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Marusik, Y. M., Koponen, S. & Danilov, S. N. (2001). Taxonomic and faunistic notes on linyphiids of Transbaikalia and south Siberia (Araneae, Linyphiidae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 12: 83-92. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agyneta maritima Linyphiidae 84, f. 1-4 (mf) Agyneta alaskensis
Bathylinyphia maior Linyphiidae 84, f. 5-17 (mf) Bathylinyphia maior
Holminaria sibirica Linyphiidae 86 (S) Holminaria sibirica
Lasiargus pilipes Linyphiidae 86, f. 18-22 (mf) Lasiargus pilipes
Pelecopsis parallela Linyphiidae 86, f. 23-24, 29-30 (Dm) [] Pelecopsis baicalensis
Pelecopsis parallela Linyphiidae 87, f. 25-26, 31-32 (m) Pelecopsis parallela
Sauron rayi Linyphiidae 88 (Tmf from Metopobactrus) Sauron rayi
Savignia eskovi Linyphiidae 88, f. 49-52 (Dmf) Savignia eskovi
Silometopoides asiaticus Linyphiidae 88 (Tmf from Silometopus) Silometopoides asiaticus
Silometopoides koponeni Linyphiidae 88 (Tmf from Silometopus) Silometopoides koponeni
Silometopoides pampia Linyphiidae 89, f. 35-38 (m) Silometopoides pampia
Silometopoides sibiricus Linyphiidae 88 (Tmf from Silometopus) Silometopoides sibiricus
Silometopoides tibialis Linyphiidae 89, f. 27-28, 33-34 (m, Df) Silometopoides tibialis
Silometopoides yodoensis Linyphiidae 88 (T, here rejected as those authors failed to even mention Orientopus=Silometopoides) Silometopoides yodoensis
Silometopus sachalinensis Linyphiidae 88 (Tmf from Silometopoides) Silometopus sachalinensis
Uusitaloia transbaicalica Linyphiidae 90, f. 39-48 (Dm) Uusitaloia transbaicalica
Genus Family Page
Uusitaloia Marusik, Koponen & Danilov, 2001 Linyphiidae 89