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Davies, V. T. & ┼╗abka, M. (1989). Illustrated keys to the genera of jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) in Australia. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 27: 189-266. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Adoxotoma nigroolivacea Salticidae 220, pl. 27 (f) Adoxotoma nigroolivacea
Apricia bracteata Salticidae 256, pl. 57 (mf, considered misplaced) Menemerus bracteatus
Apricia jovialis Salticidae 256, pl. 58 (mf; f. of male palp =Pungalina plurilineata, per Richardson, 2016: 545) Breda jovialis
Arasia mollicoma Salticidae 206, pl. 16 (mf) Arasia mollicoma
Astia hariola Salticidae 206, pl. 14 (mf) Astia hariola
Bavia aericeps Salticidae 206, pl. 13 (mf) Bavia aericeps
Bianor maculatus Salticidae 246, pl. 47 (mf) Bianor maculatus
Canama hinnulea Salticidae 220, pl. 29 (Tm from Bathippus, Df) Canama hinnuleus
Clynotis severus Salticidae 256, pl. 56 (mf) Clynotis viduus
Cocalus gibbosus Salticidae 194, pl. 4 (m, Df) Cocalus gibbosus
Coccorchestes ferreus Salticidae 230, pl. 33 (f, Dm) Coccorchestes ferreus
Copocrossa tenuilineata Salticidae 200, pl. 12 (f) Copocrossa tenuilineata
Cyrba ocellata Salticidae 194, pl. 6 (mf) Cyrba ocellata
Cytaea alburna Salticidae 220, pl. 30 (mf) Cytaea alburna
Damoetas nitidus Salticidae 200, pl. 11 (m, Df) Damoetas nitidus
Ergane cognata Salticidae 214, pl. 24 (m) Ergane cognata
Euryattus bleekeri Salticidae 220, pl. 32 (mf) Euryattus bleekeri
Evarcha longula Salticidae 250, pl. 54 (m, Df, considered misplaced) Trite longula
Frigga crocuta Salticidae 246, pl. 50 (mf) Frigga crocuta
Harmochirus brachiatus Salticidae 214, pl. 22 (mf) Harmochirus brachiatus
Hasarius adansoni Salticidae 220, pl. 28 (mf) Hasarius adansoni
Helpis minitabunda Salticidae 206, pl. 18 (mf) Helpis minitabunda
Holoplatys planissima Salticidae 256, pl. 61 (mf) Holoplatys planissima
Hypoblemum griseum Salticidae 240, pl. 42 (mf) [see Otto, Hill & Whyte, 2019: 4] Hypoblemum sp.
Hypoblemum scutulatum Salticidae 239, pl. 41 (mf) [see Otto, Hill & Whyte, 2019: 36] Lycidas sp.
Jacksonoides kochi Salticidae 206, pl. 17 (mf) Jacksonoides kochi
Jotus auripes Salticidae 238, pl. 46 (Tm from Lycidas) Jotus auripes
Ligonipes lacertosus Salticidae 200, pl. 8A (f) Ligonipes lacertosus
Ligonipes semitectus Salticidae 200, pl. 8B (f) Ligonipes semitectus
Maratus michaelseni Salticidae 238, pl. 45 (f, Dm, considered misplaced) Lycidas michaelseni
Margaromma funestum Salticidae 230, pl. 38 (f; Keyserling's m is misplaced) Margaromma funestum
Menemerus bivittatus Salticidae 250, pl. 55 (mf) Menemerus bivittatus
Mintonia tauricornis Salticidae 194, pl. 5 (m; also unidentified f from Queensland) Mintonia tauricornis
Mopsus mormon Salticidae 250, pl. 51 (m, Df) Mopsus mormon
Myrmarachne bicolor Salticidae 203, f. 10 (m only) Myrmarachne spp.
Myrmarachne luctuosa Salticidae 203, f. 10 (f only) Myrmarachne spp.
Ocrisiona leucocomis Salticidae 256, pl. 62 (mf) Ocrisiona leucocomis
Opisthoncus parcedentatus Salticidae 214, pl. 23 (mf) Opisthoncus parcedentatus
Paraphilaeus daemeli Salticidae 256, pl. 60 (m, Df, considered misplaced) Trite daemeli
Plexippus paykulli Salticidae 246, pl. 49 (mf) Plexippus paykulli
Portia fimbriata Salticidae 194, pl. 3 (mf) Portia fimbriata
Pristobaeus beccarii Salticidae 230, pl. 39 (mf) Palpelius beccarii
Prostheclina bulburin Salticidae 238, pl. 44 (Tmf from Saitis per Roewer; misidentified) Prostheclina pallida
Pungalina albobarbata Salticidae 256, pl. 59 (mf, considered misplaced) Clynotis albobarbatus
Rhombonotus gracilis Salticidae 200, pl. 9 (mf, removed from S of Ligonipes illustris Karsch, 1878) Rhombonotus gracilis
Salpesia squalida Salticidae 238, pl. 43 (mf, considered misplaced) Salpesia squalida
Sandalodes bipenicillatus Salticidae 250, pl. 52 (m, Df) Sandalodes bipenicillatus
Servaea vestita Salticidae 220, pl. 31 (mf) Servaea vestita
Simaetha thoracica Salticidae 220, pl. 25 (mf) Simaetha thoracica
Sondra nepenthicola Salticidae 206, pl. 19 (mf) Sondra nepenthicola
Tara anomala Salticidae 214, pl. 20 (m) Tara anomala
Tauala lepidus Salticidae 206, pl. 15 (mf) Tauala lepidus
Thyene concinna Salticidae 250, pl. 53 (mf) Gangus concinnus
Zenodorus durvillei Salticidae 230, pl. 35 (mf) Zenodorus durvillei
Zenodorus metallescens Salticidae 230, pl. 36 (mf) Zenodorus metallescens
Zenodorus obscurofemoratus Salticidae 230 (Tf from Pystira) Zenodorus obscurofemoratus
Zenodorus orbiculatus Salticidae 230, pl. 37 (Tmf from Pystira) Zenodorus orbiculatus
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