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Smith, A. M. (1990c). Baboon spiders: Tarantulas of Africa and the Middle East. Fitzgerald Publishing, London, pp. 1-142. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anoploscelus celeripes Theraphosidae 21, f. 1-12 (Tm from Phoneyusa) Anoploscelus celeripes
Anoploscelus lesserti Theraphosidae 22 (Tf from Phoneyusa) Anoploscelus lesserti
Batesiella crinita Theraphosidae 23, f. 13-27 (Tf from Encyocrates) Batesiella crinita
Brachionopus robustus Theraphosidae 66, f. 304-317 (f) Brachionopus robustus
Ceratogyrus darlingi Theraphosidae 70, f. 317a-330a (m) Ceratogyrus bechuanicus
Ceratogyrus darlingi Theraphosidae 73, f. 347, 351-355 (m, misidentified) Ceratogyrus dolichocephalus
Ceratogyrus darlingi Theraphosidae 71, f. 331-342 (mf) Ceratogyrus darlingi
Ceratogyrus dolichocephalus Theraphosidae 73, f. 343-346, 348-350 (f, not m, =C. bechuanicus) Ceratogyrus dolichocephalus
Ceratogyrus dolichocephalus Theraphosidae 75, f. 366-376j (mf, misidentified) Coelogenium pillansi
Ceratogyrus hillyardi Theraphosidae 77, f. 365a-365k (Df) Coelogenium hillyardi
Ceratogyrus marshalli Theraphosidae 74, f. 356-365 (m, Df) Ceratogyrus marshalli
Ceratogyrus meridionalis Theraphosidae 97, f. 525-534 (m) Pterinochilus meridionalis
Chaetopelma concolor Theraphosidae 116, f. 702-705 (m) Cratorrhagus concolor
Chaetopelma olivaceum Theraphosidae 109, f. 601-616 (m, misidentified) Chaetopelma adenense
Chaetopelma olivaceum Theraphosidae 110, f. 617-631 (m) Chaetopelma aegyptiacum
Chaetopelma olivaceum Theraphosidae 113, f. 652-668 (mf) Chaetopelma olivaceum
Chaetopelma olivaceum Theraphosidae 114, f. 669-685 (mf) Chaetopelma shabati
Chaetopelma olivaceum Theraphosidae 127, f. 787-802 (Df) Ischnocolus gracilis
Chaetopelma olivaceum Theraphosidae 130, f. 830-846 (Df) [] Ischnocolus jerusalemensis
Chaetopelma webborum Theraphosidae 115, f. 686-701 (Df; N.B.: patronym for Ann and Frank Webb) Chaetopelma webbi
Encyocrates raffrayi Theraphosidae 26, f. 38-50 (m) Encyocrates raffrayi
Eucratoscelus constrictus Theraphosidae 78, f. 386-395 (f) Eucratoscelus longiceps
Eucratoscelus constrictus Theraphosidae 102, f. 581-590 (m) Pterinochilus spinifer
Eumenophorus clementsi Theraphosidae 27, f. 51-65 (f) Eumenophorus clementsi
Eumenophorus murphyorum Theraphosidae 28, f. 66-80 (Dmf; N.B.: patronym for John and Frances Murphy, 'lapsus calami' per ICZN Article 32.5.1., see FAQ 6) Eumenophorus murphyi
Euphrictus spinosus Theraphosidae 136, f. 883-891 (m) Euphrictus spinosus
Harpactira atra Theraphosidae 80, f. 396-407 (mf) Harpactira atra
Harpactira baviana Theraphosidae 81, f. 407a (m) Harpactira baviana
Harpactira chrysogaster Theraphosidae 81, f. 408-420 (m) Harpactira chrysogaster
Harpactira curator Theraphosidae 83, f. 421-430 (f) Harpactira curator
Harpactira hamiltoni Theraphosidae 85, f. 446-455 (m) Harpactira hamiltoni
Harpactira tigrina Theraphosidae 88, f. 472-483 (mf) Harpactira tigrina
Harpactirella lapidaria Theraphosidae 90, f. 486 (m) Harpactirella lapidaria
Harpactirella longipes Theraphosidae 91, f. 487 (m) Harpactirella longipes
Harpactirella spinosa Theraphosidae 91, f. 488 (m) Harpactirella spinosa
Heteroscodra crassipes Theraphosidae 30, f. 81-91 (m) Heterscodra crassipes
Heterothele affinis Theraphosidae 117, f. 706-716 (m) Heterothele affinis
Heterothele gabonensis Theraphosidae 118, f. 717-720 (mf) Heterothele gabonensis
Heterothele hullwilliamsi Theraphosidae 119, f. 721-739 (Dm; N.B.: patronym for Vincent Hull-Williams) Heterothele hullwilliamsoni
Heterothele ogbunikia Theraphosidae 120, f. 740-757 (Df) Heterothele ogbunikia
Heterothele spinipes Theraphosidae 121, f. 758-777 (m) Heterothele spinipes
Hysterocrates apostolicus Theraphosidae 33, f. 97-104 (mf) Hysterocrates apostolicus
Hysterocrates celerierae Theraphosidae 49, f. 222-230 (Df; N.B.: patronym for Marie-Louise Célérier, 'lapsus calami' per ICZN Article 32.5.1., see FAQ 6) Phoneyusa celerieri
Hysterocrates crassipes Theraphosidae 34, f. 105-112 (m) Hysterocrates crassipes
Hysterocrates efuliensis Theraphosidae 50, f. 233-243 (Df; N.B.: spelled efuliensus in species heading but correct elsewhere) Phoneyusa efuliensis
Hysterocrates gigas Theraphosidae 34, f. 119-133 (mf) Hysterocrates gigas
Hysterocrates hercules Theraphosidae 36, f. 134-141 (f) Hysterocrates hercules
Hysterocrates laticeps Theraphosidae 37, f. 142-157 (mf) Hysterocrates laticeps
Hysterocrates robustus Theraphosidae 39, f. 158-165 (f) Hysterocrates robustus
Hysterocrates scepticus Theraphosidae 39, f. 165a-h (f) Hysterocrates scepticus
Idiothele nigrofulva Theraphosidae 94, f. 491-503 (mf) Pterinochilus crassispina
Idiothele nigrofulva Theraphosidae 100, f. 554-566 (m) Pterinochilus nigrofulvus
Ischnocolus hancocki Theraphosidae 127, f. 803-818 (Df) Ischnocolus hancocki
Ischnocolus valentinus Theraphosidae 126, f. 778-786 (m) Ischnocolus algericus
Ischnocolus valentinus Theraphosidae 129, f. 819-829 (Df) Ischnocolus holosericeus
Ischnocolus valentinus Theraphosidae 131, f. 847-860 (m) Ischnocolus maroccanus
Monocentropus balfouri Theraphosidae 42, f. 167-179a (m) Monocentropus balfouri
Monocentropus lambertoni Theraphosidae 43, f. 179b-e (m) Monocentropus lambertoni
Monocentropus longimanus Theraphosidae 43, f. 180-187 (m) Monocentropus longimanus
Nesiergus gardineri Theraphosidae 112, f. 632-651 (mf) Chaetopelma gardinieri
Nesiergus halophilus Theraphosidae 133, f. 861-877 (mf) Nesiergus halophilus
Nesiergus insulanus Theraphosidae 134, f. 878-882 (f) Nesiergus insulanus
Pelinobius muticus Theraphosidae 24, f. 28-37 (f) Citharischius crawshayi
Pelinobius muticus Theraphosidae 47, f. 197-208 (m) Phoneyusa bettoni
Pelinobius muticus Theraphosidae 52, f. 245-254 (m) Phoneyusa gregori
Pelinobius muticus Theraphosidae 54, f. 255a (m) Phoneyusa rufa
Phoneyusa belandana Theraphosidae 46, f. 188-196 (f) Phoneyusa belandana
Phoneyusa bidentata Theraphosidae 48, f. 209-220 (m) Phoneyusa bidentata
Phoneyusa cultridens Theraphosidae 50, f. 231-232 (m) Phoneyusa cultridens
Phoneyusa gabonica Theraphosidae 52 (Tf from Myostola per Roewer) Phoneyusa gabonica
Phoneyusa lesserti Theraphosidae 53, f. 254a-l (mf) Phoneyusa lesserti
Phoneyusa westi Theraphosidae 55, f. 255-262 (Df) Phoneyusa westi
Pterinochilus alluaudi Theraphosidae 94, f. 489-490 (m) Pterinochilus alluaudi
Pterinochilus chordatus Theraphosidae 77, f. 377-385 (Dm) Coelogenium raveni
Pterinochilus lugardi Theraphosidae 96, f. 513-524 (m) Pterinochilus lugardi
Pterinochilus murinus Theraphosidae 95, f. 503a-512 (mf) Pterinochilus hindei
Pterinochilus murinus Theraphosidae 98, f. 535-551 (mf) Pterinochilus murinus
Pterinochilus simoni Theraphosidae 100, f. 552-553 (m) Pterinochilus mutus
Pterinochilus simoni Theraphosidae 101, f. 579-580 (m) Pterinochilus simoni
Pterinochilus vorax Theraphosidae 102, f. 591-600 (m, removed from S of P. constrictus) Pterinochilus vorax
Selenogyrus aureus Theraphosidae 138, f. 892-911 (m) Selenogyrus aureus
Selenogyrus austini Theraphosidae 139, f. 912-929 (Df; N.B.: patronym for Mr. E. E. Austin) Selenogyrus austinius
Selenogyrus caeruleus Theraphosidae 140, f. 930-946 (f) Selenogyrus caeruleus
Stromatopelma batesi Theraphosidae 58, f. 263-271 (m) Stromatopelma batesi
Stromatopelma calceatum Theraphosidae 59, f. 272-275 (m) Stromatopelma brachypoda
Stromatopelma calceatum Theraphosidae 59, f. 276-290 (mf) Stromatopelma calceata
Stromatopelma calceatum griseipes Theraphosidae 61, f. 298-301 (reduced to subspecies) Stromatopelma calceata griseipes
Stromatopelma fumigatum Theraphosidae 61, f. 291-297 (f) Stromatopelma fumigata
Stromatopelma satanas Theraphosidae 62, f. 302-303 (m) Stromatopelma satanus
Trichognathella schoenlandi Theraphosidae 101, f. 567-578 (m) Pterinochlus schoenlandi
Genus Family Page
Neoplesiophrictus Smith, 1990 Theraphosidae 105