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Song, D. X. & Chai, J. Y. (1991). New species and new records of the family Salticidae from Hainan, China (Arachnida: Araneae). In: Qian, Y. W. et al. (ed.) Animal Science Research. China Forestry Publishing House, Beijing, pp. 13-30. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Burmattus pococki Salticidae 22, f. 13A-D (mf, placed in generic nomen nudum) Burmattus pococki
Carrhotus viduus Salticidae 13, f. 1A-D (mf) Carrhotus viduus
Chrysilla lauta Salticidae 14, f. 2A-B (m) Chrysilla lauta
Cyrba ocellata Salticidae 15, f. 4A-D (mf) Cyrba ocellata
Epocilla blairei Salticidae 16, f. 5A-D (m) Epocilla blairei
Gedea sinensis Salticidae 17, f. 6A-D (Dm) Gedea sinensis
Langerra longicymbia Salticidae 18, f. 7A-E (Dm) Langerra longicymbium
Langerra oculina Salticidae 19, f. 8A-B (f) Langerra oculina
Lechia squamata Salticidae 20, f. 9A-B (f) Lechia squamata
Orientattus minutus Salticidae 21, f. 11A-D (f) Pancorius minutus
Pancorius hainanensis Salticidae 20, f. 10A-B (Dm) Pancorius hainanensis
Plexippus petersi Salticidae 21, f. 12A-D (mf) Plexippus petersi
Rhene biembolusa Salticidae 23, f. 14A-E (Dm) Rhene biembolusa
Siler collingwoodi Salticidae 14, f. 3A-D (m, Df) Siler collingwoodi
Spartaeus jianfengensis Salticidae 24, f. 15A-G (Dmf) Spartaeus jianfengensis
Stenaelurillus minutus Salticidae 25, f. 16A-D (Dm) Stenaelurillus minutus
Synagelides palpalis Salticidae 26, f. 17A-B (f) Synagelides palpalis
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