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Runcinia acuminata (Thorell, 1881)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
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  • Distribution: Bangladesh to Japan, New Guinea, Australia
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  • Syntype: Zoologisches Museum Hamburg (ZMH), Hamburg, Germany (data base search of type material, 11.02.2019); 2f (A0000148), f (A0000149) of Misumena elongata L. Koch, 1874
Taxonomic references
Misumena elongata L. Koch, 1874a: 529, pl. 40, f. 5 (Df, preoccupied in Runcinia).
Pistius acuminatus Thorell, 1881: 333 (N.B.: may be a junior S of R. insecta (L. Koch, 1875), per Lehtinen, 2004: 175).
Runcinia elongata Simon, 1909e: 141.
Runcinia acuminata Chrysanthus, 1964: 99, f. 51-54 (f).
Runcinia albostriata Hu, 1984: 334, f. 350 (f, misidentified).
Runcinia acuminata Ono, 1988c: 190, f. 193-198 (f, Dm).
Runcinia acuminata Chikuni, 1989b: 139, f. 9 (mf).
Runcinia acuminata Okuma et al., 1993: 67, f. 57 (f).
Runcinia acuminata Barrion & Litsinger, 1995: 225, f. 130a-h (mf).
Runcinia acuminata Song & Zhu, 1997: 160, f. 112A-F (mf).
Runcinia acuminata Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999: 485, f. 281G, N (mf).
Runcinia acuminata Lehtinen, 2004: 175, f. 23, 55, 66 (mf).
Runcinia acuminata Ono, 2009a: 528, f. 316-320 (mf).
Runcinia acuminata Zhu & Zhang, 2011: 453, f. 325A-F (mf).

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