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Ono, H. (1988c). A revisional study of the spider family Thomisidae (Arachnida, Araneae) of Japan. National Science Museum, Tokyo, 252 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alcimochthes limbatus Thomisidae 46, f. 34-45 (mf) Alcimochthes limbatus
Bassaniana floridana Thomisidae 74 (Tmf from Coriarachne) Bassaniana floridana
Bassaniana utahensis Thomisidae 74 (Tmf from Coriarachne) Bassaniana utahensis
Bassaniana versicolor Thomisidae 74 (Tmf from Coriarachne) Bassaniana versicolor
Coriarachne fulvipes Thomisidae 70, f. 55-61 (mf) Coriarachne fulvipes
Diaea placata Thomisidae 35 (listed twice by Roewer, in D. and Dieta=Oxytate) Diaea placata
Diaea subdola Thomisidae 158, f. 163-168 (mf) Misumenops japonicus
Ebrechtella tricuspidata Thomisidae 162, f. 169-174 (mf) Misumenops tricuspidatus
Epidius typicus Thomisidae 21, f. 6-10 (f) Cupa typica
Heriaeus mellotteei Thomisidae 172, f. 175-179 (mf) Heriaeus mellottei
Loxobates castetsi Thomisidae 35 (Tf from Oxytate) Loxobates castetsi
Loxobates daitoensis Thomisidae 42, f. 27-33 (Dmf) Loxobates daitoensis
Loxobates kapuri Thomisidae 42 (Tf from Dieta=Oxytate) Loxobates kapuri
Lysiteles coronatus Thomisidae 133 (S of Lysiteles nigrifrons and L. sapporensis) Lysiteles coronatus
Lysiteles maius Thomisidae 137 (contends specific name was a noun in apposition, but the word is a neuter comparative adjective, per H. D. Cameron) Lysiteles maius
Lysiteles miniatus Thomisidae 142, f. 145-147 (Dm) Lysiteles miniatus
Lysiteles okumae Thomisidae 140, f. 142-144 (Dm) Lysiteles okumae
Misumena lutea Thomisidae 209 (incertae sedis, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Misumena lutea
Misumena saitoi Thomisidae 209 (incertae sedis, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Misumena saitoi
Misumena vatia Thomisidae 176, f. 180-185 (mf) Misumena vatia
Monaeses pachpediensis Thomisidae 68 (Tf from Tmarus) Monaeses pachpediensis
Musaeus politus Thomisidae 35 (Tm from Oxytate) Musaeus politus
Ozyptila matsumotoi Thomisidae 129, f. 135-140 (Dmf) Ozyptila matsumotoi
Ozyptila sincera Thomisidae 127, f. 131-134 (mf; considers O. s. oraria Dondale & Redner, 1975 to be a separate species) Ozyptila sincera
Philodromus auricomus Philodromidae 211 (S of Diaea subadulta) Philodromus auricomus
Phrynarachne ceylonica Thomisidae 25, f. 11-17 (mf, S of Phrynarachne nigra) Phrynarachne ceylonica
Phrynarachne honshiensis Thomisidae 211 (nomen nudum; as Kishida, in Uyemura, 1935, Kishu Doshokubutsu, Shirahama, 2(2), p. 27; but there is no paper of Uyemura, 1935 in the WSC) Phrynarachne honshiensis
Phrynarachne katoi Thomisidae 28, f. 18-26 (f, Dm) Phrynarachne katoi
Psammitis albidus Thomisidae 87, f. 75-77 (f) Xysticus albidus
Psammitis daisetsuzanus Thomisidae 85, f. 70-74 (Dmf) Xysticus daisetsuzanus
Pycnaxis truciformis Thomisidae 153, f. 159-162 (mf) Takachihoa truciformis
Runcinia acuminata Thomisidae 190, f. 193-198 (f, Dm) Runcinia acuminata
Runcinia insecta Thomisidae 186, f. 187-192 (mf) Runcinia albostriata
Spiracme vachoni Thomisidae 81, f. 62-64 (m) Xysticus jacuticus
Synema globosum Thomisidae 146, f. 148-158 (mf, S of Diaea kochi, D. nitida, D. nitidula, Synema globosum daghestanicum and S. japonicum) Synema globosum
Thomisus kitamurai Thomisidae 200, f. 209-214 (m, Df) Thomisus kitamurai
Thomisus labefactus Thomisidae 196, f. 200-208 (mf, S) Thomisus labefactus
Thomisus okinawensis Thomisidae 203, f. 215-224 (f, Sm) Thomisus okinawensis
Tmarus makiharai Thomisidae 65, f. 51-53 (Dm) Tmarus makiharai
Tmarus punctatissimus Thomisidae 57, f. 46-47 (f) Tmarus hanrasanensis
Tmarus yaginumai Thomisidae 62, f. 48-50 (Df) Tmarus yaginumai
Xysticus atrimaculatus Thomisidae 98-100 (includes f of X. bifurcus, rejected) Xysticus atrimaculatus
Xysticus audax Thomisidae 117, f. 121-126 (mf) Xysticus audax
Xysticus cetrariae Thomisidae 209 (incertae sedis, impossible to recognize, probably S of X. croceus or X. ephippiatus, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Xysticus cetrariae
Xysticus concretus Thomisidae 100, f. 90-91 (m) Xysticus dichotomus
Xysticus croceus Thomisidae 89, f. 79-82 (mf, S of Xysticus sujatai) Xysticus croceus
Xysticus ephippiatus Thomisidae 93, f. 83-88 (mf, S of Xysticus transsibiricus and X. tunicatus) Xysticus ephippiatus
Xysticus hedini Thomisidae 121, f. 127-129 (m; Paik's f = X. saganus; true f was illustrated by Ono, 1985a) Xysticus bifidus
Xysticus insulicola Thomisidae 102, f. 92-95 (mf, Sm of Xysticus bifurcus) Xysticus insulicola
Xysticus kurilensis Thomisidae 113, f. 112-120 (mf) Xysticus kurilensis
Xysticus mojensis Thomisidae 209 (incertae sedis, species dubia, probably S of X. insulicola, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Xysticus mojensis
Xysticus rostratus Thomisidae 82, f. 65-69 (Dmf) Xysticus rostratus
Xysticus saganus Thomisidae 107, f. 99-104 (mf; includes f of X. bifidus; not a senior synonym of X. tunicatus) Xysticus saganus
Xysticus transversomaculatus Thomisidae 105, f. 96-98 (f) Xysticus transversomaculatus
Xysticus trizonatus Thomisidae 111, f. 105-111 (Dmf; used the former nomen nudum) Xysticus trizonatus
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