Included taxa

Wunderlich, J. (2004f). The fossil spiders (Araneae) of the families Tetragnathidae and Zygiellidae n. stat. in Baltic and Dominican amber, with notes on higher extant and fossil taxa. Beitr├Ąge zur Araneologie 3: 899-955. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Leviellus caspicus Phonognathidae 928 (T from Zygiella) Leviellus caspica
Leviellus inconveniens Phonognathidae 928, f. 58 (m, T from Zygiella) Leviellus inconveniens
Leviellus kochi Phonognathidae 928, f. 38 (m, T from Zygiella) Leviellus kochi
Leviellus stroemi Phonognathidae 936, f. 39-40 (m, T from Zygiella) Stroemiellus stroemi
Leviellus thorelli Phonognathidae 935 (T from Zygiella) Leviellus thorelli
Zygiella atrica Phonognathidae 948, f. 37 (m) Zygiella atrica
Zygiella carpenteri Phonognathidae 928 (Tmf from Zygiella) Parazygiella carpenteri
Zygiella dispar Phonognathidae 928 (Tmf from Zygiella) Parazygiella dispar
Zygiella montana Phonognathidae 936 (Tmf from Zygiella) Parazygiella montana
Genus Family Page
Leviellus Wunderlich, 2004 Phonognathidae 935
Parazygiella Wunderlich, 2004 Phonognathidae 936
Stroemiellus Wunderlich, 2004 Phonognathidae 936