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Orsinome vethi (Hasselt, 1882)

  • Rank: Species (Genus type)
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2018-07-10
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: India, China, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Flores)
Type deposit: provide information
Taxonomic references
Pachygnatha vethii van Hasselt, 1882: 32 (Dm).
Orsinome vethi Thorell, 1890a: 209 (Df).
Orsinome vethi Simon, 1895a: 736, f. 798-800.
Orsinome listeri Gravely, 1921b: 449, f. 7c (Dmf) [].
Labulla nepula Tikader, 1970: 21, f. 13a-d (Dmf; misplaced in this genus per Hormiga & Scharff, 2005: 393) [].
Leucauge lygisma Wang, 1991a: 154, f. 10-12 (m, misidentified).
Leucauge lygisma Song, Zhu & Chen, 1999: 216, f. 121J, 122G-H, 130N-O (m, misidentified).
Orsinome vethi Zhu, Song & Zhang, 2003: 295, f. 165A-F, 166A-G, pl. XA-D (mf).
Orsinome vethi Jäger & Praxaysombath, 2009: 33, f. 19-23 (f).
Orsinome vethi Álvarez-Padilla & Hormiga, 2011: 791, f. 100A-G, 101A-H, 102A-F, 103A-F, 104A-D (mf).
Orsinome cf. vethi Sankaran et al., 2017b: 319, f. 12J-K, 20A-F, 21A-G (mf).
Orsinome vethi Caleb, Ghosh & Kumar, 2018: 343, f. 1-32 (mf, S of Orsinome listeri and Labulla nepula).

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Edit history
Date Type Reference Detail
2018-07-10 Species distribution update Caleb, Ghosh & Kumar, 2018 n/a (Old value)
2018-07-10 Species synonymy Caleb, Ghosh & Kumar, 2018 Orsinome nepula synonymized with Orsinome vethi
2018-07-10 New taxonomic reference entry Caleb, Ghosh & Kumar, 2018 n/a
2018-07-10 Species synonymy Caleb, Ghosh & Kumar, 2018 Orsinome listeri synonymized with Orsinome vethi
2017-11-23 New taxonomic reference entry Sankaran et al., 2017b n/a
2016-09-17 Species distribution update Logunov & Jäger, 2015 n/a (Old value)