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┼╗abka, M. (1988). Salticidae (Araneae) of Oriental, Australian and Pacific regions, III. Annales Zoologici, Warszawa 41(14): 421-479. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ascyltus divinus Salticidae 424, f. 1-9 (f, Sm) Ascyltus divinus
Bathippus kochi Salticidae 427, f. 10-14 (m, T from Canama; N.B.: omitted by Roewer and Bonnet) Bathippus kochi
Bavia aericeps Salticidae 432, f. 29-36 (mf) Bavia aericeps
Bavia capistrata Salticidae 435, f. 37-39 (m, removed from S of Evarcha flavocincta) Bavia capistrata
Bavia sexpunctata Salticidae 436, f. 40-45 (mf) Bavia sexpunctata
Bianor angulosus Salticidae 442, f. 56-58 (f, T from Simaetha) Bianor angulosus
Chrysilla volupe Salticidae 465, f. 122-125 (m, T from Attus = Salticus) Phintella volupe
Colyttus striatus Salticidae 451, f. 84-86 (m) Donoessus striatus
Corambis insignipes Salticidae 443, f. 59-61 (f) Corambis insignipes
Cosmophasis thalassina Salticidae 444, f. 62-63 (m) Cosmophasis thalassina
Curubis annulata Salticidae 445, f. 64-66 (m) Curubis annulata
Curubis tetrica Salticidae 446, f. 67-70 (m) Curubis tetrica
Cynapes wrighti Salticidae 446, f. 71-73 (m) Cynapes wrighti
Cytaea aspera Salticidae 476, f. 151-157 (mf, removed from nomen dubium in Attus = Salticus, S of Euryattus senex) Zenodorus asper
Ergane benjarei Salticidae 454, f. 87-90 (m) Ergane benjarei
Euryattus bleekeri Salticidae 454, f. 91-92 (f, S of Plotius curtus) Euryattus bleekeri
Hyllus diardi Salticidae 458, f. 97-98 (f) Hyllus diardi
Hyllus diardi Salticidae 458, f. 99-100 (m) Hyllus janthinus
Indopadilla annamita Salticidae 438, f. 46-51 (m, Df) "Bavia" annamita
Indopadilla thorelli Salticidae 440, f. 52-55 (m) Bavia thorelli
Lepidemathis haemorrhoidalis Salticidae 459, f. 101-104 (m, Df) Lepidemathis haemorrhoidalis
Lystrocteisa myrmex Salticidae 460, f. 105-109 (m) Lystrocteisa myrmex
Margaromma soligena Salticidae 462, f. 110-113 (m, Df) Margaromma soligenum
Nungia hatamensis Salticidae 448, f. 74-79 (Tmf from Opisthoncus) Diplocanthopoda hatamensis
Ohilimia albomaculata Salticidae 450, f. 80-83 (m, S of Ohilimia gracilipes) Discocnemius coccineopilosus
Parabathippus sedatus Salticidae 427, f. 15-21 (mf) Bathippus sedatus
Parabathippus shelfordi Salticidae 431, f. 22-28 (m, Sf) Bathippus shelfordi
Penionomus longipalpis Salticidae 463, f. 114-119 (m, Df) Penionomus longipalpis
Phintella reinhardti Salticidae 465, f. 120-121 (Tf from Chrysilla) Phintella reinhardti
Pseudomaevia insulana Salticidae 467, f. 126-128 (f) Pseudomaevia insulana
Rhondes neocaledonicus Salticidae 456, f. 93-96 (m) Hasarius neocaledonicus
Tamigalesus munnaricus Salticidae 468, f. 129-133 (Dmf) Tamigalesus munnaricus
Telamonia festiva Salticidae 470 (S of Bathippus trinotatus) Telamonia festiva
Thorelliola ensifera Salticidae 470, f. 134-136 (m) Thorelliola ensifera
Trite auricoma Salticidae 474, f. 145-150 (mf) Trite auricoma
Trite pennata Salticidae 471, f. 137-141 (m, Df) Trite pennata
Trite planiceps Salticidae 473, f. 142-144 (f) Trite planiceps
Genus Family Page
Tamigalesus ┼╗abka, 1988 Salticidae 468