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Levy, G. (1989). The family of huntsman spiders in Israel with annotations on species of the Middle East (Araneae: Sparassidae). Journal of Zoology, London 217(1): 127-176. doi:10.1111/j.1469-7998.1989.tb02480.x download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cebrennus castaneitarsis Sparassidae 159, f. 94-99 (mf, S) Cebrennus castaneitarsis
Cebrennus concolor Sparassidae 144 (T from Cerbalus) Cerbalopsis concolor
Cebrennus kochi Sparassidae 155, f. 84-93 (mf) Cebrennus kochi
Cerbalus negebensis Sparassidae 148, f. 60-70 (Dm) Cerbalus negebensis
Cerbalus nigropatellatus Sparassidae 141 (T from Marmarica, unidentifiable juvenile) Cerbalus nigropatellatus
Cerbalus pellitus Sparassidae 142, f. 56-59 (m) Cerbalus pellitus
Cerbalus psammodes Sparassidae 144, f. 39-49 (Dmf) Cerbalus psammodes
Cerbalus pulcherrimus Sparassidae 142, f. 50-55 (mf, S) Cerbalus pulcherrimus
Eusparassus atlanticus Sparassidae 137, f. 22-23 (f, misidentified) Sparassus syrticus
Eusparassus dufouri Sparassidae 138, f. 20 (f) Sparassus dufouri
Eusparassus fuscimanus Sparassidae 137, f. 27 (f) Sparassus fuscimanus
Eusparassus letourneuxi Sparassidae 137, f. 24-26 (f) Sparassus letourneuxi
Eusparassus oculatus Sparassidae 136, f. 28-29 (f) Sparassus oculatus
Eusparassus oraniensis Sparassidae 137, f. 21 (f, elevated from subspecies) Sparassus oraniensis
Eusparassus potanini Sparassidae 134 (T from Heteropoda, may be S of E. walckenaeri) Sparassus nanjianensis
Eusparassus syrticus Sparassidae 137, f. 22-23 (f, elevated from subspecies of E. dufouri, misidentified, =E. atlanticus) Sparassus syrticus
Eusparassus walckenaeri Sparassidae 132, f. 3-18 (mf, S of Heteropoda civilis, Sparassus cognatus, S. fontanieri, S. kronebergi, S. tersus and S. validus; S. kronebergi revalidated by Moradmand & J├Ąger, 2012a: 2466) Sparassus walckenaeri
Heteropoda variegata Sparassidae 172, f. 126-139 (mf) Heteropoda variegata
Micrommata formosa Sparassidae 165, f. 100-114 (mf, S of Micrommata ophthalmica, after Simon, 1897a: 62) Micrommata formosum
Micrommata ligurina Sparassidae 168, f. 115-125 (mf) Micrommata ligurinum
Olios argelasius Sparassidae 152, f. 82-83 (mf) Olios argelasius
Olios pictus Sparassidae 138, f. 30-38 (f) Nonianus pictus
Olios suavis Sparassidae 152, f. 71-81 (mf, T from Eusparassus, removed from nomen dubium, S of Olios impediens) Olios suavis
Pseudomicrommata longipes Sparassidae 163 (Tm from Micrommata, Sf, rejected) Pseudomicrommata longipes
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