidae 30-31 (m) Habrocestum graecum
Habrocestum ibericum Salticidae 29-30, 34 (mf) Habrocestum ibericum
Habrocestum latifasciatum Salticidae 30, 32-34 (mf) Habrocestum latefasciatum
Habrocestum laurae Salticidae 36 (f) Habrocestum laurae
Habrocestum lepidum Salticidae 29-30 (m) Habrocestum lepidum
Habrocestum ornaticeps Salticidae 32, 34 (mf) Habrocestum ornaticeps
Habrocestum papilionaceum Salticidae 34, 39 (mf) Habrocestum papilionaceum
Habrocestum pullatum Salticidae 35 (f) Habrocestum pullatum
Habrocestum simoni Salticidae 35-36 (mf) Habrocestum simoni
Habrocestum subpenicillatum Salticidae 38 (m, "misclassified") Habrocestum subpenicillatum
Harmochirus brachiatus Salticidae 59, 108 (mf) Harmochirus brachiatus
Harmochirus luculentus Salticidae 59, 108 (m) Harmochirus luculentus
Hasarius pauciaculeis Salticidae 45 (Dm) Hasarius pauciaculeis
Helafricanus decempunctatus Salticidae 57, 151 (f, T from Icius, may be H. trepidus) Heliophanus decempunctatus
Helafricanus minutissimus Salticidae 40 (T from Euophrys) Heliophanus minutissima
Heratemita alboplagiata Salticidae 41-42 (mf) Herathemis alboplagiata
Heratemita chrysozona Salticidae 42 (m) Heratemis chrisozona
Hermotimus coriaceus Salticidae 43 (f) Hermotimus coriaceus
Hispo georgius Salticidae 82-83, 165 (mf, S of Pseudomarengo rufescens) Pseudomarengo inermis
Holcolaetis strandi Salticidae 44 (f) Holcolaetis strandi
Hyllus dotatus Salticidae 37 (f) Habrocestum dotatum
Hyllus duplicidentatus Salticidae 45 (m) Hyllus duplicidentatus
Icius boryi Salticidae 48-49 (f) Icius boryi
Icius congener Salticidae 46 (m, not I. nebulosus as per Roewer) Icius congener
Icius crassipes Salticidae 47 (m) Icius crassipes
Icius dendryphantoides Salticidae 46 (f) Icius dendryphantoides
Icius guyoni Salticidae 23 (m) Icius guyoni
Icius hamatus Salticidae 47-48 (mf; pp. 151-152 treats Araneus striatus Clerck, 1757, which was "nicht zu deuten! (Salticidae?)" for Roewer, as a synonym; if this synonymy is corroborated, Clerck's name would have priority but insufficient usage; see also Bonnet, 1957: 2284, footnote 7, and Alicata & Cantarella, 1994: 116) Icius hamatus
Icius ocellatus Salticidae 56 (f, "apparently misclassified") Icius ocellatus
Indopadilla vimedaba Salticidae 104-105 (mf; misidentified per Maddison et al., 2020b: 58) Stagetillus semiostrinus
Jollas geniculatus Salticidae 58 (m) Jollas geniculatus
Lepidemathis sericea Salticidae 21 (m, Df) Ematholepis sericea
Leptorchestes peresi Salticidae 61 (m) Leptorchestes peresi
Malloneta guineensis Salticidae 62 (m) Malloneta guinensis
Maltecora chrysochlora Salticidae 62 (m) Maltecora chrysochlora
Manzuma nigritibiis Salticidae 1 (Tm from Saitis) Aelurillus nigritibiis
Menemerus fulvus Salticidae 155 (Tmf from Hasarius, S) Menemerus fulvus
Microhasarius pauperculus Salticidae 67 (f) Microhasarius pauperculus
Modunda aeneiceps Salticidae 9 (Tf from Modunda) Bianor aeneiceps
Modunda staintoni Salticidae 63-64 (mf) Modunda phragmitis
Mogrus bonneti Salticidae 65-66 (mf; m of Denis = M. fulvovittatus, contra Denis, 1955b: 123, who regarded M. bonneti as a junior synonym of M. dalmasi) Mogrus bonneti
Mogrus semicanus Salticidae 67 (f) Mogrus semicanus
Myrmarachne lugubris Salticidae 26, 157 (f, S) Myrmarachne lugubris
Nandicius frigidus Salticidae 56 (f) Icius frigidus
Nannenus syrphus Salticidae 69-70 (mf) Nanneus syrphus
Naphrys pulex Salticidae 13 (m; "apparently Euophrys") Habrocestum pulex
Nigorella albimana Salticidae 71-72 (m, T from Euophrys, f see Nigorella plebeja, S of P. albimana, rejected by Wesołowska, 2009c: 519; misidentified per Wesołowska, 2009c: 519) Pachypoessa plebeja
Nigorella plebeja Salticidae 14 (= f of Euophrys plebeja L. Koch, 1875; misidentified per Wesołowska, 2009c: 519) Hasarius adansoni
Okinawicius delesserti Salticidae 50 (m) Pseudicius delesserti
Okinawicius modestus Salticidae 56 (f) Pseudicius modestus
Orcevia perakensis Salticidae 60 (f) Laufeia perakensis
Orienticius vulpes Salticidae 151-152 (S of Icius breviaculeis) Icius vulpes
Orsima constricta Salticidae 70 (m) Orisima constricta
Pachyballus gambeyi Salticidae 73 (m) Pachyballus gambeyi
Pachypoessa lacertosa Salticidae 73 (m) Pachypoessa lacertosa
Padilla cornuta Salticidae 74 (mf; N.B.: the transfer of this species from Icius by Peckham & Peckham, 1894 was omitted by Bonnet; listed under both generic names as "nicht zu deuten!" in Roewer) Padilla cornuta
Padillothorax casteti Salticidae 78 (f) Piranthus casteti
Panachraesta paludosa Salticidae 74 (f) Panachraesta paludosa
Pellenes minimus Salticidae 75 (Tm from Icius) Pellenes minimus
Pellenes univittatus Salticidae 44 (f) Pellenes univittatus
Phausina flavofrenata Salticidae 75 (m) Phausina flavofrenata
Philates grammicus Salticidae 76 (mf) Philates grammicus
Phintella arenicolor Salticidae 151, 161, 168 (S of Phintella difficilis and Sitticus pallicolor) Phintella melloteei
Phintella linea Salticidae 152, 161 Phintella linea
Phintelloides versicolor Salticidae 152, 161 Phintella versicolor
Phlegra tetralineata Salticidae 77 (Tf from Menemerus) Phlegra tetralineata
Pilia saltabunda Salticidae 77 (m) Pilia saltabunda
Plexippoides gestroi Salticidae 60 (Tmf from Habrocestum) Plexippoides gestroi
Plexippus paykulli Salticidae 25 (f; "=Plexippus sp.") Euophrys vetusta
Plexippus paykulli Salticidae 80 (mf) Plexippus paykulli
Plexippus petersi Salticidae 80 (mf) Plexippus petersi
Pochyta spinosa Salticidae 79 (f) Pochyta spinosa
Poessa argenteofrenata Salticidae 79 (m) Poessa argenteofrenata
Pristobaeus jocosus Salticidae 81, 4 f. (m) Pristobaeus jocosus
Pseudeuophrys obsoleta Salticidae 24 (f) Euophrys confusa
Pseudicius africanus Salticidae 53 (f) Pseudicius africanus
Pseudicius badius Salticidae 50 (m) Pseudicius badius
Rafalus insignipalpis Salticidae 37 (f) Habrocestum insignipalpe
Rhene ipis Salticidae 83 (m) Rhene ipis
Rudakius cinctus Salticidae 49 (m) Icius cinctus
Servaea incana Salticidae 105 (mf) Servaea vestita
Simaetha tenuidens Salticidae 167 (S of Simaetha tenuidens) Simaetha tenuidens
Spadera unica Salticidae 51 (m) Pseudicius unicus
Spilargis ignicolor Salticidae 102 (mf) Spilargis ignicolor
Stagetillus opaciceps Salticidae 103 (m) Stagetillus opaciceps
Tarne dives Salticidae 106 (f) Tarne dives
Telamonia jolensis Salticidae 3 (m) Artabrus jolensis
Thyene blaisei Salticidae 8 (m) Brancus blaisei
Thyene bucculenta Salticidae 109-110 (m) Thyene bucculenta
Thyene hesperia Salticidae 68 (mf; not conspecific with Paramodunda thyenioides Lessert, 1925, contra Clark, 1974) Thyene hesperia
Thyene imperialis Salticidae 109-110 (m) Thyene imperialis
Thyene inflata Salticidae 109-110 (mf) Thyene inflata
Thyene mutica Salticidae 7 (m) Brancus muticus
Thyene natalii Salticidae 113 (Df) Thyene strandi
Thyene semiargentea Salticidae 111-112 (mf) Thyene semiargentea
Thyene splendida Salticidae 109-110 (m) Thyene splendida
Thyene striatipes Salticidae 113-114 (Tmf from Paramodunda; if transfer is correct a new name will be needed as specific name is preoccupied by T. bilineata striatipes Lawrence, 1927) Thyene striatipes
Thyenula juvenca Salticidae 61 (f) Klamathia flava
Thyenula juvenca Salticidae 101 (m, Df) Thyenula juvenca
Tusitala discibulba Salticidae 115 (m) Tusitala discibulba
Udvardya elegans Salticidae 116-117 (mf, in generic nomen nudum) Udvardya elegans
Uroballus octovittatus Salticidae 107-108 (mf) Uroballus octovittatus
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