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Eriovixia excelsa (Simon, 1889)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2020-05-18
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Pakistan, India, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia
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  • It is widely assumend that most of the type material from Simon can be found in the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, France
Taxonomic references
Glyptogona excelsa Simon, 1889i: 337 (Df).
Araneus excelsus Simon, 1906c: 283.
Araneus excelsus Dyal, 1935: 179, pl. 16, f. 116 (f).
Neoscona excelsus Tikader & Bal, 1981: 25, f. 50-54 (Tmf from Araneus).
Araneus excelsus Tikader & Biswas, 1981: 20, f. 16-18 (f).
Neoscona excelsus Tikader, 1982a: 261, f. 520-524 (mf).
Eriovixia excelsa Grasshoff, 1986: 118 (Tmf from Neoscona).
Eriovixia excelsa Barrion & Litsinger, 1995: 643, f. 409a-f (f).
Eriovixia excelsa Tso & Tanikawa, 2000: 129, f. 17-22 (mf).
Eriovixia excelsa Mi, Peng & Yin, 2010b: 41, f. 1-8 (mf).
Eriovixia excelsa Han & Zhu, 2010b: 2616, f. 1C, 6A-C (f).
Eriovixia excelsa Sen et al., 2015: 120, f. 754-758, pl. 23 (m).
Eriovixia excelsa Roy, Saha & Raychaudhuri, 2017: 10, f. 43-47, 174 (f).
Eriovixia excelsa Caleb, 2020b: 15717, f. 3C, 24K (f).

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