Included taxa

Zhu, M. S. (1998). Fauna Sinica: Arachnida: Araneae: Theridiidae. Science Press, Beijing, 436 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Achaearanea simaoica Theridiidae 84, f. 46A-C (Df) Achaearanea simaoica
Anelosimus chonganicus Theridiidae 291, f. 197A-B (Dm) Anelosimus chonganicus
Anelosimus crassipes Theridiidae 288, f. 194A-C (mf) Anelosimus crassipes
Anelosimus exiguus Theridiidae 289, f. 195A-D (mf) Anelosimus exiguus
Anelosimus seximaculatus Theridiidae 141, f. 84A-C (Df) Theridion seximaculatum
Anelosimus taiwanicus Theridiidae 290, f. 196A-D (mf) Anelosimus taiwanicus
Argyrodes argentatus Theridiidae 210, f. 137A-E (mf) Argyrodes argentatus
Argyrodes bonadea Theridiidae 209, f. 136A-D (mf, S of Argyrodes argentatus hedini) Argyrodes bonadea
Argyrodes fissifrons Theridiidae 220, f. 144A-C (f) Argyrodes menlunensis
Argyrodes flavescens Theridiidae 204, f. 132A-D (mf) Argyrodes flavescens
Argyrodes kumadai Theridiidae 206, f. 134A-E (mf, misidentified) Argyrodes fissifrons
Argyrodes miltosus Theridiidae 205, f. 133A-F (f, corrected m misidentification) Argyrodes miltosus
Argyrodes zhui Theridiidae 208, f. 135A-E (mf) Argyrodes zhui
Ariamnes cylindrogaster Theridiidae 198, f. 128A-D (mf) Argyrodes cylindrogaster
Asagena americana Theridiidae 338, f. 226A-E (mf) Steatoda americana
Asagena phalerata Theridiidae 337, f. 225A-E (mf) Steatoda phalerata
Campanicola campanulata Theridiidae 88, f. 50A-E (mf) Achaearanea campanulata
Campanicola ferrumequina Theridiidae 99, f. 56A-C (f) Achaearanea ferrumequina
Carniella weyersi Theridiidae 323, f. 217A-C (f) Theonoe weyersi
Chikunia albipes Theridiidae 57, f. 30A-D (mf) Chrysso rapulum
Chikunia nigra Theridiidae 53, f. 27A-E (mf) Chrysso nigra
Chikunia subrapulum Theridiidae 65, 361, f. 37A-C (Dm; specific epithet is a noun) Chrysso subrapulum
Chrosiothes sudabides Theridiidae 258, f. 172A-D (mf) Chrosiothes sudabides
Chrysso caudigera Theridiidae 52, f. 26A-E (f, Dm) Chrysso caudigera
Chrysso cyclocera Theridiidae 62, f. 34A-E (mf) Chrysso cyclocera
Chrysso lativentris Theridiidae 48, f. 22A-C (f) Chrysso lativentris
Chrysso lingchuanensis Theridiidae 55, f. 29A-F (f, Dm) Chrysso lingchuanensis
Chrysso oxycera Theridiidae 63, f. 35A-D (m) Chrysso oxycera
Chrysso scintillans Theridiidae 59, f. 32A-D (mf, S) Chrysso venusta
Chrysso trimaculata Theridiidae 58, f. 31A-F (mf) Chrysso trimaculata
Chrysso trispinula Theridiidae 50, f. 24A-D (Df) Chrysso trispinula
Chrysso vitra Theridiidae 61, f. 33A-G (Dmf) Chrysso vitra
Chrysso wangi Theridiidae 49, f. 23A-D (Df) Chrysso wangi
Chrysso wenxianensis Theridiidae 64, f. 36A-D (Dm) Chrysso wenxianensis
Coleosoma blandum Theridiidae 70, f. 40A-F (mf) Coleosoma blandum
Coleosoma floridanum Theridiidae 71, f. 41A-E (mf) Coleosoma floridanum
Coleosoma octomaculatum Theridiidae 72, f. 42A-D (mf) Coleosoma octomaculatum
Coscinida asiatica Theridiidae 32, f. 14A-E (mf) Coscinida asiatica
Crustulina guttata Theridiidae 322, f. 216A-D (mf) Crustulina guttata
Crustulina sticta Theridiidae 320, f. 215A-E (mf) Crustulina sticta
Cryptachaea riparia Theridiidae 101, f. 60A-E (mf) Achaearanea riparia
Cryptachaea rostra Theridiidae 108, f. 65A-E (mf) Achaearanea rostra
Dipoena gui Theridiidae 228, f. 148A-E (Dmf) Dipoena gui
Dipoena hui Theridiidae 247, f. 163A-C (Df) Dipoena hui
Dipoena redunca Theridiidae 232, f. 151A-F (Dmf) Dipoena redunca
Dipoena ripa Theridiidae 233, f. 152A-D (Df) Dipoena ripa
Dipoena submustelina Theridiidae 250, f. 166A-D (Df) Dipoena submustelina
Dipoena turriceps Theridiidae 244, f. 161A-F (m, Df) Dipoena turriceps
Dipoena wangi Theridiidae 245, f. 162A-F (Dmf) Dipoena wangi
Dipoena yutian Theridiidae 249, f. 165A-E (mf) Dipoena yutian
Dipoenura aplustra Theridiidae 42, f. 20A-E (mf) Dipoenura aplustra
Dipoenura cyclosoides Theridiidae 43, f. 21A-F (mf) Dipoenura cyclosoides
Emertonella taczanowskii Theridiidae 37, f. 17A-D (mf) Euryopis taczanowskii
Enoplognatha abrupta Theridiidae 314, f. 211A-E (Dmf) Enoplognatha hangzhouensis
Enoplognatha bobaiensis Theridiidae 312, f. 209A-D (Df) Enoplognatha bobaiensis
Enoplognatha caricis Theridiidae 303, f. 203A-C (f) Enoplognatha caricis
Enoplognatha caricis Theridiidae 304, f. 204A-F (mf) Enoplognatha japonica
Enoplognatha diodonta Theridiidae 318, f. 214A-G (mf) Enoplognatha diodonta
Enoplognatha gramineusa Theridiidae 307, f. 206A-F (Dmf) Enoplognatha gramineusa
Enoplognatha lordosa Theridiidae 313, f. 210A-E (m, Df) Enoplognatha lordosa
Enoplognatha margarita Theridiidae 310, f. 208A-G (mf) Enoplognatha margarita
Enoplognatha mordax Theridiidae 306, f. 205A-C (f) Enoplognatha mordax
Enoplognatha oelandica Theridiidae 315, f. 212A-C (f) Enoplognatha oelandica
Enoplognatha qiuae Theridiidae 317, f. 213A-C (Df) Enoplognatha qiui
Enoplognatha submargarita Theridiidae 309, f. 207A-G (mf) Enoplognatha submargarita
Episinus affinis Theridiidae 265, f. 176A-D (mf) Episinus affinis
Episinus gibbus Theridiidae 261, f. 173A-F (Dmf) Episinus gibbus
Episinus longabdomenus Theridiidae 270, f. 180A-C (Dm) Episinus longabdomenus
Episinus makiharai Theridiidae 266, f. 177A-E (mf) Episinus makiharai
Episinus nubilus Theridiidae 267, f. 178A-F (mf) Episinus nubilus
Episinus punctisparsus Theridiidae 271, f. 181A-B (m) Episinus punctisparsus
Episinus variacorneus Theridiidae 264, f. 175A-E (mf) Episinus variacorneus
Episinus xiushanicus Theridiidae 263, f. 171A-F (Dmf) Episinus xiushanicus
Episinus yoshidai Theridiidae 269, f. 179A-D (mf) Episinus yoshidai
Euryopis cyclosisa Theridiidae 40, f. 19A-C (m) Euryopis cyclosisa
Euryopis episinoides Theridiidae 36, f. 16A-E (mf) Euryopis acuminata
Euryopis flavomaculata Theridiidae 39, f. 18A-C (m) Euryopis flavomaculata
Euryopis galeiforma Theridiidae 35, f. 15A-D (Df) Euryopis galeiforma
Faiditus xiphias Theridiidae 218, f. 143A-D (mf) Argyrodes xiphias
Gushangzao pelorosus Theridiidae 243, 376, f. 160A-E (Dmf) Dipoena pelorosa
Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum Theridiidae 187, f. 121A-E (mf, T from Achaearanea) Theridion xinjiangensis
Keijiella oculiprominens Theridiidae 95, f. 55A-E (mf) Achaearanea oculiprominentis
Lasaeola okinawana Theridiidae 242, f. 159E (m, misidentified) Dipoena amamiensis
Latrodectus elegans Theridiidae 294, f. 199A-C (f, misidentified) Latrodectus mactans
Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Theridiidae 293, f. 198A-E (mf) Latrodectus tredecimguttatus
Meotipa pulcherrima Theridiidae 54, f. 28A-D (mf) Chrysso pulcherrima
Meotipa spiniventris Theridiidae 66, f. 38A-D (mf) Chrysso spiniventris
Meotipa vesiculosa Theridiidae 51, f. 25A-C (f) Chrysso vesiculosa
Meotipa vesiculosa Theridiidae 68, f. 39A-C (m) Chrysso jianglensis
Molione triacantha Theridiidae 30, f. 13A-D (mf) Molione triacantha
Moneta caudifera Theridiidae 280, f. 188A-E (mf) Moneta caudifer
Moneta hunanica Theridiidae 277, f. 185A-C (Df) Moneta hunanica
Moneta mirabilis Theridiidae 281, f. 189A-D (mf) Moneta mirabilis
Moneta spinigera Theridiidae 273, f. 182A-D (mf) Moneta spiniger
Moneta spinigeroides Theridiidae 278, f. 186A-B (Tf from Episinus) Moneta spinigeroides
Moneta subspinigera Theridiidae 274, f. 183A-C (Df) Moneta subspiniger
Moneta tumida Theridiidae 279, f. 187A-C (Df) Moneta tumida
Moneta tumulicola Theridiidae 282, f. 190A-B (Dm) Moneta tumulicola
Moneta uncinata Theridiidae 275, f. 184A-E (Dmf) Moneta uncinata
Moneta yoshimurai Theridiidae 283, f. 191A-B (m) Moneta yoshimurai
Neospintharus fur Theridiidae 200, f. 129A-C (f) Argyrodes fur
Neospintharus fur Theridiidae 202, f. 131A-C (Dm) [] Argyrodes gansuensis
Neospintharus nipponicus Theridiidae 201, f. 130A-E (mf) Argyrodes nipponicus
Neottiura bimaculata Theridiidae 130, f. 74A-E (mf) Theridion bimaculatum
Neottiura herbigrada Theridiidae 144, f. 87A-E (f) Theridion pustuliferus
Neottiura margarita Theridiidae 177, f. 113A-F (mf) Theridion margaritum
Nesticodes rufipes Theridiidae 117, f. 71A-E (mf) Nesticodes rufipes
Nihonhimea japonica Theridiidae 89, f. 51A-E (mf) Achaearanea japonica
Nihonhimea mundula Theridiidae 100, f. 59A-C (f) Achaearanea mundula
Paidiscura subpallens Theridiidae 189, f. 122A-E (mf) Theridion mirabile
Parasteatoda angulithorax Theridiidae 92, f. 53A-E (mf) Achaearanea angulithorax
Parasteatoda asiatica Theridiidae 96, f. 56A-E (mf) Achaearanea asiatica
Parasteatoda celsabdomina Theridiidae 82, f. 45A-E (Dmf) Achaearanea celsabdomina
Parasteatoda cingulata Theridiidae 85, f. 48A-C (Df) Achaearanea cingulata
Parasteatoda daliensis Theridiidae 87, f. 49A-F (Dmf) Achaearanea daliensis
Parasteatoda ducta Theridiidae 107, f. 64A-C (Df) Achaearanea ducta
Parasteatoda galeiforma Theridiidae 80, f. 44A-E (mf) Achaearanea galeiforma
Parasteatoda gui Theridiidae 114, f. 69A-C (Dm) Achaearanea gui
Parasteatoda jinghongensis Theridiidae 94, f. 54A-C (Df) Achaearanea jinghongensis
Parasteatoda kompirensis Theridiidae 109, f. 66A-E (mf) Achaearanea kompirensis
Parasteatoda longiducta Theridiidae 97, f. 57A-C (Df) Achaearanea longiducta
Parasteatoda oxymaculata Theridiidae 83, f. 46A-E (Dmf) Achaearanea oxymaculata
Parasteatoda songi Theridiidae 104, f. 62A-E (Dmf) Achaearanea songi
Parasteatoda subtabulata Theridiidae 111, f. 67A-E (Dmf) Achaearanea subtabulata
Parasteatoda subvexa Theridiidae 102, f. 61A-E (Dmf) Achaearanea subvexa
Parasteatoda tabulata Theridiidae 112, f. 68A-E (mf) Achaearanea tabulata
Parasteatoda tepidariorum Theridiidae 105, f. 63A-E (mf) Achaearanea tepidariorum
Parasteatoda transipora Theridiidae 91, f. 52A-E (Dm, f, T from Theridion; m may belong to P. cingulata per Yin et al., 2012: 252) Achaearanea transipora
Phoroncidia crustula Theridiidae 29, f. 12A-D (Df) Phoroncidia crustula
Phoroncidia pilula Theridiidae 27, f. 11A-D (mf) Phoroncidia pilula
Phycosoma amamiense Theridiidae 242, f. 159A-D (f, may be that of D. sticta, not m) Dipoena amamiensis
Phycosoma flavomarginatum Theridiidae 231, f. 150A-D (mf) Dipoena flavomarginata
Phycosoma flavomarginatum Theridiidae 251, f. 167A-D (Dm) [] Dipoena immaculata
Phycosoma hainanense Theridiidae 234, f. 153A-F (Dmf) Dipoena hainanensis
Phycosoma hana Theridiidae 237, f. 155A-C (Df) Dipoena hana
Phycosoma labiale Theridiidae 241, f. 158A-D (Df) Dipoena labialis
Phycosoma martinae Theridiidae 236, f. 154A-F (mf, S of Dipoena decamaculata) Dipoena martinae
Phycosoma mustelinum Theridiidae 240, f. 157A-D (mf) Dipoena mustelina
Phycosoma nigromaculatum Theridiidae 227, f. 147A-E (Tmf from Pholcomma) Dipoena nigromaculata
Phycosoma sinicum Theridiidae 238, f. 156A-G (mf, S of Dipoena hubeiensis) Dipoena sinica
Phycosoma stellare Theridiidae 230, f. 149A-D (Df) Dipoena stellaris
Phycosoma stictum Theridiidae 252, f. 168A-D (m) Dipoena sticta
Phylloneta impressa Theridiidae 161, f. 100A-E (mf) Theridion impressum
Phylloneta sisyphia Theridiidae 166, f. 104A-E (mf) Theridion sisyphium
Platnickina adamsoni Theridiidae 162, f. 101A-E (mf) Theridion adamsoni
Platnickina qionghaiensis Theridiidae 164, f. 102A-E (Dmf) Theridion qionghaiensis
Platnickina sterninotata Theridiidae 156, f. 96A-F (mf) Theridion sterninotatum
Rhomphaea ceraosus Theridiidae 215, f. 140A-D (f) Argyrodes ceraosus
Rhomphaea hyrcana Theridiidae 217, f. 142A-C (m) Argyrodes hyrcanus
Rhomphaea labiata Theridiidae 213, f. 139A-G (mf) Argyrodes labiatus
Rhomphaea sagana Theridiidae 212, f. 138A-D (mf) Argyrodes saganus
Rhomphaea sinica Theridiidae 216, f. 141A-F (mf) Argyrodes sinicus
Robertus arundineti Theridiidae 296, f. 200A-E (mf) Robertus arundineti
Robertus emeishanensis Theridiidae 298, f. 201A-D (Dmf) Robertus emeishanensis
Robertus ungulatus Theridiidae 299, f. 202A-E (mf) Robertus ungulatus
Spheropistha orbita Theridiidae 221, f. 145A-D (Dmf) Argyrodes orbitus
Steatoda albomaculata Theridiidae 341, f. 228A-E (mf) Steatoda albomaculata
Steatoda bipunctata Theridiidae 328, f. 219A-D (mf) Steatoda bipunctata
Steatoda castanea Theridiidae 333, f. 223A-E (mf, S of Steatoda huangyuanensis) Steatoda castanea
Steatoda cingulata Theridiidae 329, f. 220A-E (mf, S of Steatoda cavaleriei and S. cavernicola) Steatoda cingulata
Steatoda craniformis Theridiidae 327, f. 218A-D (f) Steatoda craniformis
Steatoda erigoniformis Theridiidae 332, f. 222A-E (mf) Steatoda erigoniformis
Steatoda gui Theridiidae 345, f. 231A-D (Dm) Steatoda gui
Steatoda hui Theridiidae 331, f. 221A-E (Dmf) Steatoda hui
Steatoda kuytunensis Theridiidae 339, f. 227A-E (Dmf) Steatoda kuytunensis
Steatoda mainlingensis Theridiidae 342, f. 229A-F (mf, T from Enoplognatha) Steatoda mainlingensis
Steatoda paykulliana Theridiidae 344, f. 230A-F (mf) Steatoda paykulliana
Steatoda terastiosa Theridiidae 346, f. 232A-C (Dm) Steatoda terastiosa
Steatoda triangulosa Theridiidae 335, f. 224A-E (mf, S of SteatodaTeutana lugubris) Steatoda triangulosa
Steatoda wangi Theridiidae 347, f. 233A-C (Dm) Steatoda wangi
Stemmops forcipus Theridiidae 255, f. 170A-E (Dmf) Stemmops forcipus
Stemmops nigrabdomenus Theridiidae 257, f. 171A-C (Dm) Stemmops nigrabdomenus
Stemmops nipponicus Theridiidae 254, f. 169A-D (mf) Stemmops nipponicus
Takayus chikunii Theridiidae 185, f. 119A-E (mf) Theridion chikunii
Takayus huanrenensis Theridiidae 153, f. 94A-E (mf) Theridion huanrenensis
Takayus kunmingicus Theridiidae 136, f. 80A-E (Dmf) Theridion kunmingicum
Takayus latifolius Theridiidae 152, f. 93A-E (mf) Theridion latifolium
Takayus linimaculatus Theridiidae 182, f. 117A-E (Dmf) Theridion linimaculatum
Takayus lunulatus Theridiidae 140, f. 83A-E (m, Df) Theridion lunulatum
Takayus lushanensis Theridiidae 180, f. 115A-E (Dmf) Theridion lushanensis
Takayus naevius Theridiidae 171, f. 108A-E (Dmf) Theridion naevium
Takayus quadrimaculatus Theridiidae 178, f. 114A-F (f, Dm) Theridion quadrimaculatum
Takayus sublatifolius Theridiidae 192, f. 125A-C (Dm) Theridion sublatifolium
Takayus takayensis Theridiidae 186, f. 120A-D (mf) Theridion takayense
Takayus wangi Theridiidae 183, f. 118A-E (Dmf) Theridion wangi
Takayus xui Theridiidae 181, f. 116A-E (Dmf) Theridion xui
Theridion albioculum Theridiidae 128, f. 73A-F (Dmf) Theridion albioculum
Theridion biforaminum Theridiidae 135, f. 79A-D (f) Theridion biforaminum
Theridion cheni Theridiidae 151, f. 92A-D (Df) Theridion cheni
Theridion chonetum Theridiidae 139, f. 82A-E (Dmf) Theridion chonetum
Theridion clivalum Theridiidae 134, f. 78A-C (Df) Theridion clivalum
Theridion dayongense Theridiidae 175, f. 11A-D (Df) Theridion dayongensis
Theridion dukouense Theridiidae 133, f. 77A-D (Df) Theridion dukouensis
Theridion gramineum Theridiidae 176, f. 112A-C (Df, lapsus) Theridion gramineusum
Theridion hainanense Theridiidae 172, f. 109A-E (Dmf) Theridion hainanensis
Theridion hotanense Theridiidae 132, f. 76A-F (mf) Theridion hotaensis
Theridion innocuum Theridiidae 150, f. 91A-C (Df) [] Theridion hui
Theridion karamayense Theridiidae 168, f. 106A-E (Dmf) Theridion karamayensis
Theridion liaoyuanense Theridiidae 157, f. 97A-E (Tmf from Achaearanea) Theridion liaoyuanensis
Theridion longipalpus Theridiidae 193, f. 126A-C (Dm) Theridion longipalpum
Theridion melanostictum Theridiidae 148, f. 90A-E (mf) Theridion melanostictum
Theridion mystaceum Theridiidae 147, f. 89A-D (mf) Theridion mystaceum
Theridion obscuratum Theridiidae 167, f. 105A-D (Df) Theridion obscuratum
Theridion odoratum Theridiidae 144, f. 86A-D (Df, lapsus) Theridion odoratusum
Theridion pinastri Theridiidae 191, f. 124A-E (mf) Theridion pinastri
Theridion poecilum Theridiidae 142, f. 85A-E (Dmf) Theridion poecilum
Theridion sangzhiense Theridiidae 127, f. 72A-E (Dmf) Theridion sangzhiensis
Theridion setum Theridiidae 131, f. 75A-C (Df) Theridion setum
Theridion submirabile Theridiidae 138, f. 81A-F (mf) Theridion submirabile
Theridion undatum Theridiidae 190, f. 123A-E (Dmf) Theridion undatum
Theridion varians Theridiidae 146, f. 88A-E (mf) Theridion varians
Theridion xianfengense Theridiidae 154, f. 95A-E (m, Df) Theridion xianfengensis
Theridion yani Theridiidae 159, f. 98A-E (Dmf) Theridion yani
Theridion zhaoi Theridiidae 173, f. 110A-D (Dmf) Theridion zhaoi
Theridion zhoui Theridiidae 160, f. 99A-C (Df) Theridion zhoui
Theridion zonulatum Theridiidae 165, f. 103A-C (Df, lapsus) [] Theridion zebrinusum
Theridula gonygaster Theridiidae 75, f. 43A-D (mf) Theridula gonygaster
Thwaitesia glabicauda Theridiidae 284, f. 192A-E (Df) Thwaitesia glabicauda
Thwaitesia margaritifera Theridiidae 286, f. 193A-D (m) Thwaitesia margaritifera
Thymoites bellissimus Theridiidae 170, f. 107A-D (Df) [] Theridion subimpressum
Thymoites wangi Theridiidae 115, f. 70A-F (Dmf) Thymoites wangi
Trogloneta yunnanensis Mysmenidae 223, f. 146A-C (f) Pholcomma yunnanensis
Yaginumena castrata Theridiidae 248, f. 164A-E (mf) Dipoena castrata
Yunohamella serpatusa Theridiidae 194, f. 127A-D (m) Theridion serpatusum
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