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Rudakius cinctus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1885)

  • Rank: Species (Genus type)
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2020-07-10
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Azerbaijan, Iran, Central Asia to China
Type deposit: provide information
Taxonomic references
Menemerus cinctus O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1885b: 99 (Dm).
Menemerus incertus O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1885b: 100 (Df).
Pseudicius vittatus Simon, 1889l: 374 (Dmf).
Pseudicius rufovittatus Spassky, 1952: 205, f. 7, 9 (Dmf).
Pseudicius rufovittatus Andreeva, 1976: 90, f. 125-126 (f).
Pseudicius rufovittatus Prószyński, 1979: 316, f. 271-275 (m).
Pseudicius cinctus Prószyński & Zochowska, 1981: 26, f. 19-24 (mf, T from Menemerus, S of Pseudicius rufovittatus).
Icius cinctus Andreeva, Hęciak & Prószyński, 1984: 351, f. 20, 23, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 41 (mf).
Pseudicius vittatus Nenilin, 1984a: 28 (S of Pseudicius rufovittatus).
Pseudicius cinctus Nenilin, 1984b: 1177 (S of Rudakius cinctus).
Icius cinctus Prószyński, 1987: 49 (m).
Icius cinctus Zhou & Song, 1988: 8, f. 10a-e (mf).
Icius cinctus Hu & Wu, 1989: 374, f. 292.1-3, 293.1-4, 284.1-4 (mf).
Icius cinctus Zhao, 1993: 399, f. 202a-c (mf).
Pseudicius cinctus Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999: 542, f. 311Q-R, 313F-G (mf).
Pseudicius cinctus Tabrizi, Rad & Hedayati, 2014: 37, f. 2K-L, 4J-K (f).
Rudakius cinctus Prószyński, 2016: 23, f. 8F-I (Tmf from Pseudicius).
Rudakius cinctus Prószyński, 2017b: 42, f. 19J (mf).
Pseudicius cinctus Peng, 2020: 362, f. 260a-d (mf).

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Edit history
Date Type Reference Detail
2020-07-10 New taxonomic reference entry Peng, 2020 n/a
2017-09-20 New taxonomic reference entry Prószyński, 2017b n/a
2017-02-11 Species distribution update Dunin, 1984a n/a (Old value)
2016-11-11 New taxonomic reference entry Prószyński, 2016 n/a
2016-11-11 Species transferred to new genus Prószyński, 2016 Species transferred from Pseudicius to Rudakius
2015-02-16 New taxonomic reference entry Tabrizi, Rad & Hedayati, 2014 n/a
2015-02-16 Species distribution update Tabrizi, Rad & Hedayati, 2014 n/a (Old value)