Included taxa

Roewer, C. F. (1955c). Katalog der Araneae von 1758 bis 1940, bzw. 1954. 2. Band, Abt. a (Lycosaeformia, Dionycha [excl. Salticiformia]). 2. Band, Abt. b (Salticiformia, Cribellata) (Synonyma-Verzeichnis, Gesamtindex). Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique, Bruxelles, 1751 pp. download pdf download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acantholycosa baltoroi Lycosidae 152 Acantholycosa baltoroi
Acantholycosa norvegica Lycosidae 163 Pardosa foveata
Africactenus poecilus Ctenidae 668 Caloctenus poecilus
Agalenocosa bryantae Lycosidae 200 (N.B.: misplaced, per Piacentini, 2014: 4) Agalenoscosa bryantae
Agalenocosa chacoensis Lycosidae 201 (Tf from Lycosa; misplaced, per Piacentini, 2014: 5) Agalenoscosa chacoensis
Agalenocosa denisi Lycosidae 201 (N.B.: misplaced, per Piacentini, 2014: 4) Agalenoscosa denisi
Agalenocosa fallax Lycosidae 200 (N.B.: misplaced, per Piacentini, 2014: 4) Agalenoscosa fallax
Agalenocosa helvola Lycosidae 201 (N.B.: misplaced, per Piacentini, 2014: 5) Agalenoscosa helvola
Agalenocosa kolbei Lycosidae 200 (N.B.: misplaced, per Piacentini, 2014: 4) Agalenoscosa kolbei
Agalenocosa melanotaenia Lycosidae 201 (Tm from Lycosa; misplaced, per Piacentini, 2014: 5) Agalenoscosa melanotaeniata
Agalenocosa pickeli Lycosidae 201 (N.B.: misplaced, per Piacentini, 2014: 5) Agalenoscosa pickeli
Agalenocosa subinermis Lycosidae 200 (N.B.: misplaced, per Piacentini, 2014: 5) Agalenoscosa subinermis
Agalenocosa yaucensis Lycosidae 201 (N.B.: misplaced, per Piacentini, 2014: 5) Agalenoscosa yaucensis
Aglaoctenus oblongus Lycosidae 302 Trochosa oblonga
Aglaoctenus oblongus Lycosidae 302 Trochosa thoas
Allocosa abmingani Lycosidae 205 (Tf from Lycosa) Allocosa abmingani
Allocosa adolphifriederici Lycosidae 202 Allocosa adolphifriederici
Allocosa algoensis Lycosidae 203 Allocosa algoensis
Allocosa apora Lycosidae 207 Allocosa apora
Allocosa aurata Lycosidae 203 Allocosa aurata
Allocosa calamarica Lycosidae 207 Allocosa calamarica
Allocosa cambridgei Lycosidae 201 Allocosa cambridgei
Allocosa chamberlini Lycosidae 209 Allocosa chamberlini
Allocosa comotti Lycosidae 204 Allocosa comotti
Allocosa danneili Lycosidae 206 Allocosa danneili
Allocosa delesserti Lycosidae 203 Allocosa delesserti
Allocosa deserticola Lycosidae 201 Allocosa deserticola
Allocosa dubia Lycosidae 207 Allocosa dubia
Allocosa faberrima Lycosidae 203 Allocosa faberrima
Allocosa finkei Lycosidae 206 Allocosa finkei
Allocosa flavisternis Lycosidae 206 Allocosa flavisternis
Allocosa floridiana Lycosidae 207 Allocosa floridiana
Allocosa gorontalensis Lycosidae 252 Hogna gorontalensis
Allocosa gracilitarsis Lycosidae 203 Allocosa gracilitarsis
Allocosa guianensis Lycosidae 208 Allocosa guianensis
Allocosa halei Lycosidae 206 Allocosa halei
Allocosa handschini Lycosidae 202 Allocosa handschini
Allocosa hasselti Lycosidae 206 Allocosa hasselti
Allocosa hirsuta Lycosidae 203 Allocosa hirsuta
Allocosa hostilis Lycosidae 206 Allocosa hostilis
Allocosa hugonis Lycosidae 206 Allocosa hugonis
Allocosa illegalis Lycosidae 203 Allocosa illegalis
Allocosa ituriana Lycosidae 203 Allocosa ituriana
Allocosa kalaharensis Lycosidae 203 Allocosa kalaharensis
Allocosa karissimbica Lycosidae 203 Allocosa karissimbica
Allocosa kulagini Lycosidae 248 Hogna kulagini
Allocosa laetella Lycosidae 204 Allocosa laetella
Allocosa lawrencei Lycosidae 250 Hogna lawrencei
Allocosa lombokensis Lycosidae 204 Allocosa lombokensis
Allocosa mafensis Lycosidae 203 Allocosa mafensis
Allocosa marshalli Lycosidae 203 Allocosa marshalli
Allocosa martinicensis Lycosidae 208 Allocosa martinicensis
Allocosa mascatensis Lycosidae 285 Pirata mascatensis
Allocosa millica Lycosidae 211 Allocosa millica
Allocosa mirabilis Lycosidae 203 Allocosa mirabilis
Allocosa mogadorensis Lycosidae 202 Allocosa mogadorensis
Allocosa molicola Lycosidae 204 Allocosa molicola
Allocosa morelosiana Lycosidae 208 Allocosa moresoliana
Allocosa nanahuensis Lycosidae 208 Allocosa nanahuensis
Allocosa nigella Lycosidae 204 Allocosa nigella
Allocosa obscuroides Lycosidae 205 Allocosa obscuroides
Allocosa obturata Lycosidae 180 Pardosa obturata
Allocosa olivieri Lycosidae 202 Allocosa olivieri
Allocosa orinus Lycosidae 208 Allocosa orinus
Allocosa palabunda Lycosidae 206 Allocosa palabunda
Allocosa pallideflava Lycosidae 204 Allocosa pallideflava
Allocosa paraguayensis Lycosidae 208 Allocosa paraguayensis
Allocosa pardala Lycosidae 208 Allocosa pardala
Allocosa parvivulva Lycosidae 204 Allocosa parvivulva
Allocosa pistia Lycosidae 204 Allocosa pistia
Allocosa pugnatrix Lycosidae 208 Allocosa pugnatrix
Allocosa retenta Lycosidae 211 Allocosa retenta
Allocosa ruwenzorensis Lycosidae 203 Allocosa mirabilis ruwenzorensis
Allocosa samoana Lycosidae 207 Allocosa samoana
Allocosa schoenlandi Lycosidae 204 Allocosa schönlandi
Allocosa schubotzi Lycosidae 204 Allocosa schubotzi
Allocosa sefrana Lycosidae 202 Allocosa sefrana
Allocosa sjostedti Lycosidae 204 (N.B.: also listed under Pardosa) Allocosa sjöstedti
Allocosa soluta Lycosidae 209 Allocosa soluta
Allocosa tagax Lycosidae 205 Allocosa tagax
Allocosa tarentulina Lycosidae 202 Allocosa tarentulina
Allocosa tenebrosa Lycosidae 205 Allocosa tenebrosa
Allocosa thieli Lycosidae 240 Dingosa thieli
Allocosa tremens Lycosidae 202 Allocosa tremens
Allocosa tuberculipalpa Lycosidae 204 Allocosa tuberculipalpus
Allocosa umtalica Lycosidae 204 Allocosa umtalica
Allocosa veracruzana Lycosidae 209 Allocosa veracruzana
Allocosa yurae Lycosidae 236 Avicosa yurae
Allotrochosina schauinslandi Lycosidae 223 Alopecosa schauinslandi
Alopecosa accentuata Lycosidae 214 Alopecosa barbipes
Alopecosa aculeata Lycosidae 222 Alopecosa aculeata
Alopecosa albofasciata Lycosidae 308 Xerolycosa albofasciata
Alopecosa albofasciata rufa Lycosidae 308 Xerolycosa albofasciata rufa
Alopecosa albonotata Lycosidae 201 Allocosa albonotata
Alopecosa albostriata Lycosidae 213 Alopecosa albostriata
Alopecosa albostriata Lycosidae 216 (belongs to a species related to Mustelicosa dimidiata per Marusik, 2018: 284) Alopecosa erudita
Alopecosa albostriata Lycosidae 307 (belongs to a species related to Mustelicosa dimidiata per Marusik, 2018: 284) Vesubia gertschi
Alopecosa albovittata Lycosidae 213 Alopecosa albovittata
Alopecosa alpicola Lycosidae 213 Alopecosa alpicola
Alopecosa alpicola Lycosidae 218 Alopecosa pastoralis
Alopecosa alpicola Lycosidae 248 Hogna lessertii
Alopecosa alpicola soriculata Lycosidae 213 Alopecosa alpicola soriculata
Alopecosa alpicola vidua Lycosidae 214 Alopecosa alpicola vidua
Alopecosa andesiana Lycosidae 296 Solicosa andesina
Alopecosa balinensis Lycosidae 223 Alopecosa balinensis
Alopecosa beckeri Lycosidae 214 Alopecosa beckeri
Alopecosa cronebergi Lycosidae 215 Alopecosa cronebergi
Alopecosa cuneata Lycosidae 215 Alopecosa cuneata
Alopecosa cursor Lycosidae 215 Alopecosa cursor
Alopecosa edax Lycosidae 308 Xerolycosa edax
Alopecosa exasperans Lycosidae 225 Alopecosa exasperans
Alopecosa farinosa Lycosidae 214 Alopecosa barbipes oreophila
Alopecosa garamantica Lycosidae 231 Arkalosula garamantica
Alopecosa gomerae Lycosidae 247 Hesperocosa gomerae
Alopecosa gracilis Lycosidae 217 Alopecosa gracilis
Alopecosa hirta Lycosidae 217 Alopecosa hirta
Alopecosa hirtipes Lycosidae 217 Alopecosa hirtipes
Alopecosa hirtipes Lycosidae 224 Alopecosa asivak
Alopecosa hirtipes Lycosidae 225 Alopecosa hamiltoni
Alopecosa inimica Lycosidae 217 Alopecosa inimica
Alopecosa inquilina Lycosidae 217 Alopecosa inquilina
Alopecosa kochi Lycosidae 225 Alopecosa gertschi
Alopecosa kochi Lycosidae 263 Jollecosa jollensis
Alopecosa krynickii Lycosidae 234 Avicosa krynickii
Alopecosa kulczynskii Lycosidae 247 Hesperocosa kulczynskii
Alopecosa laciniosa Lycosidae 218 Alopecosa laciniosa
Alopecosa lallemandi Lycosidae 224 Alopecosa lallemandi
Alopecosa latifasciata Lycosidae 218 Alopecosa latifasciata
Alopecosa leonhardii Lycosidae 223 Alopecosa leonhardii
Alopecosa madigani Lycosidae 223 Alopecosa madigani
Alopecosa mariae Lycosidae 218 Alopecosa mariae
Alopecosa mariae Lycosidae 218 Alopecosa mariae orientalis
Alopecosa mojonia Lycosidae 224 Alopecosa mojonia
Alopecosa mutabilis Lycosidae 247 Hesperocosa mutabilis
Alopecosa nemurensis Lycosidae 234 Avicosa nemurensis
Alopecosa notabilis Lycosidae 218 Alopecosa notabilis
Alopecosa oahuensis Lycosidae 223 Alopecosa oahuensis
Alopecosa obsoleta Lycosidae 218 Alopecosa obsoleta
Alopecosa orophila Lycosidae 281 Orthocosa orophila
Alopecosa orotavensis Lycosidae 277 Lynxosa orotawensis
Alopecosa passibilis Lycosidae 197 Pardosops passibilis
Alopecosa pelusiaca Lycosidae 225 Alopecosella pelusiaca
Alopecosa pentheri Lycosidae 196 Pardosella pentheri
Alopecosa pentheri Lycosidae 216 Alopecosa cursor elatior
Alopecosa pentheri Lycosidae 216 Alopecosa cursor insignis
Alopecosa pictilis Lycosidae 237 Avicosa pictilis
Alopecosa pinetorum Lycosidae 219 Alopecosa pinetorum
Alopecosa pulverulenta Lycosidae 227 Alopecosa renidens
Alopecosa pulverulenta tridentina Lycosidae 220 Alopecosa pulverulenta tridentina
Alopecosa raddei Lycosidae 220 Alopecosa raddei
Alopecosa rapa Lycosidae 224 Alopecosa rapa
Alopecosa reimoseri Lycosidae 220 Alopecosa reimoseri
Alopecosa roeweri Lycosidae 220 Alopecosa roeweri
Alopecosa schmidti Lycosidae 216 Alopecosa eichwaldii
Alopecosa schmidti Lycosidae 216 Alopecosa eichwaldii bithynica
Alopecosa schmidti Lycosidae 220 Alopecosa schmidti
Alopecosa sibirica Lycosidae 219 Alopecosa pinnata
Alopecosa sibirica Lycosidae 220 Alopecosa sibirica
Alopecosa sibirica Lycosidae 308 Xerolycosa incompta
Alopecosa simoni Lycosidae 220 Alopecosa simoni
Alopecosa solitaria Lycosidae 295 Solicosa solitaria
Alopecosa solitaria Lycosidae 295 Solicosa teschleri
Alopecosa solivaga Lycosidae 219 Alopecosa poecila
Alopecosa solivaga Lycosidae 221 Alopecosa solivaga
Alopecosa solivaga annulata Lycosidae 221 Alopecosa solivaga annulata
Alopecosa solivaga borea Lycosidae 221 Alopecosa solivaga borea
Alopecosa solivaga katunjica Lycosidae 221 Alopecosa solivaga katunjica
Alopecosa solivaga lineata Lycosidae 221 Alopecosa solivaga lineata
Alopecosa strandi Lycosidae 295 Solicosa strandi
Alopecosa striatipes Lycosidae 221 Alopecosa striata
Alopecosa striatipes Lycosidae 221 Alopecosa striatipes
Alopecosa sulzeri Lycosidae 218 Alopecosa konstantinovi
Alopecosa taeniopus Lycosidae 218 Alopecosa lineatipes
Alopecosa taeniopus Lycosidae 222 Alopecosa taeniopus
Alopecosa trabalis albica Lycosidae 222 Alopecosa trabalis albica
Ancylometes concolor Ctenidae 653 Ctenus niveobarbata
Anoteropsis aerescens Lycosidae 185 Pardosa aerescens
Anoteropsis aerescens Lycosidae 233 (considered a nomen dubium by Framenau, 2002: 211) Artoriella maura
Anoteropsis aerescens Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa albovestita
Anoteropsis arenivaga Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa arenivaga
Anoteropsis hilaris Lycosidae 185 Pardosa taylori
Anoteropsis hilaris Lycosidae 185 Pardosa virgatella
Anoteropsis hilaris Lycosidae 230 Arctosa tremula
Anoteropsis hilaris Lycosidae 236 Avicosa umbrata
Anoteropsis ralphi Lycosidae 206 Allocosa retiruga
Anoteropsis ralphi Lycosidae 224 Alopecosa ralphi
Anoteropsis ralphi Lycosidae 240 Dingosa turbida
Anoteropsis senica Lycosidae 185 Pardosa goyeni
Anoteropsis senica Lycosidae 253 Hogna senica
Anoteropsis urquharti Lycosidae 253 Hogna urquharti
Anoteropsis virgata Lycosidae 301 Trochosa virgata
Antillattus mandibulatus Salticidae 1021 Agobardus mandibularis
Anyphops longipedatus Selenopidae 734 (replacement name) Selenops longipedata
Anzacia debilis Gnaphosidae 382 Anzacia debilis
Anzacia invenusta Gnaphosidae 382 Anzacia invenusta
Anzacia perelegans Gnaphosidae 382 Anzacia perelegans
Anzacia signata Gnaphosidae 383 Anzacia signata
Araneus autumnalis Araneidae 1395 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium; see also Bonnet, 1955: 400) Araneus autumnalis
Araneus corticaloides Araneidae 784 (replacement name) Aranea corticaloides
Araneus lividus Araneidae 1399 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium; see also Bonnet, 1955: 402) Aranea livida
Araneus minutus Araneidae 1400 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium; see also Bonnet, 1955: 403) Aranea minuta
Araneus nitidus Araneidae 1400 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium; see also Bonnet, 1955: 403) Aranea nitida
Araneus pallens Araneidae 1401 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium; see also Bonnet, 1955: 404) Araneus pallens
Araneus speciosus Araneidae 1403 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium; N.B.: interpreted as A. speciosa Pallas, 1773, which is S of Argiope bruennichi, by Bonnet, 1955: 678) Aranea speciosa
Araneus tristis Araneidae 1404 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium; see also Bonnet, 1955: 406). Araneus tristis
Arctosa albopellita Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula albopelliata
Arctosa aliusmodi Lycosidae 230 Arctosa aliusmodi
Arctosa alpigena Lycosidae 231 Arctosa albohastata
Arctosa ambigua Lycosidae 281 Orthocosa ambigua
Arctosa amylaceoides Lycosidae 231 Arkalosula amylaceoides
Arctosa andina Lycosidae 230 Arctosa andina
Arctosa annulipes Lycosidae 304 Trochosomma annulipes
Arctosa astuta Lycosidae 229 Arctosa astuta
Arctosa atriannulipes Lycosidae 246 Gnatholycosa atriannulipes
Arctosa atroventrosa Lycosidae 229 Arctosa lenzi
Arctosa aussereri Lycosidae 230 Arctosa aussereri
Arctosa bacchabunda Lycosidae 229 Arctosa bacchabunda
Arctosa berlandi Lycosidae 229 Arctosa berlandi
Arctosa bogotensis Lycosidae 230 Arctosa bogotensis
Arctosa brauni Lycosidae 229 Arctosa brauni
Arctosa brevispina Lycosidae 229 Arctosa brevispina
Arctosa cinerea obscura Lycosidae 229 Arctosa cinerea obscura
Arctosa daisetsuzana Lycosidae 161 Pardosa daisetsuzana
Arctosa depectinata Lycosidae 225 Arctosa depectinata
Arctosa deserta Lycosidae 225 Arctosa deserta
Arctosa dissonans Lycosidae 225 Arctosa dissonans
Arctosa emertoni Lycosidae 238 Crocodilosa emertoni
Arctosa epiana Lycosidae 230 Arctosa konei epiana
Arctosa figurata Lycosidae 260 Hygrolycosa figurata
Arctosa figurata Lycosidae 265 Lycorma sabulonum
Arctosa frequentissima Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula frequentissima
Arctosa fulvolineata Lycosidae 225 Alopecosella perspicax
Arctosa fulvolineata Lycosidae 297 Triccassa subterranea
Arctosa fusca Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula fusca
Arctosa humicola Lycosidae 298 Triccosta humicola
Arctosa inconspicua Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula inconspicua
Arctosa intricaria Lycosidae 264 Leaenella intricaria
Arctosa ipsa Lycosidae 298 Triccosta japonica
Arctosa ipsa Lycosidae 304 Trochosula ipsa
Arctosa kansuensis Lycosidae 298 Triccosta kansuensis
Arctosa kassenjea Lycosidae 229 Arctosa kassenjea
Arctosa kirkiana Lycosidae 229 Arctosa kirkiana
Arctosa kiwuana Lycosidae 229 Arctosa kiwuana
Arctosa kolosvaryi Lycosidae 246 Gnatholycosa kolosvaryi
Arctosa laccophila Lycosidae 229 Arctosa laccophila
Arctosa lacustris Lycosidae 221 (D) Alopecosa subhirsutella
Arctosa lacustris Lycosidae 226 Arctosa lacustris
Arctosa lacustris Lycosidae 226 Arctosa mayi
Arctosa leaeniformis Lycosidae 264 Leaenella leaeniformis
Arctosa leopardus Lycosidae 277 Megarctosa leopardus
Arctosa leopardus Lycosidae 296 Tetrarctosa brevispina
Arctosa lightfooti Lycosidae 229 Arctosa lightfooti
Arctosa littoralis Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula panamana
Arctosa lutetiana Lycosidae 298 Triccosta lucorum
Arctosa maculata Lycosidae 265 Lycorma amylacea
Arctosa meinerti Lycosidae 237 Bonacosa meinerti
Arctosa minuta Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula cheluncata
Arctosa niccensis Lycosidae 249 Hogna niccensis
Arctosa nivosa Lycosidae 229 Arctosa nivosa
Arctosa nyembeensis Lycosidae 229 Arctosa nyembeensis
Arctosa oneili Lycosidae 285 Pirata oneili
Arctosa pardosina Lycosidae 226 Arctosa pardosina
Arctosa perita arenicola Lycosidae 226 Arctosa perita arenicola
Arctosa personata Lycosidae 298 Triccosta strandi
Arctosa picturella Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula picturella
Arctosa poecila Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula poecila
Arctosa promontorii Lycosidae 230 Arctosa promontorii
Arctosa pugil Lycosidae 230 Arctosa pugil
Arctosa raptor Lycosidae 299 Trochosa raptor
Arctosa rubicunda Lycosidae 239 Crocodilosa rubicunda
Arctosa rubicunda Lycosidae 239 Crocodilosa imperiosa
Arctosa sanctaerosae Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula sanctae-rosae
Arctosa schweinfurthi Lycosidae 230 Arctosa schweinfurthi
Arctosa scopulitibiis Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula scopulitibiis
Arctosa similis Lycosidae 237 Bonacosa similis
Arctosa stigmosa Lycosidae 239 Cynosa stigmosa
Arctosa stigmosa Lycosidae 270 Lycosa turbida
Arctosa subamylacea Lycosidae 234 Avicosa cervina
Arctosa subamylacea Lycosidae 247 Hoggicosa subamylacea
Arctosa swatowensis Lycosidae 230 Arctosa swatowensis
Arctosa tenuissima Lycosidae 266 Lycorma tenuissima
Arctosa tridens Lycosidae 264 Leaenella tridens
Arctosa variana Lycosidae 227 Arctosa soror
Arctosa virgo Lycosidae 211 Allocosa virgo
Arctosa workmani Lycosidae 261 Hygrolycosa workmani
Arctosippa gracilis Lycosidae 231 Arctosippa gracilis
Arctosomma trochosiforme Lycosidae 231 Arctosomma trochosiformis
Argenna polita Dictynidae 1303 Argenna polita
Argiope protensa Araneidae 742 (replacement name for A. gracilis) Argiope gracillima
Artoria berenice Lycosidae 236 Avicosa berenice
Artoria berenice Lycosidae 253 Hogna naeviella
Artoria cingulipes Lycosidae 233 Artoriella cingulipes
Artoria flavimana Lycosidae 233 Artoriella flavimanus
Artoria hebridisiana Lycosidae 277 Lycosula hebridisiana
Artoria impedita Lycosidae 206 Allocosa impedita
Artoria lineata Lycosidae 297 Trabaeosa lineata
Artoria lycosimorpha Lycosidae 233 Artoriella lycosimorpha
Artoria minima Lycosidae 277 Lycosula minima
Artoria pruinosa Lycosidae 240 Dingosa pruinosa
Artoria taeniifera Lycosidae 233 Artoriella taeniifera
Artoria thorelli Lycosidae 277 Lycosula thorelli
Artoriellula bicolor Lycosidae 233 Artoriellula bicolor
Artoriellula celebensis Lycosidae 252 Hogna celebensis
Artoriopsis expolita Lycosidae 236 Avicosa expolita
Ascyltus lautus Salticidae 1023 Ascyltus lautus
Asthenoctenus borellii Ctenidae 637 Asthenoctenus mendozinus
Attulus floricola Salticidae 1248 Sitticus sexsignatus
Atypus sutherlandi Atypidae 212 (lapsus) Atypus southerlandi
Auximella subdifficilis Amaurobiidae 1333 (lapsus) Notolathys difficilis
Badumna bimetallica Desidae 1368 Ixeuticus bimetallicus
Badumna blochmanni Desidae 1368 Ixeuticus blochmanni
Badumna exsiccata Desidae 1368 Ixeuticus exsiccata
Badumna microps Desidae 1369 Ixeuticus microps
Badumna scalaris Desidae 1369 Ixeuticus scalaris
Badumna senilella Desidae 1369 Ixeuticus senilellus
Badumna socialis Desidae 1360 Aphyctoschaema socialis
Ballagascar insularis Salticidae 1529 (nomen dubium ['nicht zu deuten']) Homalattus insularis
Barylestis peltatus Sparassidae 712 Barylestis peltatus
Bathippus brocchus Salticidae 1976 Bathippus brocchus
Bathippus elaphus Salticidae 1076 Bathippus elaphus
Bathippus ringens Salticidae 1077 Bathippus ringens
Bellota fascialis Salticidae 1036 (lapsus) Bellota fusca
Bianor balius Salticidae 1011 Stertinius incitatus
Bianor balius Salticidae 1011 Stertinius balius
Birabenia birabenae Lycosidae 282 Paratrochosina murinella
Birabenia birabenae Lycosidae 292 Scaptocosa sanogastensis
Birabenia vittata Lycosidae 278 Melloicosa vittata
Camillina longipes Gnaphosidae 470 Zelotes tobasi
Camptocosa parallela Lycosidae 209 Allocosa parallela
Cebrennus clercki Sparassidae 1623 (listed as "nicht zu deuten") Philodromus clerckii
Cheiracanthium conspersum Cheiracanthiidae 486 Cheiracanthium conspersum
Cheiracanthium erraticum Cheiracanthiidae 478 Cheiracanthium dumetorum
Cheiracanthium insulare Cheiracanthiidae 1446 (nomen dubium) Clubiona insularis
Cheiracanthium spectabile Cheiracanthiidae 487 Cheiracanthium spectabile
Chiasmopes hystrix Pisauridae 123 Spencerella hystrix
Chira spinosa Salticidae 1171 Akela aurantivittata
Cicurina alpicora Hahniidae 48 (lapsus) Cicurina alpicola
Cicurina breviaria Hahniidae 50 (lapsus) Cicurina exlinea
Cicurina rhodiensis Hahniidae 48, lapsus: listed twice sub Tegenaria and Cicurina, see Tegenaria rhodiensis Cicurina rhodiensis
Ciris rotundata Salticidae 1444 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Ciris rotundata
Cispius affinis Pisauridae 120 Pisaura affinis
Cleocnemis nigra Philodromidae 768 Cleocnemis niger
Clubiona aethiops Clubionidae 1444 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Clubiona aethiops
Clubiona rubripes Clubionidae 1447 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Clubiona rubripes
Coras cavernorum Agelenidae 59 Coras cavernarum
Corythalia hadzji Salticidae 1102 Corythalia hadzii
Cosmophasis cypria Salticidae 1151 Cosmophasis cypria
Cosmophasis gemmans Salticidae 1151 Cosmophasis gemmans
Cosmophasis monacha Salticidae 1153 Cosmophasis monacha
Cosmophasis psittacina Salticidae 1151 Cosmophasis psittacina
Crocodilosa leucostigma Lycosidae 238 Crocodilosa leucostigma
Crocodilosa maindroni Lycosidae 238 Crocodilosa maindroni
Crocodilosa ovicula Lycosidae 238 Crocodilosa ovicula
Crocodilosa virulenta Lycosidae 238 Crocodilosa virulenta
Ctenus decorus Ctenidae 640 Ctenus decorus
Cyclosa pellaxoides Araneidae 757 (replacement name) Cyclosa pellaxoides
Cyriogonus rutenbergi Thomisidae 831 Cynathea rutenbergi
Cyriogonus vinsoni Thomisidae 831 Cynathea vinsoni
Cyrtophora rainbowi Araneidae 758 (replacement name) Cyclosa rainbowi
Cytaea catella Salticidae 1025 Cytaea catella
Cytaea rubra Salticidae 1026 Cytaea rubra
Dendryphantes auratus Salticidae 1458 ("nicht zu deuten!" = nomen dubium) Dendryphantes auratus
Dendryphantes duodecempunctatus Salticidae 1193 Dendryphantes duodecempunctatus
Dendryphantes fulviventris Salticidae 1187 Dendryphantes fulviventris
Dendryphantes sedulus Salticidae 1190 Dendryphantes sedulus
Diahogna exculta Lycosidae 212 Allohogna exculta
Diahogna martensi Lycosidae 239 Diahogna martensii
Diapontia arapensis Lycosidae 279 Mimohogna arapensis
Diapontia uruguayensis Lycosidae 301 Trochosa albopunctata
Diapontia uruguayensis Lycosidae 301 Trochosa infausta
Dictyna moctezuma Dictynidae 1315 (lapsus) Dictyna montezuma
Dingosa liopus Lycosidae 240 (N.B.: misplaced, per Framenau & Baehr, 2007: 1626 Dingosa liopus
Dingosa serrata Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa serrata
Dingosa simsoni Lycosidae 240 Dingosa simsoni
Dingosa venefica Lycosidae 236 Avicosa venefica
Diplocanthopoda marina Salticidae 989 (lapsus) Diplacanthopoda marina
Dolocosa dolosa Lycosidae 264 Leaena dolosa
Dorceus fastuosus Eresidae 1291 Dorceus canicipiti
Draposa lyrivulva Lycosidae 167 Pardosa lyrivulva
Draposa nicobarica Lycosidae 183 Pardosa nicobarica
Draposa tenasserimensis Lycosidae 184 Pardosa tenasserimensis
Drassodes montanus Gnaphosidae 1471 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Drassodes montanus
Drassyllus insularis Gnaphosidae 378 Pterotricha insularis
Ebrechtella concinna Thomisidae 846 (lapsus) Misumenops direythra
Echemus chebanus Gnaphosidae 419 Echemus chebanus
Echemus ghecuanus Gnaphosidae 419 Echemus ghecuanus
Echemus orinus Gnaphosidae 419 Echemus orinus
Echemus plapoensis Gnaphosidae 419 Echemus plapoensis
Edenticosa edentula Lycosidae 241 Edenticosa edentula
Edwardsya simoni Salticidae 1430 (T from Attus, nomen dubium) Salticus simoni
Emathis sobara Salticidae 992 (Tf from Hasarius, lapsus) [] Emathis scabra
Emblyna crocana Dictynidae 1320 (lapsus) Dictyna cronana
Emblyna jonesae Dictynidae 1322 (replacement name) Dictyna jonesae
Emblyna scotta Dictynidae 1319 (replacement name for E. cognata) Dictyna chamberlini
Eris perpasta Salticidae 1198 (lapsus) Dendryphantes perpactus
Euophrys melanoleuca Salticidae 1180 Euophrys melanoleuca
Euryopis quinqueguttata Theridiidae 1177 (lapsus) Euophrys quinquenotata
Eusparassus flavidus Sparassidae 692 Olios flavidus
Eusparassus laevatus Sparassidae 695 Olios laevatus
Eusparassus vestigator Sparassidae 697 Olios vestigator
Evarcha pulchella Salticidae 1045 (T from Ergane; N.B.: Eugasmia is a synonym of Carrhotus) Eugasmia pulchella
Evippa aculeata Lycosidae 154 (superfluous replacement name for Lycosa aculeata, erroneously considered preoccupied by Sundevall, 1833a) Evippa kronebergi
Evippomma evippiforme Lycosidae 155 Evippomma evippiformis
Evippomma evippinum Lycosidae 155 Evippomma evippina
Evippomma squamulatum Lycosidae 155 Evippomma cristata
Firmicus abnormis Thomisidae 833 Firmicus abnormis
Firmicus bragantinus Thomisidae 833 Firmicus bragantinus
Forsterina annulipes Desidae 1368 Ixeuticus annulipes
Forsterina segestrina Desidae 1369 Ixeuticus segestrinus
Foveosa foveolata Lycosidae 179 (f) Pardosa houssabeni
Geolycosa aballicola Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa aballicola
Geolycosa albimarginata Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa albomarginata
Geolycosa ashantica Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa ashantica
Geolycosa bridarollii Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa bridarollii
Geolycosa carli Lycosidae 290 Scaptocosa carli
Geolycosa conspersa Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa conspersa
Geolycosa cyrenaica Lycosidae 241 Geolycosa cyrenaica
Geolycosa egena Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa egena
Geolycosa escambiensis Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa escambiensis
Geolycosa excussa Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa excussa
Geolycosa fatifera Lycosidae 292 Scaptocosa fatifera
Geolycosa festina Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa festina
Geolycosa forsaythi Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa forsaythi
Geolycosa gosoga Lycosidae 292 Scaptocosa gosoga
Geolycosa hectoria Lycosidae 290 Scaptocosa hectoria
Geolycosa hubbelli Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa hubbelli
Geolycosa hyltonscottae Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa hyltonscottae
Geolycosa impudica Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa impudica
Geolycosa incertula Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa incertula
Geolycosa infensa Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa infensa
Geolycosa insulata Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa insulata
Geolycosa ituricola Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa ituricola
Geolycosa kijabica Lycosidae 290 Scaptocosa kijabica
Geolycosa lancearia Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa lancearia
Geolycosa lindneri Lycosidae 290 Scaptocosa lindneri
Geolycosa micanopy Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa micanopy
Geolycosa minor Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa minor
Geolycosa nolotthensis Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa nolotthensis
Geolycosa nossibeensis Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa nossibeensis
Geolycosa ornatipes Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa ornatipes
Geolycosa patellonigra Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa patellonigra
Geolycosa rafaelana Lycosidae 293 Scaptocosa rafaelana
Geolycosa raptatorides Lycosidae 292 Scaptocosa raptatorides
Geolycosa riograndae Lycosidae 293 Scaptocosa riograndae
Geolycosa rogersi Lycosidae 292 Scaptocosa rogersi
Geolycosa rubrotaeniata Lycosidae 244 Geolycosa rubrotaeniata
Geolycosa rufibarbis Lycosidae 244 Geolycosa rufibarbis
Geolycosa sangilia Lycosidae 292 (replacement name) Scaptocosa sangilia
Geolycosa schulzi Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa schulzi
Geolycosa suahela Lycosidae 266 Lycorma suahela
Geolycosa subvittata Lycosidae 290 Scaptocosa subvittata
Geolycosa ternetzi Lycosidae 244 Geolycosa ternetzi
Geolycosa timorensis Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa timorensis
Geolycosa uruguayaca Lycosidae 244 Geolycosa uruguayaca
Geolycosa vultuosa Lycosidae 279 Mimohogna vultuosa
Geolycosa wrighti Lycosidae 294 Scaptocosa wrighti
Gladicosa bellamyi Lycosidae 236 Avicosa bellamyi
Gladicosa euepigynata Lycosidae 258 Hogna euepigynata
Gladicosa gulosa Lycosidae 306 Varacosa gulosa
Gladicosa huberti Lycosidae 293 Scaptocosa huberti
Gladicosa pulchra Lycosidae 293 Scaptocosa pulchra
Gnaphosa badia Gnaphosidae 361 (S of Gnaphosa plebeja confirmed) Gnaphosa badia
Gnaphosa hastata Gnaphosidae 363 (N.B.: apparently an erroneous second listing of G. hastata) Gnaphosa hortula
Gnaphosa jucunda Gnaphosidae 375 Pterotricha jucunda
Gnaphosa muscorum gaunitzi Gnaphosidae 366 (replacement name) Gnaphosa muscorum gaunitzi
Gnaphosa opaca Gnaphosidae 367 (S of Gnaphosa fusca [lapsus] = G. fumosa Herman, 1879 [non C. L. Koch, 1843]) Gnaphosa opaca
Gnatholycosa spinipalpis Lycosidae 246 Gnatholycosa spinipalpi
Habrocestum dyali Salticidae 1119 (replacement name) Habrocestum dyali
Habrocestum sapiens Salticidae 1119 Habrocestum sapiens
Hahnia schubotzi Hahniidae 103 Hahnia kaestneri
Halocosa cereipes Lycosidae 283 Pirata cereipes
Hamadruas signifera Oxyopidae 340 Tapponia signifera
Haplodrassus invalidus Gnaphosidae 399 Haplodrassus invalidus
Haplodrassus moderatus Gnaphosidae 400 (lapsus) Haplodrassus modestus
Haplodrassus silvestris Gnaphosidae 1510 (nomen dubium) Filistata dubia
Hasarius elisabethae Salticidae 1523 (nomen dubium) Hasarius elisabethae
Hasarius inhebes Salticidae 1523 (nomen dubium) Hasarius inhebes
Hasarius kjellerupi Salticidae 1523 (nomen dubium) Hasarius kjellerupi
Hasarius scylax Salticidae 1524 (nomen dubium) Hasarius scylax
Hasarius sulfuratus Salticidae 1524 (nomen dubium) Hasarius sulfuratus
Hasarius workmani Salticidae 1524 (nomen dubium) Hasarius workmani
Heliophanus minutissimus Salticidae 1179 Euophrys minutissimus
Henriksenia hilaris Thomisidae 868 Diaea hilaris
Heteropoda lunula Sparassidae 724 Torania beccarii
Heteropoda lunula Sparassidae 725 Torania beccarii malangana
Heteropoda similaris Sparassidae 703 Olios similaris
Heteropoda striatipes Sparassidae 725 Torania striatipes
Hippasa simoni Lycosidae 311 (N.B.: not = D. olivacea, per Roewer) Hippasa simoni
Hippasella guaquiensis Lycosidae 301 Trochosa guaquiensis
Hoggicosa bicolor Lycosidae 205 Allocosa bicolor
Hoggicosa castanea Lycosidae 206 Allocosa castanea
Hoggicosa castanea Lycosidae 247 Hoggicosa errans
Hogna albemarlensis Lycosidae 241 Galapagosa albemarlensis
Hogna ammophila Lycosidae 262 Isohogna ammophila
Hogna angusta Lycosidae 262 Isohogna angusta
Hogna antelucana Lycosidae 257 Hogna antelucana
Hogna antiguiana Lycosidae 254 (replacement name) Hogna antiguiana
Hogna archaeologica Lycosidae 254 Hogna archaeologica
Hogna atramentata Lycosidae 250 Hogna atramentata
Hogna auricoma Lycosidae 254 Hogna auricoma
Hogna badia Lycosidae 267 Lycorma badia
Hogna balearica Lycosidae 248 Hogna balearica
Hogna baltimoriana Lycosidae 258 Hogna benedicta
Hogna bellatrix Lycosidae 266 Lycorma bellatrix
Hogna beniana Lycosidae 266 Lycorma beniana
Hogna bergsoei Lycosidae 248 Hogna bergsoei
Hogna birabeni Lycosidae 286 (Tm from Pardosa) Pirata sternomaculata
Hogna bivittata Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa bivittata
Hogna bowonglangi Lycosidae 252 Hogna bowonglangi
Hogna brunnea Lycosidae 215 Alopecosa brunnea
Hogna brunnea Lycosidae 231 Arkalosula brevis
Hogna bruta Lycosidae 301 Trochosa bruta
Hogna burti Lycosidae 253 Hogna burti
Hogna carolinensis Lycosidae 257 Hogna carolinensis
Hogna chickeringi Lycosidae 254 Hogna chickeringi
Hogna coloradensis Lycosidae 254 Hogna evagra
Hogna coloradensis Lycosidae 258 Hogna coloradensis
Hogna colosii Lycosidae 254 Hogna colosii
Hogna commota Lycosidae 254 Hogna commota
Hogna conspersa Lycosidae 304 Trochosula conspersa
Hogna constricta Lycosidae 267 Lycorma constricta
Hogna cosquin Lycosidae 254 Hogna cosquin
Hogna crispipes Lycosidae 261 Hygrolycosa crispipes
Hogna crispipes Lycosidae 272 Lycosa rainbowi
Hogna crispipes Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa tongatabuensis
Hogna crispipes Lycosidae 305 Varacosa pulveresparsa
Hogna crispipes Lycosidae 305 Varacosa tanna
Hogna effera Lycosidae 241 Geolycosa iaffa
Hogna effera Lycosidae 260 Hyaenosa effera
Hogna ericeticola Lycosidae 262 Isohogna ericeticola
Hogna exsiccatella Lycosidae 254 Hogna exsiccatella
Hogna felina Lycosidae 248 Hogna felina
Hogna ferox Lycosidae 241 Geolycosa aquila
Hogna filicum Lycosidae 301 Trochosa bruta filicum
Hogna fraissei Lycosidae 265 Lycorma fraissei
Hogna frondicola Lycosidae 209 Allocosa frondicola
Hogna furva Lycosidae 250 Hogna furva
Hogna furva cingulipes Lycosidae 250 Hogna furva cingulipes
Hogna furvescens Lycosidae 266 Lycorma furvescens
Hogna galapagoensis Lycosidae 246 Gnatholycosa galapagoensis
Hogna graeca Lycosidae 248 Hogna graeca
Hogna grazianii Lycosidae 304 Trochosula grazianii
Hogna gumia Lycosidae 254 Hogna gumia
Hogna guttatula Lycosidae 255 Hogna guttulata
Hogna hawaiiensis Lycosidae 253 Hogna hawaiiensis
Hogna heeri Lycosidae 248 Hogna heeri
Hogna hibernalis Lycosidae 277 Lynxosa hibernalis
Hogna hippasimorpha Lycosidae 251 Hogna pulloides hippasimorpha
Hogna indefinida Lycosidae 255 Hogna indefinida
Hogna inexorabilis Lycosidae 277 Lynxosa inexorabilis
Hogna ingens Lycosidae 241 Geolycosa ingens
Hogna inhambania Lycosidae 250 Hogna inhambania
Hogna inominata Lycosidae 252 Hogna inominata
Hogna inops Lycosidae 266 Lycorma inops
Hogna inops masarangi Lycosidae 289 Pterartoria masarangi
Hogna inops lompobattangi Lycosidae 290 Pterartoriola lompobattangi
Hogna insulana Lycosidae 265 Lycorma insulana
Hogna irascibilis Lycosidae 248 Hogna irascibilis
Hogna irumua Lycosidae 251 Hogna pulloides irumua
Hogna karschi Lycosidae 250 Hogna karschi
Hogna labrea Lycosidae 259 Hogna labrea
Hogna lacertosa Lycosidae 253 Hogna lacertosa
Hogna lambarenensis Lycosidae 250 Hogna lambarenensis
Hogna landanae Lycosidae 250 Hogna landanae
Hogna lenta Lycosidae 263 Isohogna lenta
Hogna leprieuri Lycosidae 248 Hogna leprieuri
Hogna leucocephala Lycosidae 248 Hogna leucocephala
Hogna levis Lycosidae 266 Lycorma levis
Hogna ligata Lycosidae 308 Vesubia ligata
Hogna ligata Lycosidae 310 Xerolycosa sanctae-helenae
Hogna likelikeae Lycosidae 262 Isohogna likelikeae
Hogna longitarsis Lycosidae 262 Isohogna longitarsis
Hogna luctuosa Lycosidae 304 Trochosula luctuosa
Hogna luederitzi Lycosidae 266 Lycorma lüderitzi
Hogna lupina Lycosidae 294 Sschizocosa lupina
Hogna maasi Lycosidae 262 Isohogna maasi
Hogna maderiana Lycosidae 241 Geolycosa blackwalli
Hogna maderiana Lycosidae 262 Isohogna maderiana
Hogna manicola Lycosidae 251 Hogna manicola
Hogna maurusia Lycosidae 248 Hogna maurusia
Hogna medellina Lycosidae 255 Hogna medellina
Hogna miami Lycosidae 262 Isohogna miami
Hogna migdilybs Lycosidae 251 Hogna migdilybs
Hogna morosina Lycosidae 255 Hogna morosina
Hogna nervosa Lycosidae 255 Hogna nervosa
Hogna nigrosecta Lycosidae 267 Lycorma nigrosecta
Hogna nychthemera Lycosidae 255 Hogna nychthemera
Hogna oaxacana Lycosidae 255 Hogna oaxacana
Hogna ocellata Lycosidae 249 Hogna ocellata
Hogna ocyalina Lycosidae 251 Hogna ocyalina
Hogna ornata Lycosidae 255 Hogna ornata
Hogna osceola Lycosidae 262 Isohogna osceola
Hogna pardalina Lycosidae 255 Hogna pardalina
Hogna patricki Lycosidae 294 Schizocosa patricki
Hogna persimilis Lycosidae 256 Hogna persimilis
Hogna petersi Lycosidae 266 Lycorma petersii
Hogna petiti Lycosidae 251 Hogna petiti
Hogna planithoracis Lycosidae 256 Hogna planithorax
Hogna posticata Lycosidae 256 Hogna posticata
Hogna principum Lycosidae 251 Hogna principum
Hogna pseudoceratiola Lycosidae 259 Hogna pseudoceraticola
Hogna pulchella Lycosidae 256 Hogna pulchella
Hogna radiata Lycosidae 217 Alopecosa galilaei
Hogna radiata Lycosidae 218 Alopecosa macedonica
Hogna radiata Lycosidae 238 Citilycosa hellenica
Hogna radiata Lycosidae 249 Hogna radiata
Hogna radiata clara Lycosidae 249 Hogna radiata clara
Hogna radiata Lycosidae 269 Lycosa macedonica
Hogna raffrayi Lycosidae 251 Hogna raffrayi
Hogna reducta Lycosidae 256 Hogna reducta
Hogna rufimanoides Lycosidae 274 Lycosa rufimanoides
Hogna ruricolaris Lycosidae 266 Lycorma ruricolaris
Hogna sanctithomasi Lycosidae 256 Hogna sancti-thomasi
Hogna sanctivincenti Lycosidae 256 Hogna sancti-vincenti
Hogna sanisabel Lycosidae 256 Hogna sanisabel
Hogna schreineri Lycosidae 251 Hogna schreineri
Hogna schultzei Lycosidae 251 Hogna schultzei
Hogna senilis Lycosidae 253 Hogna senilis
Hogna simplex Lycosidae 284 Pirata simplex
Hogna snodgrassi Lycosidae 262 Isohogna snodgrassi
Hogna spenceri Lycosidae 251 Hogna spenceri
Hogna sternalis Lycosidae 256 Hogna sternalis
Hogna stictopyga Lycosidae 266 Lycorma stictopyga
Hogna subaustralis Lycosidae 256 Hogna subaustralis
Hogna subligata Lycosidae 253 Hogna subligata
Hogna subtilis Lycosidae 256 Hogna subtilis
Hogna suprenans Lycosidae 259 Hogna suprenans
Hogna swakopmundensis Lycosidae 251 Hogna swakopmundensis
Hogna tantilla Lycosidae 277 Lynxosa tantilla
Hogna taurirtensis Lycosidae 286 Pirata taurirtensis
Hogna ternetzi Lycosidae 267 Lycorma ternetzi
Hogna thetis Lycosidae 251 Hogna thetis
Hogna tigana Lycosidae 263 Isohogna tigana
Hogna timuqua Lycosidae 263 Isohogna timuqua
Hogna tivior Lycosidae 256 Hogna tivior
Hogna tlaxcalana Lycosidae 257 Hogna tlaxcalana
Hogna transvaalica Lycosidae 252 Hogna transvaalica
Hogna travassosi Lycosidae 257 Hogna travassosi
Hogna truculenta Lycosidae 250 Hogna truculenta
Hogna variolosa Lycosidae 267 (Tf from Lycosa, lapsus) Lycorma variculosa
Hogna volxemi Lycosidae 257 Hogna volxemi
Hogna vulpina Lycosidae 257 Hogna vulpina
Hogna wallacei Lycosidae 259 (Tmf from Lycosa) Hogna wallacei
Hogna watsoni Lycosidae 259 Hogna watsoni
Hogna yauliensis Lycosidae 277 Lynxosa yauliensis
Hogna zorodes Lycosidae 257 Hogna zorodes
Hognoides urbanides Lycosidae 246 Gnatholycosa urbanides
Hyaenosa clarki Lycosidae 260 Hyaenosa clarki
Hyetussa secta Salticidae 1254 (lapsus) Breda recta
Hygropoda albolimbata Pisauridae 138 Hygropoda albolimbata
Hygropoda lineata Pisauridae 138 Hygropoda exilis
Hyllus aubryi Salticidae 1051 Hyllus aubryi
Irura pygaea Salticidae 1008 Irura pygaea
Isoctenus eupalaestrus Ctenidae 649 Ctenus eupalaestrus
Itata vadia Salticidae 1145 (lapsus) Itata valida
Jotus maculivertex Salticidae 1094 (lapsus) Jotus maculiventer
Kangarosa alboguttulata Lycosidae 231 Arctosippa alboguttulata
Kangarosa properipes Lycosidae 212 Allohogna properipes
Kangarosa properipes Lycosidae 298 Triccosta phegeia
Kangarosa tristicula Lycosidae 304 Trochosula tristicula
Karakumosa alticeps Lycosidae 247 Hogna alticeps
Karakumosa medica Lycosidae 249 Hogna media
Knoelle clara Lycosidae 206 Allocosa clara
Lasaeola tristis Theridiidae 1685 (nomen dubium) Theridion tibiale
Leptofreya ambigua Salticidae 1179 Euophrys ambigua
Linyphia furva Linyphiidae 1543 (nicht zu deuten) Linyphia furva
Linyphia lugubris Linyphiidae 1544 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Linyphia lugubris
Linyphia pulchella Linyphiidae 1546 (nicht zu deuten) Linyphia pulchella
Lobizon corondaensis Lycosidae 196 Pardosella corondaensis
Lobizon corondaensis Lycosidae 303 Trochosippa anomala
Lobizon minor Lycosidae 303 Trochosippa minor
Lycosa albidorsa Lycosidae 267 ("incert. sed." - taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Lycosa albidorsa
Lycosa approximata Lycosidae 212 Allohogna approximata
Lycosa auroguttata Lycosidae 305 Varacosa auroguttata
Lycosa australicola Lycosidae 205 Allocosa australicola
Lycosa australis Lycosidae 207 Allocosa australis
Lycosa baulnyi Lycosidae 201 Allocosa baulnyi
Lycosa bistriata Lycosidae 252 Hogna bistriata
Lycosa caenosa Lycosidae 271 Lycosa coenosa
Lycosa carmichaeli Lycosidae 182 Pardosa carmicheli
Lycosa cerrofloresiana Lycosidae 305 Varacosa cerrofloresiana
Lycosa chaperi Lycosidae 252 Hogna chaperi
Lycosa cingara Lycosidae 268 Lycosa cingara
Lycosa coelestis Lycosidae 241 Geolycosa sepia
Lycosa coelestis Lycosidae 247 Hogna auribrachialis
Lycosa coelestis Lycosidae 248 Hogna coelestis
Lycosa coelestis Lycosidae 296 Tetrarctosa subcoelestis
Lycosa dacica Lycosidae 238 Citilycosa dacica
Lycosa dilatata Lycosidae 254 Hogna dilatata
Lycosa dimota Lycosidae 205 Allocosa laeta protruda
Lycosa dimota Lycosidae 262 Isohogna dimota
Lycosa erythrognatha Lycosidae 292 Scaptocosa raptoria
Lycosa fasciiventris Lycosidae 202 Allocosa fasciiventris
Lycosa fernandezi Lycosidae 256 Hogna selkirki
Lycosa formosana Lycosidae 265 Lycorma formosana
Lycosa frigens Lycosidae 268 Lycosa frigens
Lycosa fuscana Lycosidae 204 Allocosa fuscana
Lycosa gobiensis Lycosidae 212 Allohogna gobiensis
Lycosa grahami Lycosidae 234 Avicosa grahami
Lycosa grahami Lycosidae 249 Hogna melica
Lycosa guayaquiliana Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa guayaquiliana
Lycosa hickmani Lycosidae 305 (replacement name) Varacosa hickmani
Lycosa hispanica Lycosidae 248 Hogna hispanica
Lycosa hispanica dufouri Lycosidae 201 Allocosa dufouri
Lycosa hispanica dufouri Lycosidae 248 Hogna hispanica dufouri
Lycosa horrida Lycosidae 212 Allohogna horrida
Lycosa immanis Lycosidae 265 Lycorma immanis
Lycosa implacida Lycosidae 187 Pardosa joerandae
Lycosa implacida Lycosidae 208 Allocosa implacida
Lycosa implacida Lycosidae 255 Hogna mülleriana
Lycosa indagatrix Lycosidae 252 Hogna indagatrix
Lycosa indomita Lycosidae 255 Hogna indomita
Lycosa intermedialis Lycosidae 268 (replacement name) Lycosa intermedialis
Lycosa interstitialis Lycosidae 268 Lycosa intersticialis
Lycosa iranii Lycosidae 204 Allocosa iranii
Lycosa ishikariana Lycosidae 261 Ishicosa ishikariana
Lycosa kempi Lycosidae 289 Piratula kempi
Lycosa laeta Lycosidae 205 Allocosa laeta
Lycosa laeta Lycosidae 205 Allocosa laeta curticeps
Lycosa leucophaeoides Lycosidae 200 Agalenoscosa leucophaeoides
Lycosa leucotaeniata Lycosidae 239 Cynosa leucotaeniata
Lycosa leucotaeniata Lycosidae 1717 (Tf from Cynosa) Lycosa leucotaeniata
Lycosa mackenziei Lycosidae 183 Pardosa mackenziei
Lycosa madani Lycosidae 260 Hyaenosa madani
Lycosa magallanica Lycosidae 303 Trochosippa ohlini
Lycosa magallanica Lycosidae 308 Vesubia magallanica
Lycosa masteri Lycosidae 204 Allocosa masteri
Lycosa minae Lycosidae 269 Lycosa minae
Lycosa moulmeinensis Lycosidae 183 Pardosa moulmeinensis
Lycosa munieri Lycosidae 202 Allocosa munieri
Lycosa nigrotibialis Lycosidae 252 Hogna nigrotibialis
Lycosa nordenskjoldi Lycosidae 255 Hogna nordenskjoldi
Lycosa oculata Lycosidae 202 Allocosa oculata
Lycosa pachana Lycosidae 279 Mimohogna pachana
Lycosa patagonica Lycosidae 256 Hogna patagonica
Lycosa phipsoni Lycosidae 205 Allocosa phipsoni
Lycosa phipsoni leucophora Lycosidae 205 (N.B.: this "subspecies" name has priority over L. phipsoni) Allocosa phipsoni leucophora
Lycosa pia Lycosidae 202 Allocosa pia
Lycosa pictipes Lycosidae 213 Allohogna pictipes
Lycosa pictula Lycosidae 205 Allocosa pictula
Lycosa piochardi infraclara Lycosidae 269 Lycosa piochardi infraclara
Lycosa poliostoma Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa poliostoma
Lycosa porteri Lycosidae 236 Avicosa delfini
Lycosa porteri Lycosidae 240 Dingosa porteri
Lycosa praegrandis Lycosidae 202 Allocosa nordmanni
Lycosa prolifica Lycosidae 205 Allocosa prolifica
Lycosa pulchella Lycosidae 212 Allohogna pulchella
Lycosa punctiventralis Lycosidae 274 Lycosa punctiventralis
Lycosa sabulosa Lycosidae 212 Allohogna sabulosa
Lycosa septembris Lycosidae 212 Allohogna septembris
Lycosa sericovittata Lycosidae 275 Lycosa seriovittata
Lycosa shansia Lycosidae 304 Varacosa hsinglungshanensis
Lycosa signata Lycosidae 212 Allohogna signata
Lycosa singoriensis Lycosidae 212 Allohogna singoriensis
Lycosa storeniformis Lycosidae 266 Lycorma storeniformis
Lycosa tasmanicola Lycosidae 272 (Tf from Tarentula=Alopecosa, preoccupied by Hogg, 1905) Lycosa tasmanica
Lycosa teranganicola Lycosidae 261 Ishicosa teranganicola
Lycosa thorelli Lycosidae 255 Hogna passerina
Lycosa thorelli Lycosidae 267 Lycorma thorelli
Lycosa tula Lycosidae 207 Allocosa tula
Lycosa wroughtoni Lycosidae 252 Hogna wroughtoni
Lycosa wulsini Lycosidae 235 Avicosa wulsini
Lycosa yerburyi Lycosidae 253 Hogna yerburyi
Lysania pygmaea Lycosidae 310 Anomalomma pygmaeum
Maevia debilis Salticidae 1422 ("nicht zu deuten!") Attus debilis
Malimbosa lamperti Lycosidae 203 Allocosa lamperti
Mangora leucogasteroides Araneidae 773 (replacement name) Mangora leucogasteroides
Mangora novempupillata Araneidae 774 Mangora novempupillata
Mastira flavens Thomisidae 868 Diaea flavens
Maypacius kaestneri Pisauridae 116 Maypacius kaestneri
Mecaphesa anguliventris Thomisidae 841 Misumenoides anguliventris
Megarctosa aequioculata Lycosidae 278 Megarctosa aequioculata
Megarctosa argentata Lycosidae 277 Megarctosa argentata
Megarctosa gobiensis Lycosidae 277 Megarctosa gobiensis
Megarctosa melanostoma Lycosidae 278 Megarctosa melanostoma
Menemerus bivittatus Salticidae 1268 Menemerus ridens
Mesiotelus libanicus Liocranidae 567 Mesiotelus libanicus
Mesiotelus tenuissimus Liocranidae 566 Mesiotelus alexandrinus
Messua latior Salticidae 1196 (replacement name) Dendryphantes latior
Metaphidippus coccinelloides Salticidae 1192 Dendryphantes coccinelloides
Metazygia pallidula Araneidae 1715 (replacement name for Epeira pallidula Keyserling, 1863, preoccupied in Araneus by Clerck, 1757, but superfluous because of T by Mello-Leitão, 1941) Araneus palloides
Mexcala quadrimaculata Salticidae 1151 Cosmophasis quadrimaculata
Micryphantes albertinae Linyphiidae 1589 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes albertinae
Micryphantes alutacius Linyphiidae 1461, 1589 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubiuim) Micryphantes alutacius
Micryphantes bicolor Linyphiidae 1680 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Theridion bicolor
Micryphantes bicolor Linyphiidae 1589 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes bicolor
Micryphantes bicuspidatus Linyphiidae 1589 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes bicuspidatus
Micryphantes bipunctatus Linyphiidae 1589 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes bipunctatus
Micryphantes ceciliae Linyphiidae 1412 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Argus ceciliae
Micryphantes columella Linyphiidae 1589 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes columella
Micryphantes flavipes Linyphiidae omitted, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick Micryphantes flavipes
Micryphantes galeatus Linyphiidae omitted, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick Micryphantes galeatus
Micryphantes hiemalis Linyphiidae 1589 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes hiemalis
Micryphantes longipes Linyphiidae omitted, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick Micryphantes longipes
Micryphantes lugens Linyphiidae 1590 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes lugens
Micryphantes mathildae Linyphiidae 1413 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Argus mathildae
Micryphantes mathildae Linyphiidae 1590 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes mathildae
Micryphantes olivaceus Linyphiidae 1590 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes olivaceus
Micryphantes punctulatus Linyphiidae 1590 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes punctulatus
Micryphantes rufipalpus Linyphiidae 1590 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes rufipalpus
Micryphantes sulcicollis Linyphiidae 1590 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes sulcicollis
Micryphantes sulculus Linyphiidae 1590 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes sulculus
Micryphantes terrestris Linyphiidae 1590 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes terrestris
Micryphantes villosus Linyphiidae 1590 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Micryphantes villosus
Micythus rangunensis Gnaphosidae 419 Echemus rangunensis
Misumenops decolor Thomisidae 845 Misumenops decolor
Molitorosa molitor Lycosidae 279 Molitorosa molitor
Monaeses xiphosurus Thomisidae 812 Monaeses xiphosurus
Mustelicosa dimidiata Lycosidae 279 Mustelicosa dimidiata
Mustelicosa ordosa Lycosidae 279 Mustelicosa ordosa
Muziris leptochirus Salticidae 1270 Muziris leptochirus
Myrmarachne alticeps Salticidae 944 Myrmarachne alticeps
Myrmarachne attenuata Salticidae 944 Myrmarachne attenuata
Myrmarachne bicurvata Salticidae 944 Myrmarachne bicurvata
Myrmarachne capito Salticidae 945 Myrmarachne capito
Myrmarachne debilis Salticidae 945 Myrmarachne debilis
Myrmarachne edentula Salticidae 945 (lapsus) Myrmarachne edentata
Myrmarachne leptognatha Salticidae 946 Myrmarachne leptognatha
Myrmarachne lugens Salticidae 946 Myrmarachne lugens
Myrmarachne macrognatha Salticidae 947 Myrmarachne macrognatha
Myrmarachne moesta Salticidae 947 Myrmarachne moesta
Myrmarachne nemorensis Salticidae 947 Myrmarachne nemorensis
Myrmarachne nitidissima Salticidae 948 Myrmarachne nitidissima
Myrmarachne pectorosa Salticidae 948 Myrmarachne pectorosa
Myrmarachne pectorosa sternodes Salticidae 948 Myrmarachne pectorosa sternodes
Myrmarachne prognatha Salticidae 948 Myrmarachne prognatha
Myrmarachne robusta Salticidae 949 Myrmarachne robusta
Myrmarachne rufescens Salticidae 949 Myrmarachne rufescens
Naubolus melloleitaoi Salticidae 1270 Naubolus melloleitaoi
Nilus radiatolineatus Pisauridae 148 Thalassius kaestneri
Nomisia varia Gnaphosidae 378 Pterotricha varia
Notocosa bellicosa Lycosidae 185 Pardosa bellicosa
Ocyale huachoi Lycosidae 281 Ocyale huachoi
Ocyale lanca Lycosidae 281 Ocyale lanca
Ocyale pelliona Lycosidae 280 Ocyale pelliona
Olios abnormis Sparassidae 693 Olios abnormis
Olios actaeon Sparassidae 700 Olios actaeon
Olios annandalei Sparassidae 698 Olios annandalei
Olios auricomis Sparassidae 696 Olios schönlandi
Olios batesi Sparassidae 693 Olios batesi
Olios claviger Sparassidae 694 Olios claviger
Olios coccineiventris Sparassidae 700 Olios coccineiventris
Olios coenobitus Sparassidae 694 Olios coenobitus
Olios conspersipes Sparassidae 694 Olios conspersipes
Olios croseiceps Sparassidae 694 Olios croseiceps
Olios fasciculatus Sparassidae 696 Olios spenceri
Olios ferox Sparassidae 700 Olios ferox
Olios fonticola Sparassidae 694 Olios fonticola
Olios inaequipes Sparassidae 698 Olios inaequipes
Olios kruegeri Sparassidae 695 Olios kruegeri
Olios patagiatus Sparassidae 699 Olios patagiatus
Olios praecinctus Sparassidae 703 Olios praecinctus
Olios pulchripes Sparassidae 696 Olios pulchripes
Olios pyrozonis Sparassidae 699 Olios pyrozonis
Olios roeweri Sparassidae 708 (replacement name) Olios roeweri
Olios rossettii Sparassidae 699 (T from Midamus, lapsus) Olios rosettii
Olios rotundiceps Sparassidae 699 Olios rotundiceps
Olios skwarrae Sparassidae 709 Olios skwarrae
Olios socotranus Sparassidae 696 Olios socotranus
Olios spinipalpis Sparassidae 697 Olios spinipalpis
Olios sulphuratus Sparassidae 697 Olios sulphuratus
Olios tarandus Sparassidae 700 Olios tarandus
Olios timidus Sparassidae 693 Olios timidus
Olios trifurcatus Sparassidae 697 Olios trifurcatus
Olios viridis Sparassidae 1609 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Olios viridis
Olios zebra Sparassidae 700 Olios zebra
Opopaea concolor Oonopidae 1623 Pelicinus vernalis
Oramia frequens Agelenidae 1368 Ixeuticus frequens
Orinocosa guentheri Lycosidae 281 Orinocosa guentheri
Orinocosa hansi Lycosidae 281 Orinocosa hansi
Orinocosa paraguensis Lycosidae 281 Orinocosa paraguensis
Oxyopes longetibiatus Oxyopidae 324 Oxyopes longitibiatus
Oxyopes pallidecoloratus nigricans Oxyopidae 324 (lapsus) Oxyopes pallidecoloratus nigrescens
Oxyopes rubriventer paecilus Oxyopidae 325 Oxyopes rubriventer poecilus
Oxyopes taeniatulus Oxyopidae 333 (replacement name) Oxyopes taeniatulus
Ozyptila barbara Thomisidae 875 (lapsus) Ozyptila barbata
Pandercetes peronianus Sparassidae 723 Pandercetes peronianus
Paradictyna rufoflava Dictynidae 1378 Matachia rufoflava
Paratrochosina amica Lycosidae 282 Paratrochosina amica
Paratrochosina insolita Lycosidae 282 Paratrochosina insolita
Paratrochosina sagittigera Lycosidae 282 Paratrochosina sagittigera
Pardosa adustella Lycosidae 156 Pardosa adustella
Pardosa afflicta Lycosidae 186 Pardosa afflicta
Pardosa agricola Lycosidae 157 Pardosa agricola maritima
Pardosa agricola borussica Lycosidae 157 Pardosa agricola borussica
Pardosa agricola fucicola Lycosidae 159 Pardosa arenicola fucicola
Pardosa albatula Lycosidae 196 Pardosops albatula
Pardosa algens Lycosidae 157 Pardosa algens
Pardosa algina Lycosidae 186 Pardosa algina
Pardosa amazonia Lycosidae 182 Pardosa amazonia
Pardosa amentata Lycosidae 170 Pardosa postuma
Pardosa astrigera Lycosidae 161 Pardosa cinereofusca
Pardosa astrigera Lycosidae 172 Pardosa sagiba
Pardosa astrigera Lycosidae 174 Pardosa t-insignita
Pardosa astrigera Lycosidae 234 Avicosa aomorensis
Pardosa astrigera Lycosidae 269 Lycosa phila
Pardosa aurantipes Lycosidae 178 Pardosa aurantipes
Pardosa basiri Lycosidae 182 (N.B.: considered a junior S of P. annandalei by Gajbe, 2004a: 20, without discussion) Pardosa basiri
Pardosa bernensis Lycosidae 160 Pardosa bernensis
Pardosa bleyi Lycosidae 185 Pardosa bleyi
Pardosa brevimetatarsis Lycosidae 182 Pardosa brevimetatarsis
Pardosa chapini Lycosidae 234 (lapsus) Avicosa chopini
Pardosa chapini Lycosidae 234 Avicosa intermixta
Pardosa cinerascens Lycosidae 178 ("spec. incert. sed.") Pardosa cinerascens
Pardosa concolorata Lycosidae 186 Pardosa concolorata
Pardosa condolens Lycosidae 196 Pardosops condolens
Pardosa cribrata Lycosidae 197 Pardosops venatica
Pardosa danica Lycosidae 161 Pardosa danica
Pardosa eiseni Lycosidae 159 Pardosa arctica
Pardosa ejusmodi Lycosidae 162 Pardosa ejusmodi
Pardosa elegans Lycosidae 162 Pardosa elegans
Pardosa erupticia Lycosidae 179 Pardosa erupticia
Pardosa fastosa Lycosidae 186 Pardosa fastosa viota
Pardosa flavida Lycosidae 162 Pardosa flavida
Pardosa fletcheri Lycosidae 182 Pardosa fletcheri
Pardosa fortunata Lycosidae 196 Pardosops fortunata
Pardosa fulvipes Lycosidae 165 Pardosa kervillei montivaga
Pardosa fulvipes Lycosidae 170 Pardosa prativaga fulvipes
Pardosa gerhardti Lycosidae 182 Pardosa gerhardti
Pardosa gracilenta Lycosidae 163 Pardosa gracilenta
Pardosa groenlandica Lycosidae 195 (not a S of P. groenlandica) Pardosa tristis
Pardosa hortensis Lycosidae 159 Pardosa annulata
Pardosa hyperborea Lycosidae 161 Pardosa circumcincta
Pardosa hyperborea Lycosidae 176 Pardosa hyperborea pusilla
Pardosa iniqua Lycosidae 164 Pardosa iniqua
Pardosa injucunda Lycosidae 179 Pardosa feldmanni xanthippe
Pardosa injucunda Lycosidae 180 Pardosa proximella ituria
Pardosa injucunda Lycosidae 235 Avicosa berndti
Pardosa inopina Lycosidae 177 Pardosa inopina
Pardosa inquieta Lycosidae 164 Pardosa inquieta
Pardosa intermedia Lycosidae 164 (N.B.: listed as a junior S of P. palustris by Bonnet) Pardosa intermedia
Pardosa josemitensis Lycosidae 192 (not a S of P. modica) Pardosa josemitensis
Pardosa kratochvili Lycosidae 165 Pardosa kratochvili
Pardosa lapponica Lycosidae 165 Pardosa lapponica
Pardosa laura Lycosidae 234 Avicosa longipedis
Pardosa leprevosti Lycosidae 198 Pardosops leprevosti
Pardosa lombokibia Lycosidae 183 Pardosa lombokibia
Pardosa luctinosa Lycosidae 162 Pardosa entzii
Pardosa luctinosa Lycosidae 162 Pardosa entzii marina
Pardosa lyrata Lycosidae 166 Pardosa lyrata
Pardosa mendicans Lycosidae 179 Pardosa mendicans
Pardosa mongolica Lycosidae 197 Pardosops incilis
Pardosa mongolica Lycosidae 197 Pardosops ricta
Pardosa morosa Lycosidae 159 Pardosa anneae
Pardosa morosa Lycosidae 197 Pardosops morosa
Pardosa mtugensis Lycosidae 177 Pardosa mtugensis
Pardosa naevia Lycosidae 180 Pardosa naevia
Pardosa naevioides Lycosidae 180 Pardosa naevioides
Pardosa nebulosa Lycosidae 168 Pardosa nebulosa
Pardosa nebulosa Lycosidae 174 Pardosa trajani
Pardosa nigra Lycosidae 142 Acantholycosa nigra
Pardosa nigra Lycosidae 160 Pardosa celeris
Pardosa novitatis Lycosidae 180 Pardosa novitatis
Pardosa palliclava Lycosidae 183 Pardosa palliclava
Pardosa palustris Lycosidae 174 Pardosa thoracica
Pardosa palustris Lycosidae 178 Pardosa palustris islandica
Pardosa pinangensis Lycosidae 183 Pardosa pinangensis
Pardosa podhorskii Lycosidae 170 Pardosa podhorskii
Pardosa poecila Lycosidae 170 Pardosa poecila
Pardosa pontica Lycosidae 197 Pardosops pontica
Pardosa profuga Lycosidae 162 Pardosa festinans
Pardosa profuga Lycosidae 171 Pardosa profuga
Pardosa proxima annulatoides Lycosidae 171 Pardosa proxima annulatoides
Pardosa proxima antoni Lycosidae 171 Pardosa proxima antoni
Pardosa psammodes Lycosidae 184 Pardosa psammodes
Pardosa pseudoannulata Lycosidae 161 Pardosa doenitzi
Pardosa pseudoannulata Lycosidae 164 Pardosa innominabilis
Pardosa pseudoannulata Lycosidae 174 Pardosa subtarentula
Pardosa pseudoannulata Lycosidae 182 Pardosa annandalei
Pardosa pseudoannulata Lycosidae 234 Avicosa pseudoannulata
Pardosa pseudoannulata Lycosidae 235 Avicosa pseudoterricola
Pardosa pseudokaragonis Lycosidae 181 Pardosa pseudokaragonis
Pardosa rabulana Lycosidae 184 Pardosa rabulana
Pardosa rascheri Lycosidae 185 Pardosa rascheri
Pardosa ruanda Lycosidae 181 Pardosa ruanda
Pardosa schenkeli Lycosidae 199 Passiena schenkeli
Pardosa selengensis Lycosidae 172 Pardosa selengensis
Pardosa serena Lycosidae 173 Pardosa serena
Pardosa sinistra Lycosidae 194 (not a S of P. groenlandica) Pardosa sinistra
Pardosa sordidecolorata Lycosidae 181 Pardosa sordidecolorata
Pardosa sowerbyi Lycosidae 277 Lynxosa sowerbyi
Pardosa sternalis Lycosidae 194 (removed from S, removal rejected by subsequent workers) Pardosa seydi
Pardosa strix Lycosidae 188 Pardosa strix
Pardosa subproximella Lycosidae 181 Pardosa subproximella
Pardosa subsordidatula Lycosidae 197 Pardosops subsordidatula
Pardosa sumatrana Lycosidae 231 Arkalosula chengta
Pardosa sumatrana Lycosidae 237 Chorilycosa arorai
Pardosa sutherlandi Lycosidae 184 Pardosa sutherlandi
Pardosa taczanowskii Lycosidae 174 Pardosa taczanowskii
Pardosa takahashii Lycosidae 304 Varacosa takahashii
Pardosa tatarica Lycosidae 174 Pardosa tatarica
Pardosa tenuipes Lycosidae 197 Pardosops tenuipes
Pardosa tesquorum Lycosidae 197 Pardosops tesquorum
Pardosa thalassia Lycosidae 184 Pardosa thalassia
Pardosa thorelli Lycosidae 174 Pardosa thorelli
Pardosa timidula Lycosidae 252 Hogna timidula
Pardosa trailli Lycosidae 160 Pardosa carnifex
Pardosa trailli Lycosidae 174 Pardosa trailli
Pardosa tridentis Lycosidae 174 (lapsus) Pardosa tridentia
Pardosa trifoveata Lycosidae 184 Pardosa trifoveata
Pardosa tristicella Lycosidae 188 (Tf from Lycosa) Pardosa tristicella
Pardosa tristiculella Lycosidae 184 Pardosa tristiculella
Pardosa turkestanica Lycosidae 197 Pardosops turkestanica
Pardosa v-signata Lycosidae 188 (lapsus) Pardosa v-insignita
Pardosa vagula Lycosidae 184 Pardosa vagula
Pardosa valida Lycosidae 181 Pardosa valida
Pardosa vindex Lycosidae 174 Pardosa vindex
Pardosa vinsoni Lycosidae 182 (incertae sedis) Pardosa vinsoni
Pardosa virgata Lycosidae 197 Pardosops virgata
Pardosa xerampelina Lycosidae 198 (replacement name for Lycosa impavida) Pardosops impavidula
Pardosa zorimorpha Lycosidae 182 Pardosa zorimorpha
Pavocosa feisica Lycosidae 282 Pavocosa feisica
Pavocosa gallopavo Lycosidae 282 Pavocosa gallopavo
Pavocosa herteli Lycosidae 282 Pavocosa herteli
Pavocosa langei Lycosidae 282 Pavocosa langei
Pavocosa siamensis Lycosidae 282 Pavocosa siamensis
Pelecopsis affinis Linyphiidae 1549 (nicht zu deuten) Lophocarenum affine
Peucetia macroglossa Oxyopidae 338 Peucetia melloleitaoi
Phiale longibarba Salticidae 1171 Akela longobarba
Phidippus birabeni Salticidae 1191 (N.B.: misplaced in this genus, per Edwards, 2004: 5) Dendryphantes birabeni
Phidippus hingstoni Salticidae 1195 (lapsus) Dendryphantes kingstoni
Philodromus archettii Philodromidae 783 Philodromus archetti
Philodromus peninsulanus Philodromidae 788 Philodromus michiganensis
Philoponella lunaris Uloboridae 1343 Uloborus lunaris
Phoneyusa nigroventris Theraphosidae 1654 ("nicht zu deuten!") Selenocosmia nigroventris
Phrurolithus festivus Phrurolithidae 569 Scotina celer
Pimus pitus Amaurobiidae 1371 (lapsus) Pimus pictus
Pirata abalosi Lycosidae 296 Sosilaus abalosi
Pirata alachuus Lycosidae 207 Allocosa alachua
Pirata allapahae Lycosidae 207 Allocosa allapahae
Pirata apalacheus Lycosidae 273 Lycosa apalachea
Pirata aspirans Lycosidae 209 Allocosa arenicola
Pirata aspirans Lycosidae 209 Allocosa aspirans
Pirata brevipes Lycosidae 285 Pirata brevipes
Pirata browni Lycosidae 207 Allocosa browni
Pirata chamberlini Lycosidae 288 Piratula chamberlini
Pirata felix Lycosidae 207 Allocosa felix
Pirata felix Lycosidae 208 Allocosa grata
Pirata mayaca Lycosidae 208 Allocosa mayaca
Pirata mayaca Lycosidae 289 Piratula gertschi
Pirata montanoides Lycosidae 259 Hogna montanoides
Pirata montanus Lycosidae 259 Hogna montanus
Pirata nanatus Lycosidae 274 Lycosa nanata
Pirata pallipes Lycosidae 283 Pirata pallipes
Pirata piratellus Lycosidae 283 Pirata piratella
Pirata piratimorphus Lycosidae 289 (N.B.: presumably misplaced in Pirata) Piratula piratimorpha
Pirata praedo Lycosidae 288 Piratula praedo
Pirata rubicundicoloratus Lycosidae 284 Pirata rubicundocolorata
Pirata sagitta Lycosidae 296 Sosilaus sagitta
Pirata sedentarius Lycosidae 211 Allocosa maculata
Pirata sedentarius Lycosidae 289 Piratula sedentarius
Pirata seminolus Lycosidae 289 Piratula seminola
Pirata soukupi Lycosidae 296 Sosilaus soukupi
Pirata subannulipes Lycosidae 285 Pirata subannulipes
Pirata subpiraticus Lycosidae 288 Piratula subpiraticus
Pirata suwaneus Lycosidae 209 Allocosa suwanea
Pirata timidus Lycosidae 296 (N.B.: considered nomen dubium) Sosilaus timidus
Pirata zavattarii Lycosidae 286 Pirata zavattarii
Piratula clercki Lycosidae 287 Piratula clercki
Piratula gigantea Lycosidae 232 Arkalosula gigantea
Piratula hygrophila Lycosidae 287 Piratula hygrophila
Piratula insularis Lycosidae 210 Allocosa insularis
Piratula knorri Lycosidae 287 Piratula eugeni
Piratula knorri Lycosidae 288 Piratula knorri
Piratula latitans Lycosidae 288 Piratula latitans
Piratula minuta Lycosidae 210 Allocosa humicola
Piratula minuta Lycosidae 286 Piratessa minutus
Piratula piratoides Lycosidae 288 Piratula piratoides
Piratula procurva Lycosidae 260 Hyaenosa sagaphila
Piratula procurva Lycosidae 288 Piratula procurva
Pisaura quadrilineata Pisauridae 792 Thanatus quadrilineatus
Pistius truncatus Thomisidae 1510 (nomen dubium) Filistata truncata
Pristobaeus fuscoannulatus Salticidae 1084 Palpelius fuscoannulatus
Proevippa albiventris Lycosidae 310 Chaleposa albiventris
Proevippa biampliata Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa cretata
Proevippa bruneipes Lycosidae 300 Trochosa bruneipes
Proevippa dregei Lycosidae 229 Arctosa dregei
Proevippa schreineri Lycosidae 311 Chaleposa bisinuata
Proevippa schreineri Lycosidae 311 Chaleposa schreineri
Prolycosides amblygyna Lycosidae 289 Prolycosides amblygyna
Pronopius providus Theridiidae omitted, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick Pronopius providus
Pseudamycus validus Salticidae 1091 Pseudamycus validus
Pseudophthalmus schmidti Agelenidae 1640 (nomen dubium) Pseudophthalmus schmidti
Pterartoria caldaria Lycosidae 289 Pterartoriola caldaria
Pterartoria lativittata Lycosidae 289 Pterartoriola lativittata
Pterartoria sagae Lycosidae 290 Pterartoriola sagae
Pterartoria subcrucifera Lycosidae 290 Pterartoriola subcrucifera
Pterotricha aethiopica Gnaphosidae 377 Pterotricha aethiopica
Pterotricha auris Gnaphosidae 377 Pterotricha auris
Pterotricha marginalis Gnaphosidae 377 Pterotricha marginalis
Pterotricha quagga Gnaphosidae 378 Pterotricha quagga
Pterotricha saga Gnaphosidae 376 Pterotricha saga
Rabidosa carrana Lycosidae 305 Varacosa carrana
Rabidosa hentzi Lycosidae 278 Megarctosa hentzi
Rabidosa punctulata Lycosidae 263 Isohogna punctulata
Rabidosa rabida Lycosidae 290 Rabidosa rabida
Rejanellus granulatus Thomisidae 757 Onocolus granulatus
Remmius variatus Sparassidae 697 Olios variatus
Rhene brevipes Salticidae 1234 Rhene brevipes
Rhene leucomelas Salticidae 1234 (N.B.: see Prószyński, 2009b: 164, f. 47-52, sub Simaetha) Rhene leucomelas
Rhene mordax Salticidae 1235 Rhene mordax
Rhene mus Salticidae 1235 Rhene mus
Rhene saeva Salticidae 1235 Rhene saeva
Rhitymna cursor Sparassidae 698 Olios cursor
Rhitymna imerinensis Sparassidae 681 (N.B.: misplaced, per Jäger, 2003: 101) Rhitymna imerinensis
Rishaschia mandibularis Salticidae 1068 Asaracus roeweri
Rishaschia mandibularis Salticidae 1426 (nomen dubium) Salticus mandibularis
Rishaschia mandibularis Salticidae 1421 (nomen dubium) Salticus cabanisi
Robertus dubius Theridiidae 1602 (= ? Ctenium (Robertus) arundineti) Neriene dubia
Saaristoa abnormis Linyphiidae 1603 ("nicht zu deuten") Neriene pilosa
Saitis perplexides Salticidae 1098 Saitis perplexides
Saitis signatus Salticidae 1097 Saitis signatus
Salticus scitulus Salticidae 1649 (nomen dubium) Salticus scitulus
Salticus unciger Salticidae 1426 (nomen dubium) Salticus mandibularis
Sandalodes pumicatus Salticidae 1067 Sandalodes pumicatus
Sarinda atrata Salticidae 952 (lapsus) Sarinda armata
Schizocosa altamontis Lycosidae 236 Avicosa altamontis
Schizocosa arua Lycosidae 235 Avicosa arua
Schizocosa avida Lycosidae 236 Avicosa avida
Schizocosa bilineata Lycosidae 275 Lycosa bilineata
Schizocosa cecili Lycosidae 235 Avicosa cecili
Schizocosa ceratiola Lycosidae 236 Avicosa ceraticola
Schizocosa chelifasciata Lycosidae 294 (Tm from Lycosa) Schizocosa chelifasciata
Schizocosa concolor Lycosidae 234 Avicosa concolor
Schizocosa crassipes Lycosidae 258 Hogna crassipes
Schizocosa darlingi Lycosidae 235 Avicosa darlingi
Schizocosa duplex Lycosidae 262 Isohogna duplex
Schizocosa ehni Lycosidae 235 Avicosa ehni
Schizocosa floridana Lycosidae 305 Varacosa floridana
Schizocosa fragilis Lycosidae 235 Avicosa fragilis
Schizocosa hebes Lycosidae 234 Avicosa hebes
Schizocosa hewitti Lycosidae 235 Avicosa hewitti
Schizocosa humilis Lycosidae 262 Isohogna episima
Schizocosa malitiosa Lycosidae 236 Avicosa malitiosa
Schizocosa mccooki Lycosidae 237 Avicosa wasatchensis
Schizocosa mimula Lycosidae 211 Allocosa mimula
Schizocosa mimula Lycosidae 294 Schizocosa coahuilana
Schizocosa minahassae Lycosidae 235 Avicosa minahassae
Schizocosa minnesotensis Lycosidae 237 Avicosa minnesotensis
Schizocosa minor Lycosidae 235 Avicosa hewitti minor
Schizocosa obscoena Lycosidae 294 Schizocosa obscoena
Schizocosa pilipes Lycosidae 235 Avicosa chinchoxensis
Schizocosa proletaria Lycosidae 236 Avicosa proletaria
Schizocosa retrorsa Lycosidae 293 Scaptocosa retrorsa
Schizocosa rubiginea Lycosidae 235 Avicosa rubiginea
Schizocosa salsa Lycosidae 263 Isohogna salsa
Schizocosa segregata Lycosidae 306 Varacosa segregata
Schizocosa semiargentea Lycosidae 294 Schizocosa semiargentea
Schizocosa serranoi Lycosidae 236 Avicosa serranoi
Schizocosa subpersonata Lycosidae 235 Avicosa subpersonata
Schizocosa tamae Lycosidae 294 Schizocosa tamae
Schizocosa tenera Lycosidae 235 Avicosa tenera
Schizocosa vulpecula Lycosidae 236 Avicosa vulpecula
Schoenobates walkeri Linyphiidae 1652 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Schoenobates walkeri
Scopoides catharius Gnaphosidae 432 (lapsus) Scopodes catharinus
Scytodes univittata Scytodidae 330 (lapsus) Scytodes pnocitens
Selenops cocheleti Selenopidae 738 (replacement name for S. aculeatus) Selenops columbianus
Sestakovaia annulipes Liocranidae 567 Mesiotelus annulipes
Setaphis subtilis Gnaphosidae 411 Camillina lutea
Sibirocosa sibirica Lycosidae 173 Pardosa sibirica
Sibirocosa subsolana Lycosidae 173 Pardosa subsolana
Sicarius thomisoides Sicariidae 1655 ("Sicaria thomisoides Simon, 1864 = nicht zu deuten") Sicaria thomisoides
Siratoba reticens Uloboridae 1335 Ariston reticeus
Sosippus californicus Lycosidae 313 Sosippinus californicus
Sosippus californicus Lycosidae 313 Sosippinus pragmaticus
Sosippus mimus Lycosidae 313 Sosippinus mimus
Synema cervinum Thomisidae 885 Synema cervinum
Synema globosum nigriventre Thomisidae 886 Synema globosum nigriventre
Syspira monticola Miturgidae 407 Teminius monticola
Systaria insulana Miturgidae 404 Hypodrassodes insulanus
Tasmanicosa gilberta Lycosidae 307 Venonia gilberta
Tasmanicosa godeffroyi Lycosidae 207 Allocosa woodwardi
Tasmanicosa godeffroyi Lycosidae 207 Allocosa zualella
Tasmanicosa godeffroyi Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa godeffroyi
Tasmanicosa godeffroyi Lycosidae 240 Dingosa tasmanica
Tasmanicosa leuckartii Lycosidae 236 Avicosa cristopheri
Tasmanicosa leuckartii Lycosidae 291 Scaptocosa leuckarti
Tasmanicosa leuckartii Lycosidae 206 Allocosa molyneuxi
Tasmanicosa phyllis Lycosidae 281 Orinocosa stirlingae
Tasmanicosa phyllis Lycosidae 305 Varacosa phyllis
Tasmanicosa ramosa Lycosidae 239 Cynosa ramosa
Tasmanicosa semicincta Lycosidae 282 Orthocosa semicincta
Tasmanicosa subrufa Lycosidae 266 Lycorma subrufa
Tegenaria rhodiensis Agelenidae 48 (lapsus: listed twice sub Tegenaria and Cicurina) [] Cicurina rhodiensis
Telamonia agapeta Salticidae 1170 Telamonia agapeta
Telamonia coeruleostriata Salticidae 1169 Telamonia coeruleostriata
Telamonia latruncula Salticidae 1169 Telamonia latruncula
Telamonia luteocincta Salticidae 1169 Telamonia luteocincta
Telamonia scalaris Salticidae 1169 Telamonia scalaris
Telamonia trabifera Salticidae 1170 Telamonia trabifera
Telamonia trochilus Salticidae 1169 Telamonia trochila
Tetralycosa oraria Lycosidae 238 Crocodilosa oraria
Tetralycosa oraria Lycosidae 253 Hogna sibyllina
Tetralycosa oraria Lycosidae 296 Tetralycosa meracula
Tetralycosa oraria Lycosidae 304 Trochosula candicans
Teudis juradoi Anyphaenidae 549 (lapsus) Teudis juradei
Thallumetus octomaculellus Dictynidae 1334 (lapsus) Thallumetus octomaculatus
Theridion nebulosum Theridiidae 1683 ("nicht zu deuten" = nomen dubium) Theridion nebulosum
Thiratoscirtus cinctus Salticidae 1092 Thiratoscirtus cinctus
Thomisus spiculosus Thomisidae 596 (lapsus) Olios spiculosus
Thorelliola monoceros Salticidae 991 Thorelliola monoceros
Tibellus spinosus Philodromidae 801 Tibellus spinosus
Tigrosa annexa Lycosidae 257 Hogna annexa
Tigrosa aspersa Lycosidae 261 Hygrolycosa aspersa
Tigrosa georgicola Lycosidae 210 Allocosa georgicola
Tigrosa grandis Lycosidae 244 Geolycosa grandis
Tigrosa grandis Lycosidae 259 Hogna permunda
Tigrosa helluo Lycosidae 258 Hogna helluo
Titidius brasiliensis Thomisidae 814 (lapsus: listed twice sub Titiotus and Titidius (Thomisidae)) Titidius brasiliensis
Tomis palpalis Salticidae 1252 (lapsus) Tomis jonesi
Trabea heteroculata Lycosidae 297 Trabaeosa heteroculata
Trabea nigriceps Lycosidae 297 Trabaeosa nigriceps
Trabea purcelli Lycosidae 297 Trabaeosa purcelli
Trabea rubriceps Lycosidae 297 Trabaeosa rubriceps
Trabea unicolor Lycosidae 297 Trabaeosa unicolor
Trabea varia Lycosidae 297 Trabaeosa varia
Trabeops aurantiacus Lycosidae 198 (T from Trabea) Pardosops aurantiaca
Trebacosa marxi Lycosidae 287 Piratessa marxi
Tricholathys hansi Dictynidae 1335 Tricholathys hansi
Trochosa abdita Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa abdita
Trochosa arctosina Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa arctosina
Trochosa beltran Lycosidae 301 Trochosa beltran
Trochosa bukobae Lycosidae 300 Trochosa bukobae
Trochosa charmina Lycosidae 305 Varacosa pseudofurva charmina
Trochosa corporaali Lycosidae 298 Trochosa corporaali
Trochosa entebbensis Lycosidae 300 Trochosa entebbensis
Trochosa eugeni Lycosidae 303 Trochosippa eugeni
Trochosa fabella Lycosidae 296 Sosilaus fabella
Trochosa hoggi Lycosidae 304 Varacosa hoggi
Trochosa iviei Lycosidae 305 Varacosa iviei
Trochosa kaieteurensis Lycosidae 305 Varacosa kaieteurensis
Trochosa kalukanai Lycosidae 301 Trochosa kalukanai
Trochosa lucasi Lycosidae 278 Metatrochosina lucasi
Trochosa magdalenensis Lycosidae 301 Trochosa magdalenensis
Trochosa malayana Lycosidae 303 Trochosippa malayana
Trochosa masumbica Lycosidae 304 Varacosa masumbica
Trochosa meruensis Lycosidae 303 Trochosippa meruensis
Trochosa niveopilosa Lycosidae 302 Trochosa niveopilosa
Trochosa obscura Lycosidae 303 Trochosippa obscura
Trochosa papakula Lycosidae 305 Varacosa papakula
Trochosa paranaensis Lycosidae 302 Trochosa paranaensis
Trochosa pardaloides Lycosidae 302 Trochosa pardaloides
Trochosa pardosella Lycosidae 303 Trochosippa pardosella
Trochosa parviguttata Lycosidae 238 Crocodilosa parviguttata
Trochosa praetecta Lycosidae 238 Crocodilosa praetecta
Trochosa presumptuosa Lycosidae 302 Trochosa praesumptuosa
Trochosa pseudofurva Lycosidae 305 Varacosa pseudofurva
Trochosa punctipes Lycosidae 238 Crocodilosa punctipes
Trochosa reichardtiana Lycosidae 306 Varacosa reichardtiana
Trochosa ruricola Lycosidae 247 Hoggicosa atlantica
Trochosa ruricola Lycosidae 304 Trochosula lacernata
Trochosa sanlorenziana Lycosidae 306 Varacosa sanlorenziana
Trochosa semoni Lycosidae 300 Trochosa semoni
Trochosa sepulchralis Lycosidae 245 Geolycosa sepulchralis
Trochosa sepulchralis Lycosidae 306 Varacosa acompa
Trochosa sericea Lycosidae 256 Hogna sericea
Trochosa terricola Lycosidae 213 Allohogna pratensis
Trochosa terricola Lycosidae 286 Piratessa dybowskii
Trochosa urbana Lycosidae 282 Paratrochosina arctosaeformis
Trochosa urbana Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa urbana gofensis
Trochosa urbana Lycosidae 241 Geolycosa urbana
Trochosa urbana Lycosidae 242 Geolycosa urbana hova
Trochosa urbana Lycosidae 266 Lycorma sansibarensis
Trochosa urbana Lycosidae 285 Pirata molensis
Trochosa ursina Lycosidae 294 Schizocosa ursina
Trochosa vulvella Lycosidae 279 Metatrochosina vulvella
Urozelotes rusticus Gnaphosidae 369 (lapsus for Zelotes scutatus) Gnaphosa scutata
Varacosa apothetica Lycosidae 306 Varacosa apothetica
Varacosa gosiuta Lycosidae 306 Varacosa gosiuta
Varacosa parthenus Lycosidae 306 Varacosa parthenus
Varacosa shenandoa Lycosidae 307 Varacosa shenandoa
Venator immansuetus Lycosidae 253 Hogna immansueta
Venatrix arenaris Lycosidae 305 Varacosa arenaris
Venatrix brisbanae Lycosidae 286 Pirata brisbanae
Venatrix funesta Lycosidae 223 Alopecosa funesta
Venatrix funesta Lycosidae 307 Venatrix fusca
Venatrix furcillata Lycosidae 206 Allocosa furcillata
Venatrix konei Lycosidae 230 Arctosa konei
Venatrix konei Lycosidae 280 Mustelicosa goyderi
Venatrix ornatula Lycosidae 206 Allocosa ornatula
Venatrix pictiventris Lycosidae 243 Geolycosa pictiventris
Venatrix pullastra Lycosidae 206 Allocosa percauta
Venatrix pullastra Lycosidae 206 Allocosa propitia
Venatrix pullastra Lycosidae 253 Hogna pullastra
Venatrix pullastra Lycosidae 253 Hogna marcentior
Venatrix pullastra Lycosidae 253 Hogna segregis
Venatrix speciosa Lycosidae 253 Hogna speciosa
Vesubia caduca Lycosidae 301 Trochosa caduca
Vesubia vivax Lycosidae 308 Vesubia vivax
Wadicosa fidelis Lycosidae 160 (lapsus) Pardosa biarmillata
Wadicosa quadrifera Lycosidae 184 Pardosa quadrifer
Wulfila fasciculus Anyphaenidae 530 (lapsus) Anyphaenella fasciculata
Xerolycosa nemoralis Lycosidae 290 Saitocosa flavitibia
Xysticus atrimaculatus Thomisidae 896 Xysticus audax atrimaculatus
Xysticus doriai Thomisidae 900 Xysticus doriai
Xysticus paiutus Thomisidae 915 (lapsus) Xysticus paintus
Zorocrates unicolor Zoropsidae 607 (T, rejected) Anachemmis unicolor
Zosis geniculata timorensis Uloboridae 1337 Uloborus geniculatus timorensis
Zyuzicosa fulviventris Lycosidae 268 Lycosa fulviventris
Zyuzicosa laetabunda Lycosidae 165 Pardosa laetabunda
No genus found for this reference