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Wang, X. P. (2003). Species revision of the coelotine spider genera Bifidocoelotes, Coronilla, Draconarius, Femoracoelotes, Leptocoelotes, Longicoelotes, Platocoelotes, Spiricoelotes, Tegecoelotes, and Tonsilla (Araneae: Amaurobiidae). Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 54: 499-662. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bifidocoelotes primus Agelenidae 503, f. 2A-B, 97G (f) Bifidocoelotes primus
Bifidocoelotes tsoi Agelenidae 502, f. 1A-D (mf) Bifidocoelotes bifidus
Coelotes everesti Agelenidae 531 (Tm from Coelotes) Draconarius everesti
Coelotes pervicax Agelenidae 543 (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius pervicax
Coelotes quadratus Agelenidae 546, f. 55A-B (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius quadratus
Draconarius absentis Agelenidae 517, f. 7A-D (Dmf) Draconarius absentis
Draconarius acidentatus Agelenidae 518, f. 8A-B, 97A (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius acidentatus
Draconarius adligansus Agelenidae 518, f. 9A-B, 97B (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius adligansus
Draconarius agrestis Agelenidae 519, f. 10A-B (Dm) Draconarius agrestis
Draconarius altissimus Agelenidae 519 (Tmf from Coelotes) Draconarius altissimus
Draconarius arcuatus Agelenidae 520, f. 11A-B (f) Draconarius arcuatus
Draconarius argenteus Agelenidae 521, f. 12A-B (Tm from Coelotes) Draconarius argenteus
Draconarius aspinatus Agelenidae 521, f. 13A-E (mf) Draconarius aspinatus
Draconarius baronii Agelenidae 521, f. 14A-C (m) Draconarius baronii
Draconarius baxiantaiensis Agelenidae 522, f. 15A-B, 97C (Df) Draconarius baxiantaiensis
Draconarius bituberculatus Agelenidae 522, f. 16A-C (Tm from Coelotes) Draconarius bituberculatus
Draconarius brunneus Agelenidae 523 (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius brunneus
Draconarius calcariformis Agelenidae 523, f. 17A-D, 97D (mf) Draconarius calcariformis
Draconarius carinatus Agelenidae 524, f. 19A-E (Tmf from Coelotes) Draconarius carinatus
Draconarius chaiqiaoensis Agelenidae 525, f. 20A-C, 97E (Tm from Coelotes) Draconarius chaiqiaoensis
Draconarius cheni Agelenidae 525, f. 21A-B (f) Draconarius cheni
Draconarius colubrinus Agelenidae 525 (Tmf from Coelotes) Draconarius colubrinus
Draconarius coreanus Agelenidae 526, f. 22A-B (f only, m = D. hallaensis) Draconarius coreanus
Draconarius curiosus Agelenidae 526, f. 23A-D (Dmf) Draconarius curiosus
Draconarius davidi Agelenidae 527, f. 24A-B (f) Draconarius davidi
Draconarius denisi Agelenidae 528, f. 25A-B (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius denisi
Draconarius digitusiformis Agelenidae 528, f. 26A-E, 97F (mf, T from Coelotes, S of Coelotes shuangpaiensis) Draconarius digitusiformis
Draconarius disgregus Agelenidae 528, f. 27A-D (Dmf) Draconarius disgregus
Draconarius dissitus Agelenidae 529, f. 28A-B (Df) Draconarius dissitus
Draconarius dubius Agelenidae 530, f. 29A-D (Dmf) Draconarius dubius
Draconarius episomos Agelenidae 530, f. 30A-B (Df) Draconarius episomos
Draconarius griswoldi Agelenidae 531, f. 31A-D (Dmf) Draconarius griswoldi
Draconarius gurkha Agelenidae 532, f. 32A-B (f) Draconarius gurkha
Draconarius gyriniformis Agelenidae 533 (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius gyriniformis
Draconarius hallaensis Agelenidae 526, f. 22C-E (m, misidentified) Draconarius coreanus
Draconarius hangzhouensis Agelenidae 534, f. 34A-B (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius hangzhouensis
Draconarius haopingensis Agelenidae 533, f. 33A-B, 96A (Df) Draconarius haopingensis
Draconarius himalayaensis Agelenidae 534 (T from Coelotes) Draconarius himalayaensis
Draconarius hui Agelenidae 534 (T from Coelotes) Draconarius hui
Draconarius huizhunesis Agelenidae 535 (Tmf from Coelotes) Draconarius huizhunesis
Draconarius jiangyongensis Agelenidae 536, f. 36A-B, 96B (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius jiangyongensis
Draconarius labiatus Agelenidae 536, f. 37A-B (f) Draconarius labiatus
Draconarius linxiaensis Agelenidae 537, f. 38A-B (Dm) Draconarius linxiaensis
Draconarius linzhiensis Agelenidae 537 (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius linzhiensis
Draconarius lutulentus Agelenidae 538, f. 39A-E, 40A-H (mf, S of Coelotes sinualis) Draconarius lutulentus
Draconarius magniceps Agelenidae 538, f. 41A-B (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius magniceps
Draconarius molluscus Agelenidae 539, f. 42A-B, 96D (f) Draconarius molluscus
Draconarius nanyuensis Agelenidae 539, f. 43A-B (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius nanyuensis
Draconarius neixiangensis Agelenidae 540, f. 44A-D (mf, S of Draconarius baccatus) Draconarius neixiangensis
Draconarius nudulus Agelenidae 540, f. 45A-B (Dm) Draconarius nudulus
Draconarius paraterebratus Agelenidae 542, f. 48A-B (Df) Draconarius paraterebratus
Draconarius penicillatus Agelenidae 543, f. 50A-E (Tmf from Coelotes) Draconarius penicillatus
Draconarius pictus Agelenidae 544 (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius picta
Draconarius potanini Agelenidae 544, f. 51A-B (f) Draconarius potanini
Draconarius pseudowuermlii Agelenidae 546, f. 54A-B (Df) Draconarius pseudowuermlii
Draconarius qingzangensis Agelenidae 546 (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius qingzangensis
Draconarius rotundus Agelenidae 547, f. 56A-B (Df) Draconarius rotundus
Draconarius rufulus Agelenidae 547, f. 57A-E, 96I (mf, T from Coelotes, S of Coelotes rufuloides) Draconarius rufulus
Draconarius schenkeli Agelenidae 548, f. 58A-B (f) Draconarius schenkeli
Draconarius simplicidens Agelenidae 548, f. 59A-B (Df) Draconarius simplicidens
Draconarius singulatus Agelenidae 549, f. 60A-E (mf) Draconarius singulatus
Draconarius stemmleri Agelenidae 549, f. 61A-B (f) Draconarius stemmleri
Draconarius streptus Agelenidae 550 (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius streptus
Draconarius striolatus Agelenidae 550, f. 62A-B (f) Draconarius striolatus
Draconarius strophadatus Agelenidae 550 (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius strophadatus
Draconarius subtitanus Agelenidae 551 (Tf from Coelotes) Draconarius subtitanus
Draconarius syzygiatus Agelenidae 551 (T from Coelotes) Draconarius syzygiatus
Draconarius tibetensis Agelenidae 552, f. 64A-C (Dm) Draconarius tibetensis
Draconarius tryblionatus Agelenidae 553 (Tmf from Coelotes) Draconarius tryblionatus
Draconarius uncinatus Agelenidae 553, f. 65A-C, 96F (Tm from Coelotes) Draconarius uncinatus
Draconarius wenzhouensis Agelenidae 554, f. 66A-B (f) Draconarius wenzhouensis
Draconarius wudangensis Agelenidae 554, f. 67A-E (mf, S of Draconarius parawudangensis) Draconarius wudangensis
Draconarius wuermlii Agelenidae 555, f. 68A-B (f) Draconarius wuermlii
Draconarius yadongensis Agelenidae 556 (Tf from Wadotes) Draconarius yadongensis
Draconarius yichengensis Agelenidae 556, f. 69A-B (Df) Draconarius yichengensis
Femoracoelotes latus Agelenidae 557, f. 70A-E (mf) Femoracoelotes latus
Femoracoelotes platnicki Agelenidae 557, f. 71A-E (mf) Femoracoelotes platnicki
Hengconarius incertus Agelenidae 535, f. 35A-B (Dm) Draconarius incertus
Hengconarius incertus Agelenidae 541, f. 47A-B, 96E (Df) Draconarius parabrunneus
Hengconarius pseudobrunneus Agelenidae 544, f. 52A-B (Df) Draconarius pseudobrunneus
Leptocoelotes edentulus Agelenidae 558, f. 72A-B (f) Leptocoelotes edentulus
Leptocoelotes pseudoluniformis Agelenidae 559, f. 73A-G (mf) Leptocoelotes pseudoluniformis
Lineacoelotes funiushanensis Agelenidae 532 (Tmf from Coelotes) Draconarius funiushanensis
Longicoelotes karschi Agelenidae 560, f. 74A-E (mf) Longicoelotes karschi
Longicoelotes kulianganus Agelenidae 560 (Tf from Coelotes) Longicoelotes kulianganus
Longicoelotes senkakuensis Agelenidae 560 (Tf from Coelotes) Longicoelotes senkakuensis
Nuconarius capitulatus Agelenidae 524, f. 18A-B (Df) Draconarius capitulatus
Nuconarius pseudocapitulatus Agelenidae 545, f. 53A-B (Df) Draconarius pseudocapitulatus
Orumcekia gemata Agelenidae 504, f. 3A-E (mf, S of Coronilla yanling) Coronilla gemata
Orumcekia libo Agelenidae 505, f. 4A-C (Dm) Coronilla libo
Orumcekia sigillata Agelenidae 506, f. 5A-E (mf) Coronilla sigillata
Orumcekia subsigillata Agelenidae 506, f. 6A-B (Df) Coronilla subsigillata
Platocoelotes icohamatoides Agelenidae 562, f. 76A-B (f) Platocoelotes icohamatoides
Platocoelotes impletus Agelenidae 561, f. 75A-E (mf) Platocoelotes impletus
Platocoelotes kailiensis Agelenidae 563, f. 77A-E (Dmf) Platocoelotes kailiensis
Platocoelotes lichuanensis Agelenidae 563, f. 78A-B (m) Platocoelotes lichuanensis
Sinodraconarius patellabifidus Agelenidae 542, f. 49A-D (Dmf) Draconarius patellabifidus
Spiricoelotes pseudozonatus Agelenidae 565, f. 79A-B (Df) Spiricoelotes pseudozonatus
Spiricoelotes zonatus Agelenidae 565, f. 80A-E, 97I (mf) Spiricoelotes zonatus
Tegecoelotes corasides Agelenidae 568, f. 82A-F (mf) Tegecoelotes corasides
Tegecoelotes ignotus Agelenidae 568, f. 83A-B (f) Tegecoelotes ignotus
Tegecoelotes ignotus Agelenidae 568, f. 84A-C (m) Tegecoelotes muscicapus
Tegecoelotes secundus Agelenidae 567, f. 81A-F (mf) Tegecoelotes secundus
Tegenaria domestica Agelenidae 520 (T from Coelotes) Draconarius amygdaliformis
Tonsilla eburniformis Agelenidae 571, f. 85A-B (f) Tonsilla eburniformis
Tonsilla lyrata Agelenidae 572, f. 92A-B, 97H (Tf from Coelotes) Tonsilla lyratus
Tonsilla makros Agelenidae 574, f. 95A-C (Dm) Tonsilla makros
Tonsilla tautispina Agelenidae 573, f. 93A-B (Tf from Coelotes) Tonsilla tautispinus
Tonsilla truculenta Agelenidae 571, f. 86A-E, 87A-D, 88A-B, 89A-E, 90A-B, 91A-B (mf) Tonsilla truculenta
Tonsilla variegata Agelenidae 573, f. 94A-F (mf) Tonsilla variegatus
Yunguirius ornatus Agelenidae 541, f. 46A-C, 96C (Dm, f, T from Coelotes) Draconarius ornatus
Yunguirius terebratus Agelenidae 551, f. 63A-E, 96G-H (mf, T from Coelotes) Draconarius terebratus
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