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Schizocosa crassipes (Walckenaer, 1837)

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  • Status: accepted
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  • Distribution: USA
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Taxonomic references
Lycosa crassipes Walckenaer, 1837: 323 (Dm).
Lycosa rufa Keyserling, 1877a: 613, pl. 7, f. 2 (Df).
Lycosa stonei Montgomery, 1902: 546, pl. 29, f. 9-10 (Dmf).
Pardosa solivaga Montgomery, 1902: 574, pl. 30, f. 39 (Df).
Schizocosa crassipes Petrunkevitch, 1910: 222.
Schizocosa crassipes Muma, 1943: 54, pl. XII, f. 15 (f).
Schizocosa crassipes Chamberlin & Ivie, 1944: 153, pl. 3, f. 59, pl. 13, f. 187-188 (mf).
Schizocosa crassipes Kaston, 1948: 314, f. 1017, 1030-1031 (mf).
Hogna crassipes Roewer, 1955c: 258.
Schizocosa crassipes Dondale & Redner, 1978a: 152, f. 2, 27-30 (Tmf from Hogna).
Schizocosa crassipes Stratton, 1991: 30, f. 4 (m).
Schizocosa crassipes Parker & Dorris, 1995: 127, f. 2.4 (m).
Schizocosa crassipes Stratton, 2005: 374, f. 17-18, 21 (mf).

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