Included taxa

Edwards, G. B. (2004). Revision of the jumping spiders of the genus Phidippus (Araneae: Salticidae). Occasional Papers of the Florida State Collection of Arthropods 11: 1-156. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Dendryphantes procus Salticidae 6 (nomen dubium confirmed) Phidippus procus
Epeus khandalaensis Salticidae 6 (misplaced in this genus) Phidippus khandalaensis
Eris rufa Salticidae 5 (T from Plexippus, S of Eris pinea) Eris rufa
Gastromicans tesselata Salticidae 5 (T from Phidippus) Gastromicans tesselatus
Paraphidippus aurantius Salticidae 5 (T from Eris) Paraphidippus aurantius
Paraphidippus basalis Salticidae 4 (Tf from Phidippus) Paraphidippus basalis
Paraphidippus disjunctus Salticidae 5 (Tf from Eris) Paraphidippus disjunctus
Paraphidippus fartilis Salticidae 5 (Tf from Eris) Paraphidippus fartilis
Paraphidippus fulgidus Salticidae 5 (Tm from Phidippus) Paraphidippus fulgidus
Paraphidippus funebris Salticidae 5 (Tmf from Eris) Paraphidippus funebris
Paraphidippus fuscipes Salticidae 5 (Tm from Phidippus) Paraphidippus fuscipes
Paraphidippus incontestus Salticidae 5 (Tm from Phidippus) Paraphidippus incontestus
Paraphidippus inermis Salticidae 5 (Tm from Eris) Paraphidippus inermis
Paraphidippus laniipes Salticidae 5 (T from Eris) Paraphidippus laniipes
Paraphidippus luteus Salticidae 5 (Tm from Eris) Paraphidippus luteus
Paraphidippus mexicanus Salticidae 5 (Tf from Eris) Paraphidippus mexicanus
Paraphidippus nigropilosus Salticidae 5 (Tf from Eris) Paraphidippus nigropilosus
Paraphidippus nitens Salticidae 5 (Tm from Phidippus) Paraphidippus nitens
Phidippus adonis Salticidae 43, f. 95-100 (Dmf) Phidippus adonis
Phidippus adumbratus Salticidae 47, f. C24, 115-119, 349 (m, Df) Phidippus adumbratus
Phidippus albulatus Salticidae 68, f. 215-220 (removed m from S of P. tyrelli, Df) Phidippus albulatus
Phidippus amans Salticidae 85, f. 291-294 (Dmf) Phidippus amans
Phidippus apacheanus Salticidae 89, f. C55-56, 303-313 (mf, S) Phidippus apacheanus
Phidippus ardens Salticidae 92, f. C60, 323-327 (mf) Phidippus ardens
Phidippus arizonensis Salticidae 40, f. C11-12, 82-88 (mf) Phidippus arizonensis
Phidippus arrogans Salticidae 4 (type is juvenile, nomen dubium) Phidippus arrogans
Phidippus asotus Salticidae 37, f. C9-10, 65-70 (m, Df) Phidippus asotus
Phidippus audax Salticidae 72, f. C32-36, 237-243 (mf, S) Phidippus audax
Phidippus aureus Salticidae 87, f. 300-304 (Dmf) Phidippus aureus
Phidippus bidentatus Salticidae 71, f. 232-236 (m, Sf) Phidippus bidentatus
Phidippus boei Salticidae 49, f. C21-22, 127-131 (Dmf) Phidippus boei
Phidippus borealis Salticidae 95, f. 340-344 (mf) Phidippus borealis
Phidippus californicus Salticidae 57, f. 162-170 (m, Sf) Phidippus californicus
Phidippus cardinalis Salticidae 64, f. C47-48, 197-202 (mf, S) Phidippus cardinalis
Phidippus carneus Salticidae 48, f. C20, 4, 120-126 (f, Sm) Phidippus carneus
Phidippus carolinensis Salticidae 32, f. C5-6, 36-42 (mf) Phidippus carolinensis
Phidippus cerberus Salticidae 66, f. 206-210 (Dmf) Phidippus cerberus
Phidippus clarus Salticidae 60, f. C45-46, 184-190 (mf, S) Phidippus clarus
Phidippus comatus Salticidae 31, f. C7, 29-35 (mf, S) Phidippus comatus
Phidippus concinnus Salticidae 80, f. 275-280 (m, Df) Phidippus concinnus
Phidippus cruentus Salticidae 39, f. C13, 76-81, 350 (f, Sm) Phidippus cruentus
Phidippus cryptus Salticidae 81, f. 261-265 (Dmf) Phidippus cryptus
Phidippus dianthus Salticidae 57, f. 171-173 (Df) Phidippus dianthus
Phidippus explorator Salticidae 4 (T from Attus = Salticus, nomen dubium confirmed) Phidippus explorator
Phidippus felinus Salticidae 76, f. 244-247 (Dmf) Phidippus felinus
Phidippus formosus Salticidae 61 (S with Phidippus clarus doubtful, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Phidippus formosus
Phidippus georgii Salticidae 27, f. 12-16 (f, Sm) Phidippus georgii
Phidippus infestus Salticidae 4 (T from Attus = Salticus, nomen dubium confirmed) Phidippus infestus
Phidippus insignarius Salticidae 52, f. 5, 143-147 (mf, S) Phidippus insignarius
Phidippus johnsoni Salticidae 82, f. C52, 3A-B, 266-274 (mf) Phidippus johnsoni
Phidippus kastoni Salticidae 34, f. 49-53 (Dmf) Phidippus kastoni
Phidippus lynceus Salticidae 84, f. 287-290 (Dmf) Phidippus lynceus
Phidippus maddisoni Salticidae 67, f. 211-214 (Dmf) Phidippus maddisoni
Phidippus mimicus Salticidae 63, f. 191-196 (Dmf) Phidippus mimicus
Phidippus morpheus Salticidae 86, f. 295-299 (Dmf) Phidippus morpheus
Phidippus multivagus Salticidae 4 (T from Attus = Salticus, nomen dubium confirmed) Phidippus multivagus
Phidippus mystaceus Salticidae 42, f. C14-16, 89-94, 347 (mf) Phidippus mystaceus
Phidippus nikites Salticidae 88, f. 305-308 (mf) Phidippus nikites
Phidippus octopunctatus Salticidae 26, f. C1, 7-11 (mf) Phidippus octopunctatus
Phidippus olympus Salticidae 84, f. C53-54, 281-286 (Dmf) Phidippus olympus
Phidippus otiosus Salticidae 55, f. C29-31, 154-161 (mf, S) Phidippus otiosus
Phidippus phoenix Salticidae 51, f. C19, 137-142 (Dmf) Phidippus phoenix
Phidippus pius Salticidae 58, f. C43-44, 174-178 (mf, S) Phidippus pius
Phidippus pompatus Salticidae 50, f. 132-136 (Dmf) Phidippus pompatus
Phidippus princeps Salticidae 69, f. C37-38, 221-226 (mf, S) Phidippus princeps
Phidippus princeps pulcherrimus Salticidae 70, f. C39-40, 227-231 (f, Dm) Phidippus pulcherrimus
Phidippus pruinosus Salticidae 36, f. C8, 59-64 (f, Dm) Phidippus pruinosus
Phidippus purpuratus Salticidae 94, f. C57-58, 334-339 (mf) Phidippus purpuratus
Phidippus putnami Salticidae 28, f. C2, 17-21, 345-346 (mf) Phidippus putnami
Phidippus regius Salticidae 54, f. C25-29, 148-153 (mf, S) Phidippus regius
Phidippus richmani Salticidae 30, f. C3-4, 22-28 (Dmf) Phidippus richmani
Phidippus rimator Salticidae 60 (nomen dubium, S with Phidippus clarus is doubtful) Phidippus rimator
Phidippus scrutator Salticidae 4 (T from Salticus = Attus) Phidippus scrutator
Phidippus signatus Salticidae 4 (T from Salticus = Attus) Phidippus signatus
Phidippus sinister Salticidae 4 (T from Salticus, nomen dubium confirmed) Phidippus sinister
Phidippus texanus Salticidae 93, f. C59, 328-333 (mf) Phidippus texanus
Phidippus tigris Salticidae 44, f. C17-18, 101-106 (Dmf) Phidippus tigris
Phidippus toro Salticidae 38, front cover, f. 71-75, 348 (mf) Phidippus toro
Phidippus translatus Salticidae 4 (nomen dubium, type lost, probably misplaced in this genus) Phidippus translatus
Phidippus triangulifer Salticidae 5 (misplaced in this genus) Phidippus triangulifer
Phidippus tux Salticidae 60, f. 179-183 (m, Df) Phidippus tux
Phidippus tyrannus Salticidae 90, f. 314-317 (Dmf) Phidippus tyrannus
Phidippus tyrrelli Salticidae 45, f. C23, 107-114 (mf, S) Phidippus tyrrelli
Phidippus ursulus Salticidae 91, f. 318-322 (Dmf) Phidippus ursulus
Phidippus venus Salticidae 66, f. 203-205 (Dm) Phidippus venus
Phidippus vexans Salticidae 35, f. 54-58 (Dmf) Phidippus vexans
Phidippus whitmani Salticidae 79, f. C49-51, 254-260 (mf, S) Phidippus whitmani
Phidippus workmani Salticidae 77, f. C41-42, 248-253 (f, Sm) Phidippus workmani
Phidippus zethus Salticidae 33, f. 43-48 (Dmf) Phidippus zethus
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