Included taxa

Yoshikura, M. (1987). The biology of spiders. Japan Scientific Societies Press, Tokyo, 613 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Araneus pinguis Araneidae 298, f. 37.6A (m) Araneus pinguis
Araneus ventricosus Araneidae 151, f. 20.5B (f) Araneus ventricosus
Argyrodes bonadea Theridiidae 266, f. 35.1 (m) Argyrodes bonadea
Atypus karschi Atypidae 148, f. 20.3B, 20.12 (mf) Atypus karschi
Cheiracanthium japonicum Cheiracanthiidae 151, f. 20.6A-B, 20.14 (mf) Cheiracanthium japonicum
Conothele fragaria Halonoproctidae 148, f. 20.3C (f) Ummidia fragaria
Dictis striatipes Scytodidae 267, f. 35.2B (f) Scytodes striatipes
Dolomedes fimbriatus Pisauridae 152, f. 20.7 (f) Dolomedes fimbriatus
Dysdera crocata Dysderidae 153, f. 20.20A-B (m) Dysdera crocata
Heptathela kimurai Heptathelidae 148, f. 20.3A, 20.14, 35.2A (mf) Heptathela kimurai
Loxosceles rufescens Sicariidae 155, f. 20.9 (m) Loxosceles rufescens
Neriene longipedella Linyphiidae 151, f. 20.5A, 20.13 (mf) Linyphia longipedella
Oxyopes sertatus Oxyopidae 268, f. 35.3 (f) Oxyopes sertatus
Peucetia viridans Oxyopidae 298, f. 37.6B (m) Peucetia viridans
Porrhothele antipodiana Porrhothelidae 156, f. 20.11 (m) Porrhothele antipodiana
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