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Silva-Dávila, D. (2003). Higher-level relationships of the spider family Ctenidae (Araneae: Ctenoidea). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 274: 1-86. doi:10.1206/0003-0090(2003)274<0001:HLROTS>2.0.CO;2 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthoctenus spiniger Ctenidae 49, f. 19d (m) Acanthoctenus spiniger
Aglaoctenus castaneus Lycosidae 45, f. 16b (m) Porrimosa castaneus
Amaurobius ferox Amaurobiidae 40, f. 12a-b (m) Amaurobius ferox
Anachemmis sober Zoropsidae 41, f. 13d (m) Anachemmis sober
Anahita punctulata Ctenidae 56, f. 22a (f) Anahita punctulata
Chococtenus miserabilis Ctenidae 51, f. 20f (m) Ctenus miserabilis
Ctenus inaja Ctenidae 56, f. 22c (f) Ctenus inaja
Ctenus javanus Ctenidae 51, f. 20a (m) Ctenus javanus
Ctenus maculisternis Ctenidae 51, f. 20b (m, misidentified per D. Silva-Dávila, pers. comm.) Ctenus maculisternis
Ctenus nigrolineatus Ctenidae 51, f. 20c, 22d (mf) Ctenus nigrolineatus
Ctenus villasboasi Ctenidae 51, f. 20d-e, 22b (mf) Ctenus villasboasi
Griswoldia acaenata Zoropsidae 41, f. 13b, 21c (mf) Griswoldia acaenata
Mituliodon tarantulinus Miturgidae 47, f. 17b (m) Uliodon tarantulinus
Miturga lineata Miturgidae 47, f. 17c (m) Miturga lineata
Neoctenus comosus Trechaleidae 45, f. 16d, 21b (mf) Neoctenus comosus
Nothroctenus marshi Ctenidae 49, f. 19c (m) Nothroctenus marshii
Odo agilis Xenoctenidae 48, f. 18a, 21d (mf) Odo agilis
Odo lycosoides Xenoctenidae 48, f. 18b-c (m) Odo lycosoides
Psechrus rani Psechridae 45, f. 16a (m, misidentified) Psechrus sinensis
Teminius affinis Miturgidae 47, f. 17d (m) Teminius affinis
Trechalea connexa Trechaleidae 45, f. 16c (m) Trechalea connexa
Trujillina isolata Ctenidae 42, f. 14a-c (m) Trujillina isolata
Viridasius fasciatus Viridasiidae 49, f. 19a (m) Viridasius pulchripes
Vulsor isaloensis Viridasiidae 32 (Tm from Anahita) Vulsor isaloensis
Zorocrates fuscus Zoropsidae 41, f. 13a (m, misidentified) Zorocrates guerrerensis
Zoropsis rufipes Zoropsidae 57, f. 23a (f) Zoropsis rufipes
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