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Yoshida, H. (2001b). The spider genera Robertus, Enoplognatha, Steatoda and Crustulina (Araneae: Theridiidae) from Japan. Acta Arachnologica 50: 31-48. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Clubiona parvula Clubionidae 41 (Tm from Steatoda) Clubiona parvula
Crustulina guttata Theridiidae 47, f. 53-55 (mf) Crustulina guttata
Crustulina sticta Theridiidae 47, f. 56-58 (mf) Crustulina sticta
Enoplognatha abrupta Theridiidae 38, f. 24-29 (f, Sm) Enoplognatha abrupta
Enoplognatha caricis Theridiidae 37, f. 18-23 (mf, S) Enoplognatha tecta
Enoplognatha lordosa Theridiidae 40, f. 30-32 (m) Enoplognatha lordosa
Enoplognatha margarita Theridiidae 36, f. 12-17 (mf, S of Enoplognatha submargarita; rejected by Zamani & Marusik, 2021c: 958) Enoplognatha margarita
Leptorhoptrum robustum Linyphiidae 34, f. 7-11 (Dm) Robertus yasudai
Robertus kastoni Theridiidae 33, f. 5-6 (m) Robertus kastoni
Robertus sibiricus Theridiidae 32, f. 1-4 (mf) Robertus sibiricus
Steatoda albomaculata Theridiidae 43, f. 43-45 (mf) Steatoda albomaculata
Steatoda cingulata Theridiidae 41, f. 33-38 (mf) Steatoda cingulata
Steatoda erigoniformis Theridiidae 45, f. 49-52 (mf) Steatoda erigoniformis
Steatoda grossa Theridiidae 43, f. 39-42 (mf) Steatoda grossa
Steatoda triangulosa Theridiidae 44, f. 46-48 (mf) Steatoda triangulosa
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