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Larinia chloris (Audouin, 1826)

  • Rank: Species
  • Status: accepted
  • Described: m f
  • Last updated: 2023-11-23
  • LSID: []
  • Distribution: Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, North and East Africa to Israel, Iraq, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. Introduced to Mozambique, South Africa
Type deposit: provide information
Taxonomic references
Epeira chloris Audouin, 1826: 347, pl. 3, f. 5 (Dm).
Larinia flavescens Simon, 1882b: 233 (Dj).
Larinia chloreis Denis, 1947a: 46, pl. II, f. 6 (f).
Larinia chloris Grasshoff, 1970b: 222, f. 7a-e, 8a-d, 9a (mf, S).
Larinia chloris Grasshoff, 1973b: 148, f. 11 (mf).
Larinia chloris Tikader, 1982a: 206, f. 404-407 (mf).
Larinia chloris Levy, 1986: 5, f. 18-27 (mf).
Larinia chloris Gajbe, 2007: 521, f. 296-298 (f).
Larinia chloris Kunt et al., 2012: 638, f. 2a-d (f).
Larinia chloris Biswas & Raychaudhuri, 2012: 57, f. 1-7 (mf).
Larinia chloris Soliman et al., 2018: 152, pl. 11B-C (m).
Larinia chloris Alioua et al., 2020: 1, f. 3-8, 10 (mf).
Larinia chloris Al-Khazali & Khalaf, 2022: 39, f. 2a-e (f).
Larinia chloris Dippenaar-Schoeman et al., 2022e: 40, 7 f. (f).

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2023-11-23 Species distribution update Bosmans & Gavalas, 2023 n/a (Old value)
2022-09-02 New taxonomic reference entry Al-Khazali & Khalaf, 2022 n/a
2022-09-02 Species distribution update Al-Khazali & Khalaf, 2022 n/a (Old value)
2022-06-08 New taxonomic reference entry Dippenaar-Schoeman et al., 2022e n/a
2022-06-08 Species distribution update Dippenaar-Schoeman et al., 2022e n/a (Old value)
2020-03-08 New taxonomic reference entry Alioua et al., 2020 n/a
2019-01-03 New taxonomic reference entry Soliman et al., 2018 n/a
2015-04-21 New taxonomic reference entry Biswas & Raychaudhuri, 2012 n/a
2015-04-21 Species distribution update Biswas & Raychaudhuri, 2012 n/a (Old value)