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Arctobius agelenoides (Emerton, 1919)

  • Rank: Species (Genus type)
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
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  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: USA (Alaska), Canada, Northern Europe, Russia (Far East)
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Taxonomic references
Amaurobius agelenoides Emerton, 1919a: 106, pl. 7, f. 7a-d (Dmf).
Hesperauximus agelenoides Chamberlin, 1947: 18, f. 28 (Tmf from Amaurobius).
Hesperauximus agelenoides Bishop, 1949: 104, f. 11-13 (m).
Arctobius agelenoides Lehtinen, 1967: 215, f. 143-147 (Tmf from Hesperauximus=Badumna).
Arctobius agelenoides Leech, 1972: 93, f. 173-176, 385-386 (mf).
Arctobius agelenoides Palmgren, 1977a: 25, f. 5.17-18 (mf).
Arctobius agelenoides Danilov, 1994: 200, f. 2 (f).
Arctobius agelenoides Almquist, 2006: 326, f. 286a-c (m).
Arctobius agelenoides Tanasevitch & Kamayev, 2011: 8, f. 1-3 (f).
Arctobius agelenoides Marusik, Ballarin & Omelko, 2012a: 57, f. 9-11 (mf).

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