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Pickard-Cambridge, O. (1885b). Araneidea. In: Scientific results of the second Yarkand mission; based upon the collections and notes of the late Ferdinand Stoliczka, Ph. D. Government of India, Calcutta, 115 pp., 2 pls. doi:10.5962/bhl.title.119960 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agroeca debilis Liocranidae 26, pl. 2, f. 19 (Df) Agroeca debilis
Agroeca flavens Liocranidae 27, pl. 2, f. 20 (Df) Agroeca flavens
Alopecosa inimica Lycosidae 87 (Df) Tarentula inimica
Alopecosa passibilis Lycosidae 92 (Dm) Lycosa passibilis
Araneus bigibbosus Araneidae 45 (Dj) Epeira bigibbosa
Araneus carnifex Araneidae 50 (Df) Epeira carnifex
Araneus gibber Araneidae 51 (Df) Epeira gibbera
Araneus gurdus Araneidae 46 (Djj) Epeira gurda
Araneus haruspex Araneidae 46 (Df) Epeira haruspex
Araneus paenulatus Araneidae 47 (Df) Epeira paenulata
Araneus panniferens Araneidae 49 (f) Epeira panniferens
Araneus pellax Araneidae 45 (Df) Epeira pellax
Araneus praedatus Araneidae 48 (Dm) Epeira praedata
Attulus avocator Salticidae 106 (Dm) Attus avocator
Attulus diductus Salticidae 104 (Df) Attus diductus
Cheiracanthium adjacens Cheiracanthiidae 24, pl. 2, f. 17 (Df only, m misidentified per Marusik, Omelko & Simmons, 2020: 341, see Cheiracanthium approximatum) Cheiracanthium adjacens
Cheiracanthium approximatum Cheiracanthiidae 26, pl. 2, f. 18 (Df) Cheiracanthium approximatum
Cheiracanthium approximatum Cheiracanthiidae 24, pl. 2, f. 17 (m only; misidentified per Marusik, Omelko & Simmons, 2020: 341) Cheiracanthium adjacens
Chorizopes congener Araneidae 53 (Df) Chorizoopes congener
Chorizopes stoliczkae Araneidae 52 (Df) Chorizoopes stoliczkae
Clubiona deletrix Clubionidae 21, pl. 2, f. 14 (Dmf) Clubiona deletrix
Clubiona laticeps Clubionidae 22, pl. 2, f. 15 (Df) Clubiona laticeps
Coelotes simplex Agelenidae 31 (Df) Coelotes simplex
Coelotes tegenarioides Agelenidae 30 (Dj) Coelotes tegenarioides
Coreodrassus interlisus Gnaphosidae 12, pl. 1, f. 9 (Dmf) Drassus interlisus
Cyrtarachne pallida Araneidae 55 (Dj) Cyrtarachne pallida
Diaea subdola Thomisidae 62 (Dm) Diaea subdola
Diaea suspiciosa Thomisidae 64 (Dm) Diaea suspiciosa
Drassodes dispulsus Gnaphosidae 11, pl. 1, f. 8 (Dmf) Drassus dispulsus
Drassodes infletus Gnaphosidae 7, pl. 1, f. 4 (Df) Drassus infletus
Drassodes interpolator Gnaphosidae 10, pl. 1, f. 7 (Dm) Drassus interpolator
Drassodes invisus Gnaphosidae 15, pl. 2, f. 11 (Df) [] Drassus lapsus
Drassodes invisus Gnaphosidae 9, pl. 1, f. 6 (Df) Drassus invisus
Drassodes involutus Gnaphosidae 14, pl. 1, f. 10 (Df) Drassus involutus
Dysdera cylindrica Dysderidae 5, pl. 1, f. 3 (Dmf) Dysdera cylindrica
Ebrechtella concinna Thomisidae 65 (Dmf) Diaea subargentata
Ebrechtella sufflava Thomisidae 63 (Dm) Diaea sufflava
Ebrechtella sufflava Thomisidae 58 (Df) Misumena expallidata
Echemus interemptor Gnaphosidae 8, pl. 1, f. 5 (Dm) Drassus interemptor
Euryopis sagittata Theridiidae 38 (Df) Phycus sagittatus
Eusparassus flavidus Sparassidae 73 (Df) Sparassus flavidus
Evippa benevola Lycosidae 95 (Df) Boebe benevola
Gnaphosa moerens Gnaphosidae 17, pl. 2, f. 13 (Dmf) Gnaphosa moerens
Gnaphosa stoliczkai Gnaphosidae 16, pl. 2, f. 12 (Dmf) Gnaphosa stoliczkae
Hogna irascibilis Lycosidae 86 (Df) Tarentula irascibilis
Hogna rubromandibulata Lycosidae 85 (Dj) Trochosa rubromandibulata
Idiops designatus Idiopidae 3, pl. 1, f. 1 (Dm) Idiops designatus
Lepthyphantes peramplus Linyphiidae 42 (Df) Linyphia perampla
Lepthyphantes stramineus Linyphiidae 42 (Df) Linyphia straminea
Linyphia albipunctata Linyphiidae 41 (Df) Linyphia albipunctata
Linyphia consanguinea Linyphiidae 40 (Dmf) Linyphia consanguinea
Lycosa approximata Lycosidae 84 (Df) Trochosa approximata
Lycosa sabulosa Lycosidae 83 (Dmf) Trochosa sabulosa
Lysiteles excultus Thomisidae 60 (Dmf) Synema exculta
Marusyllus auspex Salticidae 104 (Dmf) Attus auspex
Meta mixta Tetragnathidae 43 (Df) Meta mixta
Micaria lenzi Gnaphosidae 20 (Dmf) [suppressed for lack of usage, ICZN article 23.9.1] [] Micaria connexa
Micaria lenzi Gnaphosidae 20 (Dj) [suppressed for lack of usage, ICZN article 23.9.1] [] Micaria pallida
Misumena oblonga Thomisidae 59 (Df) Misumena oblonga
Nandicius deletus Salticidae 101 (Df) Menemerus deletus
Nandicius frigidus Salticidae 102 (Df) Menemerus frigidus
Nigma albida Dictynidae 29 (Df) Dictyna albida
Olios fugax Sparassidae 73 (Dj) Sparassus fugax
Olios timidus Sparassidae 72 (Dj) Sparassus timidus
Oxyopes jubilans Oxyopidae 96 (Dmf) Oxyopes jubilans
Oxyopes praedictus Oxyopidae 97 (Dm) Oxyopes praedicta
Oxyopes rejectus Oxyopidae 98 (Dm) Oxyopes rejectus
Pardosa condolens Lycosidae 88 (Dmf) Lycosa condolens
Pardosa credula Lycosidae 91 (Df) Lycosa credula
Pardosa flavida Lycosidae 93 (Df) Lycosa flavida
Pardosa fortunata Lycosidae 89 (Dmf) Lycosa fortunata
Pardosa stellata Lycosidae 90 (Dmf) Lycosa stellata
Pardosa vindex Lycosidae 92 (Df) Lycosa vindex
Pardosa vindicata Lycosidae 92 (Df) Lycosa vindicata
Perenethis dentifasciata Pisauridae 79 (Df) Ocyale dentifasciata
Pholcoides seclusa Filistatidae 5, pl. 1, f. 2 (Df; N.B.: spelled reclusa in legend) Filistata seclusa
Phylloneta sisyphia torandae Theridiidae 32 (Dmf; preoccupied) Theridion lepidum
Porrhoclubiona laudata Clubionidae 23, pl. 2, f. 16 (Dm) Clubiona laudata
Psammitis setiger Thomisidae 67 (Df) Xysticus setiger
Pseudopoda prompta Sparassidae 71 (Df) Sarotes promptus
Rhysodromus cinerascens Philodromidae 74 (Dmf) Philodromus cinerascens
Rudakius cinctus Salticidae 99 (Dm) Menemerus cinctus
Rudakius cinctus Salticidae 100 (Df) Menemerus incertus
Runcinia spinulosa Thomisidae 61 (Dm) Diaea spinulosa
Salticus beneficus Salticidae 103 (Df) Attus beneficus
Salticus devotus Salticidae 102 (Df) Attus devotus
Schizocosa hebes Lycosidae 81 (Dmf) Trochosa hebes
Schizocosa rubiginea Lycosidae 80 (Df) Trochosa rubiginea
Steatoda nigrocincta Theridiidae 37 (Dmf) Steatoda nigrocincta
Steatoda sordidata Theridiidae 38 (Df) Steatoda sordidata
Stoliczka insignis Pisauridae 77 (Df) Stoliczka insignis
Thanatus albescens Philodromidae 76 (Df) Thanatus albescens
Theridion confusum Theridiidae 34 (Df) Theridion confusum
Theridion expallidatum Theridiidae 34 (Df) Theridion expallidatum
Theridion incertum Theridiidae 35 (Dm) Theridion incertum
Theridion subitum Theridiidae 34 (Df) Theridion subitum
Thomisus albens Thomisidae 57 (Dj) Thomisus albens
Tibellus propositus Philodromidae 76 (Dj; preoccupied by Simon, 1875) Tibellus propinquus
Tmarus dejectus Thomisidae 70 (Dm) Monastes dejectus
Trachelas costatus Trachelidae 28, pl. 2, f. 21 (Df) Trachelas costata
Trochosa adjacens Lycosidae 83 (Df) Trochosa adjacens
Trochosa lugubris Lycosidae 85 (Dm) Trochosa lugubris
Trochosa propinqua Lycosidae 82 (Df) Trochosa propinqua
Uloborus albescens Uloboridae 55 (Df) Uloborus albescens
Xysticus breviceps Thomisidae 68 (Df) Xysticus breviceps
Xysticus maculiger Thomisidae 66 (Df; preoccupied by Walckenaer, 1837, not by Keyserling, 1880 as per Roewer, 1951: 449) Xysticus maculosus
Xysticus mundulus Thomisidae 69 (Dj) Xysticus mundulus
Zelotes cingarus Gnaphosidae 19 (Dm) Prosthesima cingara
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Stoliczka O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1885 Pisauridae ?