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Mughiphantes cornutus (Schenkel, 1927)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2019-02-19
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Europe, Turkey, Russia (Europe to South Siberia), Kazakhstan
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  • Lectotype: Naturhistorisches Museum, Basel (NMB), Switzerland (database search of type material, 08.04.2019); Lepthyphantes cornutus Schenkel, 1927, 1 m (NMB-ARAN-01678 a)
Taxonomic references
Lepthyphantes cornutus Schenkel, 1927b: 250, f. 13a-c (Dm, not f, =Palliduphantes antroniensis).
Lepthyphantes schenkeli Vogelsanger, 1948: 62 (name for f specimens treated as Lepthyphantes sp. by Schenkel, 1929: 20, preoccupied by Miller, 1937).
Lepthyphantes trilobatus Palmgren, 1965: 33, f. 2 (Df).
Lepthyphantes cornutus Thaler, 1973b: 294, f. 19-37 (mf, S).
Lepthyphantes cornutus Palmgren, 1975: 64, f. 10.20-21 (mf).
Lepthyphantes parvus Tanasevitch, 1990: 27, f. 10.6-8 (Dm).
Lepthyphantes cornutus Heimer & Nentwig, 1991: 178, f. 477 (mf).
Lepthyphantes cornutus Kronestedt, 1993d: 147, f. 2 (f).
Lepthyphantes cornutus Esyunin & Efimik, 1999: 227, f. 1-9 (mf, S).
Mughiphantes cornutus Saaristo & Tanasevitch, 2004: 126, f. 4, 20-21 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes).
Mughiphantes cornutus Aakra et al., 2016: 20, f. 14A-D (mf).

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