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Croeser, P. M. C. (1996). A revision of the African huntsman spider genus Palystes L. Koch 1875 (Araneae: Heteropodidae). Annals of the Natal Museum 37: 1-122. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anchonastus pilipodus Sparassidae 93 (Tf from Palystes) Anchonastus pilipodus
Gnathopalystes crucifer Sparassidae 111 (type is subadult f, T from Palystes) Gnathopalystes crucifer
Gnathopalystes ferox Sparassidae 111 (Tf from Palystes) Gnathopalystes ferox
Gnathopalystes ignicomus Sparassidae 112 (Tf from Palystes, S) Gnathopalystes ignicomus
Gnathopalystes kochi Sparassidae 112 (Tmf from Palystes, S) Gnathopalystes kochi
Gnathopalystes nigriventer Sparassidae 113 (T from Palystes) Gnathopalystes nigriventer
Gnathopalystes nigrocornutus Sparassidae 112 (Tf from Palystes) Gnathopalystes nigrocornutus
Gnathopalystes rutilans Sparassidae 113 (Tj from Palystes) Gnathopalystes rutilans
Heteropoda dasyurina Sparassidae 114 (Tf from Palystes) Heteropoda dasyurinus
Heteropoda speciosus Sparassidae 114 (Tmf from Palystes) Heteropoda speciosus
Heteropoda venatoria Sparassidae 114 (Tf from Palystes) Heteropoda ledleyi
Palystes ansiedippenaarae Sparassidae 78, f. 104-108 (Dmf) Palystes ansiedippenaarae
Palystes castaneus Sparassidae 25, f. 1-21 (mf, S) Palystes castaneus
Palystes crawshayi Sparassidae 39, f. 39-44 (f, Dm) Palystes crawshayi
Palystes ellioti Sparassidae 67, f. 81-88 (f, Sm) Palystes ellioti
Palystes hoehneli Sparassidae 70, f. 89-96 (f, Sm) Palystes hoehneli
Palystes johnstoni Sparassidae 74, f. 97-100 (mf) Palystes johnstoni
Palystes karooensis Sparassidae 50, f. 45-56 (Dmf) Palystes karooensis
Palystes leppanae Sparassidae 41, f. 57-62 (f, Dm) Palystes leppanae
Palystes leroyorum Sparassidae 81, f. 101-103 (Dm) Palystes leroyorum
Palystes lunatus Sparassidae 37, f. 37-38 (f) Palystes lunatus
Palystes martinfilmeri Sparassidae 30, f. 23-27, 29, 31 (Dmf) Palystes martinfilmeri
Palystes perornatus Sparassidae 46, f. 63-70 (f, Dm) Palystes perornatus
Palystes stilleri Sparassidae 33, f. 28, 30, 32-36 (Dmf) Palystes stilleri
Palystes stuarti Sparassidae 53, f. 71-75 (Dmf) Palystes stuarti
Palystes superciliosus Sparassidae 56, f. 77-80 (mf, S of Palystes modificus, P. natalius and P. superciliosus fasciiventris) Palystes superciliosus
Panaretella scutata Sparassidae 92 (Tf from Palystes) Panaretella scutata
Parapalystes cultrifer Sparassidae 90 (Tmf from Palystes) Parapalystes cultrifer
Parapalystes euphorbiae Sparassidae 87, f. 110-115 (Dmf) Parapalystes euphorbiae
Parapalystes lycosinus Sparassidae 90 (removed mf from S of P. megalocephalus) Parapalystes lycosinus
Parapalystes megacephalus Sparassidae 90 (Tmf from Palystes) Parapalystes megacephalus
Parapalystes whiteae Sparassidae 91 (Tmf from Palystes) Parapalystes whiteae
Genus Family Page
Parapalystes Croeser, 1996 Sparassidae 85